Celebrate Fashion Photographer Antoine Verglas’s ‘Glamour’

The Paris-born and New York-based photographer Antoine Verglas created a new style of fashion photography in the 1990s. Taking a documentary-style approach to capturing supermodels like Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford, Verglas changed the way glamour in portrayed in fashion photography. Beginning tonight, Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will exhbit a collection of photos spanning his twenty-year career in their Soho gallery space. 

The celebration of Verglas’s work, titled Glamour, "brings forth his vision to the forefront where fashion and art coalesce with a clear definition and a quality unique only to his eye."

Verglas searches for truth through his lens and captures, exposes and delivers photographs that are not only beautiful but elemental and sensual, in essence conveying the message that reality is not what we see but truly what we discover and create for ourselves. Submerged in feminine isolation, the convergence of abundance and sensuality spring forth an innate portrayal of "Glamour" through these photographs for the viewer to decipher. His subjects resonate with the need for our engagement and our emotional participation, impelling the audience to steal another intimate glance at the photographs with its mixture of sophistication and passionate innocence.

The exhibit, which includes 15 limited edition photographs, will run through March 10.