Adorable Affordable Handbags

It’s holiday crunch time, ladies. If you’re still putting your wish list together, now is the time to add on a handbag—or two. At these prices he’ll be glad to buy you two or maybe three depending on how good you’ve been this year. We all know a good handbag is an investment piece. I’ve never drooled over an accessory more than a beautiful bag. They’re even more enjoyable when received as a gift. I especially love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. They’re quality and affordable, even at retail price—like this Marc by Marc Jacobs navy textured bowling bag for $360. So I’ve scoured the interwebz for some of the best deals. You can save yourself some time and just slip the note under his pillow tonight. Hurry, we only have 24 hours left!

Sara Berman Cand Leather Messenger Bag, $275 image

Elie Tahari Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag, $349 image

Christian Louboutin Miss Alpha Leather Handbag, $626 image

New Year’s Eve: The First Dress for the Rest of Your Life

Christmas hasn’t even passed and I’m already thinking about New Year’s Eve. I historically have an incredible time on New Year’s. There’s an excitement in the air that only comes once a year. Everyone’s thinking about the changes they want to make, setting resolutions. NYE is the last night before they quit all their “bad habits.” Next year they’ll go for their dream job, end a bad relationship, start working out, etc. That being said, it’s a pretty important night—shall we say, the first night of the rest of our lives. So be prepared to ring in the fresh year with the right dress. Put the black away and go for something fun and festive. Remember, this is your last night to be naughty. The one time you can be a disco ball and it’s perfectly acceptable! With the sequins/sparkle trend in full swing, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from. Here’s a few that I dig. Starting with this Elie Tahari Isla dress, $598.

Betsey Johnson Goldie Pleated-Waist Strapless Dress, $306. image

Velvet Poppy Tube Dress, $129. image

BCBG One-Shoulder Crisscross Sheath Dress, $158.76. image

Buy or DIY: Antiqued Bib Necklace

Have you ever almost bought a necklace for its perfect shape and style, but just couldn’t come to terms with how “clean” looking it appeared? If only those crystals were less sparkly and a little more rusty. Now imagine if you discovered that same necklace, like, 10 years later, at a garage sale or flea. The abandoned bauble is fading fast and fairly rough around the edges, but it’s still completely intact. It’s a piece of history, and it’s everything you ever wanted. You smirk to yourself as you quickly hand the owner a measly 10 bucks for it, knowing well that her trash is definitely your treasure. It may sound strange, but it’s true—jewelry really does get better with age. Until you find the antique necklace to end all antique necklaces, there are some promising jewelry designers out there who understand the beauty of vintage, creating pieces that look aged but are actually brand-new. These pieces also come with a modern price tag, so if you can’t afford to fake it, The Glamourai has the perfect DIY for faux antiquity.

Clockwise from left: Robert Rodriguez Antique Brass Necklace, $310; Elie Tahari Vivian Crystal Bib Necklace, $348; Tom Binns Swarovski Crystal Safety Pin Necklace, $940.