The 17-Minute President Obama Campaign Ad, ‘The Road We’ve Traveled,’ Is Here

This year’s presidential election will rely on more rhetoric and flim-flammery than ever, which is why the campaign to re-elect President Obama has commissioned a pretty nice piece of persuasive literature: The Road We’ve Traveled, a Tom Hanks-narrated documentary that makes the case for the president by recapping his first term in office. Over 17 minutes, familiar faces such as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, vice president Joe Biden and former president Bill Clinton show up to reason for Obama’s success in the face of conflict. Covered: the financial crisis, the auto bailout, the unemployment surge, the universal health care debate, finally killing Osama bin Laden, and more. Not covered: how he decides which battleground state to patronize on his NCAA tournament bracket (You should’ve picked Kentucky this time, Mr. President. Maybe it’ll go blue this year!). Watch it after the click, via the Obama campaign.

In response, the Romney campaign released a well-reasoned counter-documentary, arguing against all of the President’s accomplishments with logic and good faith. Of course not! They just forwarded along the video for Kid Rock’s "American Badass," which is pretty juvenile. (Reached for similar response, the Santorum campaign sent back a "FAILURE TO SENDER" e-mail.) Don’t forget to vote in about seven-and-a-half months.