New Blog Explains How All Your Beloved Celebrities Are Bigots

Oh, now this could be fun: some well-meaning souls have taken to Tumblr to compile troubling dossiers on the culturally insensitive habits of those people you are most likely to reblog admiringly at some point: people like Amy Poehler, John Slattery and, uh, Barbara Walters? If they’re taking her sort down I can’t see why they even bothered with Dan Savage and Eminem, whose list of offenses scans like a Wikipedia page in need of a hard edit.

So what are some of the more common complaints on the smugly-titled website Your Fave Is Problematic? Blackface, certainly, which is more widely practiced than I realized, my God—but it hardly seems fair to knock John Slattery for it, since it was a scene in Mad Men that hit on the character’s horrific racism while intimating that it disgusted his friends. Also grounds for scolding: an “appropriative” Yin Yang tattoo. Okay then.

Wearing Native American headdresses, rape jokes, Nicki Minaj’s ableism—the site is a treasure trove of every awful aspect of the sociological condition known as "being alive." Although I have no idea what the slur "t****y" could be, I’m sure Jeremy Renner should be ashamed of using it. And whether you agree that deploying an STD "as an insult” crosses a line, you’ll rest easier knowing that whatever you do, someone out there can find it offensive. Which frees you up to say all kinds of horrible things! 

Somewhere, there’s an empty comment section waiting just for you. (Try scrolling down.)

Rihanna And Chris Brown Duet Once Again On New Album

I feel like I have an internal Google Alert that lets me always know what Chris Brown is up to even though I don’t particularly want to know. So of course I have to deal with the fact that Brown will be featured on a track on Rihanna’s new album, Unapologetic. It’s called "Nobodies Business," because the pair love bad grammar as much as they adore each other, apparently.

The news comes after Rihanna tweeted the tracklisting for her album, which also features collaborations with Eminem and David Guetta. Of course, the song featuring Chris Brown is all anyone is talking about (which, you know, IS PROBABLY WHY THEY DID THAT, YOU GUYS): 

While Rihanna, 24, has stayed mum on her relationship status with Brown, the "Turn Up The Music" singer attended Rihanna’s Halloween party last week and tweeted a photograph of himself dressed in Arab robes and a rifle.

Brown, 23, is currently halfway through his five-year probation after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy awards in 2009. He was ordered to complete community service and a domestic violence program.

Brown was given permission by a Los Angeles judge to embark on his European tour at a recent hearing overseeing his progress on his probation.

The former couple have had a tumultuous relationship in the last three years, including a restraining order against Brown following the assault.

Here’s a thought: if it’s nobodies [sic] business, maybe don’t sing about it so much? 

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The ‘8 Mile’ Cast Reunites for 10th Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been ten years since the release of 8 Mile? Eminem’s first (and only) film was a hit, earning the rapper an Oscar for Best Original Song (it’s a shame Eminem didn’t show up to the awards ceremony to pick up his trophy from surprised presenter Barbra Streisand). Our friends at Vibe got the 8 Mile cast together (including Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Anthony Mackie, Evan Jones, and Omar Benson Miller) to reminisce for the October/November issue. Check it out!

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Watch This Eminem Political Parody, ‘Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up’

Most rap parodies are quite bad. This one is not. Behold, "Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up," stitched together from footage of President Obama and Mitt Romney speaking at various events and interviews. (It’s a take on Eminem’s "The Real Slim Shady," which seems obvious yet important to mention in case not everyone is up on the hippity-hops.) Quoth Romney in the video: "You all act like you’ve never seen a Mormon before / Drawers down on the floor, I’m not concerned about the very poor." Yeah, it’s a treat. Watch it after the click, via Think Progress.

Romney is currently polling ahead of his competition in the Republican primary. Aren’t politics are wacky? 

Jay-Z To Join SxSW With Live-Streamed Concert

If he performs with South By Southwest Festival keynote speaker Bruce Springsteen, the skies will open and the economy will fix itself. But unlike The Boss’ address, Jay-Z’s just-announced South By show at the Austin City Limits Theatre is part of the interactive portion of the festival. On Monday, March 12th at 8pm EST, Mr. Beyoncé Knowles will take the stage for the "Amex Sync Show," an American Express promotion-cum-interactive gig that will be live-streamed for all us little people who can’t be at the festival on YouTube, VEVO and a billboard on 6th street. The event will be promoting Amex’s Sync service, and card users will supposedly be able to sync their cards to Twitter to get into the show and tweet requests. Although tweeting may be better than shouting them out, lest Hov pull a Bradford Cox

Last year, Hov made a surprise appearance at the G.O.O.D. Music Showcase at SxSW alongside buddy Kanye West in an event which featured the likes of Pusha T, Mos Def, John Legend and a whole lot more. Rumors of how he will outdo himself have begun to surface, including one that Eminem will be joining him for the show. 

Not to be outdone, Billboard announced Wednesday that Lionel Richie would be joining their showcase, which also features Poliça, Wallpaper., Vintage Trouble and R&B wizard The-Dream. If there’s a Dream-Lionel Richie collaboration to be had there, then that’s reason enough to go. All night long, all night. 

Watch the throne…er, trailer… for Hova’s SxSW concert: 

Yelawolf & the Pop-Up Shady Museum at Brisk Bodega

Pop-up venues are all the rage these days since it’s rare to remain “cool” past six months, but this weekend Brisk opened the first pop-up bodega in NYC. Brisk and Eminem’s Shady Records label took over a warehouse space on Bleecker Street, converting it into a casual, chill out spot complete with snacks, beverages, and stickered walls (but no bulletproof glass). Inside, there was a museum-style display documenting ten years of Shady Records, and after museum hours Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse celebrated with a private performance.

Along the back wall of the makeshift venue was a neat spread of memorabilia—more than a few from Eminem’s popular music videos—that Shady aficionados would be able to identify instantly. Magazine covers, album plaques, and photos detailed the legacy of Shady Records artists such as 50 Cent and D12, but our favorite finds both happened to be from “The Real Slim Shady” video.

1. Eminem’s superhero outfit. image

2. The milk carton plastered with Dre’s face. (For reference: “And Dr. Dre said…Nothing, you idiots, Dr. Dre’s dead. He’s locked in the basement…”) image

The pop-up museum closed to the public around 5pm, but doors reopened later that night for a private show headlined by Yelawolf (who will drop his debut album Radioactive on Shady Records in October) and the rap quartet Slaughterhouse.

Yela, dressed in a button down and a beanie, opened the show with “Good to Go” from his popular Trunk Muzik mixtape. His 45-minute set also included “Pop the Trunk” and his new single “Hard White (Up in the Club)” featuring Lil Jon, but by the time he made it to the last song, he’d lost his shirt, giving the crowd a close look at his ink work (no complaints).

(courtesy of RapRadar)

Royce Da 5’ 9’’ (half of the duo Bad Meets Evil with Eminem) was the next Shady artist to hop onstage, where he was eventually joined by his Slaughterhouse groupmates Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden. Together, they performed some of their popular tracks including “Sound Off,” “The One” and “Microphone.

Eminem’s Lady Gaga ‘Disses’ Highly Exaggerated

Eminem has a little fun at Lady Gaga’s expense on his new song, ‘A Kiss,’ which leaked over the weekend. Now people are exaggerating the severity of his lyrics. Headlines claim that Eminem “dissed,” “slammed,” and “bashed” Gaga. But, really, none of those words apply when you’re talking about classic Eminem trash talking, which seems to be in abundance on his upcoming Bad Meets Evil EP with Royce 5’ 9’’.

On the leaked track from Hell: The Sequel, Shady doles out some good ole Marshall Mathers LP-era lines on Gaga, rapping, “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office / She’s still a male lady.” Then it gets a little grittier. ”Wouldn’t f–k her with her d–k / You heard it / The verdict’s in.” Katy Perry and Bieber even get a few words thrown at them, but there’s nothing to be offended by here. Let’s consider Katy the new Britney and Bieber the new N’Sync, NKOTB and BSB all rolled into one.

Also, let’s be honest: Gaga had this coming. It was pretty much inevitable if she continued to exist on the same planet as Marshall Mathers.

On the bright side, getting picked on by Eminem is way more honorable than being roasted by The Situation on Comedy Central.

Here Is Your 2011 Lollapalooza Lineup

The full Lollapalooza lineup was announced this morning, and despite our befuddlement as to why Muse keeps headlining festivals next to generation-defining acts like Eminem, Coldplay, and Foo Fighters, the rest of the bill looks exactly like every other major summer festival. Which is to say, awesome.

Below, a whole bunch of reasons to head to Chicago the weekend of August 5th:

My Morning Jacket A Perfect Circle Cee Lo Green Damian Marley & Nas Atmosphere Cold War Kids The Cars Ween Arctic Monkeys Lykke Li the Kills Bright Eyes Big Audio Dynamite Deftones Beirut Ratatat Explosions in the Sky Crystal Castles Sleigh Bells Death From Above 1979 the Pains of Being Pure at Heart the Drums Tinie Tempha Smith Westerns Foster the People Friendly Fires The Pretty Reckless An Horse Cults Noah & the Whale Ellie Goulding Ok Go Black Lips Best Coast Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses the Vaccines

And, of course, much more!

Dr. Dre & Eminem’s Bromance Evolves in “I Need a Doctor” Video

Dr. Dre’s personal and musical relationship with Eminem has been long, eventful, and fruitful – and never so emotional as on their latest single and accompanying video for “I Need A Doctor.” Over the past decade, the white boy from Detroit and the former NWA rapper have co-piloted several monster hits, but for the new Detox track, Em entirely sheds the theatrics and crazed lyrics to wax poetic on his feelings for Dre.

Prior to this song, the duo had expressed their affection for each other in much the same way that brothers would — through threatened acts of violence, interspersed with bouts of defending each other. On the 1999 single and video for “Guilty Conscience,” they played the good cop, bad cop routine. They bumped heads, Dre almost strangled Eminem, and then they reconciled.

On “The Real Slim Shady,” Dr. Dre ends up dead and locked in a basement, and on “Forgot About Dre” the two have each other’s backs again. So the cycle has continued, until now. On “I Need A Doctor,” Em thanks Dre for taking a chance on his career, for saving his life, acknowledges his struggle with the death of his son, and begs him to stop doubting himself. A softer side of Shady, for the masses.

Watch Eminem spit his feelings to a comatose Dre: