Ranking The Most Ridiculous Accents In ‘Elysium’

5. Matt Damon (Spanish): Not actually too bad, to my ears? But what the hell do I know. All I can say is that it was not entirely distracting, hearing Matt Damon speak Spanish. Maybe he does in real life! Thank god I will not live a hundred years and be forced to finally learn Spanish by living in the techno-slums of Los Angeles.

4. Jodie Foster (French): This definitely had some problems, though I’m also of course in favor of making all sci-fi villains somewhat French for no solid reason—they are anti-immigration bastards, let’s be real. Even so, this lacked a guttural quality, way too American. Would have been laughed out of her host home for study abroad in Lyons.
3. Sharlto Copley (Afrikaner South African): Totally unbelievable and therefore totally real. My god, I had forgotten that the white people down there sound like this—and somehow the dialect that made him sound weak and puny in District 9 becomes the creepiest thing in the world. The “I’m sorry we crashed the ship … and ruined somebody’s lawn” moment should be in the hall of fame for “Insane Movie Characters Trying to Keep Their Cool.”
2. Jodie Foster (English): Seriously, why did they bother. She’s already an ice-blonde in a severe suit who speaks French. She’s evil! We get it!
1. Droids (American): You’re telling me that a century and a half from now we still won’t have robots that don’t sound like robots? Wouldn’t a robot with smooth speaking patterns be easier to design than a robot capable of policing a population of indigent unemployables? No? Maybe there’s a message board where I can start an argument about this.   

The Pulse-Pounding Trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’

Originally slated for release in March of this year, Sony has pushed Elysium, Neill Blomkamp’s second film, to August, so that it may become the mega-blockbuster it appears to be. Blompkamp’s debut, District 9, reminded us of science fiction’s satirical edge, andElysium looks to be no less politically explosive.

Here’s what we know: a century and a half in the future, earth is a garbage planet (more so than it is right now). The ultra-rich live in an Arthur C. Clarke-like spinning space colony that caters to their every desire. Jodie Foster is the blonde ice queen/realtor of this domain, which cybernetically enhanced everyman Matt Damon must break into on some mysterious mission, wreaking havoc all the while.

However this ambitious work pans out, I think we can take solace in the visual effects from Avatar being put to better use.

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Pet Shop Boys Release ‘Invisible’ Video

The Pet Shop Boys have long been known for their videos. In the 1980s, the band started a collaboration, with the “It’s A Sin” clip, with cult-favorite director Derek Jarman, who would later provide projections for their live shows and would stage their tours.

It’s been a while since that happened, though. And while the Pet Shop Boys aren’t the cultural force they once were, the band’s still active. In fact, September will see the release of Elysium, their 11th studio album, produced by Kanye West collaborator Andrew Dawson.

And to preview the album, the band has released the video for “Invisible.” It might not be the ‘80s anymore, but from what we can see, The Pet Shop Boys still have it