San Francisco: Top 5 Buzz with Vertigo

imageHold tight to that cocktail stem as you drink in the SF scenery …

1. Cliff House & Sutro’s (Richmond District) – Killer ocean view perched atop the cliff. Sunsets to melt the soul. 2. Carnelian Room (Financial District) – Rotating restaurant 52 stories up with 360 views of the cityscape. 3. Empress of China Cocktail Lounge Lounge (Chinatown) – Rat Pack-style charm in the former glorious, now ironic Chinatown enclave.

4. Harry Denton’s Starlight Room (Union Square) – Crushed velvet booths on the 21st floor for Botoxed blondes and graying suits. 5. Fifth Floor (Union Square) – Happy-hour gazing into the glittering bay just a stumble and splash below.

San Francisco: Top 5 Places to Indulge Your Inner Cheeseball

imageWe wear our sunglasses at night …

1. suite one8one (Tenderloin) – Wear your tight black T and flaunt VIP attitude on dance floor and off. 2. Ruby Skye (Union Square) – Go for the booth service that gives you VIP access, private lounge, cigar bar. 3. Empress of China Cocktail Lounge (Chinatown) – Lost in Translation meets suburban Holiday Inn. Kitsch factor and view a solid 8.

4. Bubble Lounge (North Beach) – First you gotta learn how to spell Cristal. Bow before the Champagne altar. 5. The Tonga Room (Nob Hill) – Unlikely portal into the South Seas. Eat pu-pus, drink Singapore Slings and tiki it up.