FashionFeed: Alexa Chung for BFC, Nicole Richie for QVC

● In an obvious good move, British Fashion Council has tapped Alexa Chung to be their Young Style Ambassador. [Telegraph]

● Here’s a first look at Nicole Richie’s line for QVC. [Grazia]

● Ellen Barkin loves a body-hugging dress by L’Wren Scott so much that she has it in 12 colors. [The Cut]

● In case you missed it, watch the Ralph Lauren FW12 show in full here. [Fashionologie]

● Peep the NYFW edition of Sh*t Fashion Girls say, starring Derek Blasberg. [Fashionista]

● Downton Abbey paper dolls actually exist.  [Jezebel]

See Your Favorite Black & White Films in Color

There’s something to be said about the experience of watching a film in black-and-white. The juxtaposition of light and dark create a balanced atmosphere for the world to play out that’s perhaps more direct and all-encompassing than the added edition of color. In films like Wings of Desire, we get to see both the haunting black-and-white view of the world and what happens when it bursts to life with color—one palette representing the inability to connect witth the living and the other about finally making contact with passion and love. 

But have you ever wondered what some iconic black-and-white cinema classics look like enriched with color? You forgot that outside the frame, the world look entirely different and it’s almost impossible to imagine the smeared red lips of Ellen Barkin in Down by Law or the purple sheets of Last Year at Marienbad. But of course, the Crtierion Collection has dazzled us again with a collection of colored photos from your favorite black-and-white films, allowing us to view them from a vaslty different perspective. Take a look at some of our favorites below and the rest over on their site. These are pretty incredible.





Matthew McConaughey Really Wants An Oscar For ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’

Celebrities! They’re just like us! Sometimes they are spotted at the airport looking emaciated and with terrible haircuts and mustaches! Yes, that’s Matthew McConaughey right there, who is looking gaunt and sickly for his role in the upcoming The Dallas Buyer’s Club, in which he’ll be playing an AIDS patient. Ladies and gentlemen, get your 2014 Oscar ballots ready because McConaughey is gunning for a trophy!

McConaughey was spotted last week at LAX while taking a break from filming the movie, which also stars Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto, who, according to E!, will be "playing a cross-dresser with AIDS." This sounds like a fun little flick, huh? How will this fare against Ryan Murphy’s big-screen adaptation of Larry Kramer’s masterpiece The Normal Heart? Well, Jennifer Garner is certainly a poor man’s Julia Roberts, who will be starring in The Normal Heart as a wheelchair-bound doctor (Ellen Barkin won a Tony for the role in the play’s Broadway production last year). The Dallas Buyer’s Club definitely lacks the star power of Kramer’s AIDS epic (Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Jim Parsons, and McConaughey’s Magic Mike co-star Matt Bomer have all joined the cast of The Normal Heart). 

This match-up is really the Armageddon / Deep Impact of 2013 AIDS movies, huh?

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GLAAD Hosts Gigantic Ad For ‘The New Normal’ Disguised as an “Infographic”

I’ve never been too keen on the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, otherwise known as GLAAD. I’m all for people who are also against defaming gays and lesbians, but I never found several of their initiatives, particularly those in the entertainment sector, to be very positive for the gay community. Take, for example, The GLAAD Media Awards, which generally laud celebrities, news outlets, TV shows, and films for doing the very least to portray people of the LGBT community in any positive light—mostly by simply marketing to them. I’ve always found it to be a bit pandering! And, not surprisingly, the organization seems to have thrown all of their support behind Ryan Murphy’s new NBC sitcom, The New Normal.

I watched the pilot for The New Normal. Now, I know, generally, pilots are not too representative of a television show. But the pilot for The New Normal was not good. It was full of easy laughs, excruciatingly calculated heart-warming moments, and a generally shitty outlook—it’s full of racist humor and downright mean, which is not particularly becoming for a show that makes a point to show the positives of a same-sex couple raising a child. So why is GLAAD, an organization the purports the positive depiction of LGBT community members, devote an entire page of its site to the show in what is basically a massive advertisement?  

The short answer, I assume, is "money". But let’s focus more on what the site intends to do. It lists three examples of same-sex couples who are successfully raising their children. See? These couples are The New Normal! Just like the show! They do not, of course, feature group shots of their families large enough to include their homophobic and racist family members (like the cast photo that features Ellen Barkin’s character) or with their African-American employee (in The New Normal‘s case, played by Real Housewives of Atlanta provocateur Nene Leakes). Nor is there any sense that these same-sex couplings are restricted to somewhat sexist and heteronormative gender norms as in the show, in which Justin Bartha (who is straight in real life) plays the masculine one of the pair, which Andrew Rannells (who is gay in real life) plays the queeny one. 

Additionally, GLAAD hosts an infographic claiming, despite the suggestion of homophobic group One Million Moms, that American TV has a long history of featuring same-sex parents. Forty years worth of history, in fact! Sure, of its fifteen examples, eleven of them are from the last twenty years. One example, from 1987, is a pair of secondary characters from a recurring sketch on The Tracy Ullman Show. Another, from 1977, is Billy Crystal’s character from Soap—the first series regular who was a homosexual—who impregnates a woman on a one-night stand. And there’s the suggestion that American Dad is forging the concept of same-sex parenting, because Seth MacFarlane is clearly a bastion of tolerance, respect, and equality.

So, what gives? Is GLAAD suggesting that we should just settle for a show that preaches intolerance for humor’s sake as much as it delivers self-congratulatory respect for non-traditional families? Or is GLAAD’s support of the show (which you can see in full below) just another example of it giving attention to another series that probably doesn’t do much for the LGBT community other than perpetuate the same lame stereotypes we’ve seen on television for years? After all, wouldn’t it be a lot edgier to portray a same-sex couple in a sitcom with a little less levity?

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‘The New Normal’ Too Gay For Utah TV

Oh, Utah. KSL-TV is refusing to air NBC’s upcoming comedy The New Normal about a gay couple trying to procreate with the help of a surrogate. It is "inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time," you see. The CEO made this decision after only viewing The New Normal‘s pilot episode, the Hollywood Reporter says, pronouncing Normal‘s dialogue "crude," the content "explicit," and the characterizations "offensive." Translation: too gay.  

This is the same station which wouldn’t air The Playboy Club because OMG whores. I guess this means the station also won’t air Two And A Half Men, which employed wife beater Charlie Sheen and now employs wife cheater Ashton Kutcher? And every episode of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be gone, too, for all that premarital sex? 

Ellen Barkin, who stars on The New Normal with Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannels, blasted the station over Twitter, calling them "blatantly homophobic." Barkin continued, "So L&O SVU (rape & child murder) is ok? But loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate?"

Really, we should feel sorry for the poor little country bumpkin Utah TV station. They actually take those toothless threats from bigoted busybodies One Million Moms seriously.

Julia Roberts to Star in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Normal Heart’ Film

Here’s some exciting news for people who love depressing films about dying gay men: Ryan Murphy’s upcoming adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart has added some big names to its cast: Alec Baldwin, Jim Parsons, and Matt Bomer. They’re joining Mark Ruffalo, who will play the protagonist and Kramer’s doppelgänger Ned Weeks.

Larry Kramer’s play is an autobiographical account of the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York City. It follows a group of gay men who struggle to bring awareness to the disease by forming an advocacy group, based on the efforts of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, from which Kramer himself was ousted after bringing negative attention to the group with his out-spoken demands from the city’s leaders (particularly Mayor Ed Koch). It recently won a Tony for Best Revival of a Play for its run last year, and Ellen Barkin picked up a statue for her role as the wheelchair-bound Emma Brookner, a doctor who is one of the few in her field to pay attention to the disease’s spread among the gay population in New York.

Julia Roberts will play Emma Brookner in the film, which Ryan Murphy is directing. For those who got to see the fantastic production on Broadway last year, this pairing is quite surprising. First of all, the source material works best as a performance piece — it’ll be difficult to transfer a script that is primarily a string of loud, angry monologues. It’s also hard to imagine Julia Roberts stepping (or, really, sitting) into a role that was performed with such vigor and fierceness by Barkin, who completely earned her Tony by taking over the stage solely with the power of her famous voice. Can Roberts compete with an actress who was so able to demand the attention of an audience as she sits nearly motionless in a wheelchair? 

While I can see the importance of bringing Kramer’s story to a mainstream audience, it seems like the folks behind the film already have diluted the power of The Normal Heart. On the one hand, the HIV/AIDS crisis is still very much a crisis, and delivering Kramer’s (albeit divisive) message to those who would not seek out the play on their own is an admirable feat. But putting Ryan Murphy in charge, the guy behind such important and politically conscious offerings such as Nip/Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story, and Eat, Pray Love, seems like a major misstep. Let’s hope that there are some altruistic motives behind this proposed film (LOL, right?), which already seems like the kind of movie that solely exists for the potential to gather Oscars for the people who made it. 

Trailer Freeze: When Famous Actors Make Stupid Faces

You don’t realize it, but throughout the course of a movie, actors contort their faces in all kinds of freakish ways. It lasts a split second, so blink and you’ll miss it. But since we hear at BlackBook are committed to reducing the Hollywood glitterati into piles of stupid-looking rubble, here is our second round of Trailer Freeze, where famous actors make stupid faces. (That’s Sigourney Weaver up top, who to her credit, isn’t trying to hide it.)










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