David Blaine Is Being Electrocuted Right Now

As you read this, David Blaine is on Pier 54 in Cheslea being zapped with a million volts shooting through him over the course of 72 hours. You know, just a family-friendly activity for you to bring the kids to.

Set up inside a "lightening storm," Blaine is standing in a large metal space filled with Tesla coils connected to his chain-mail uniform. The volts of electricity are zapping the musician via a huge keyboard timed to music, but passersby — including Chris Rock — can press a button to give him an extra surge. (Woody Harrelson and Alicia Silverstone both passed by the Electrified performance but declined to zap Blaine, according to the New York Post. Figures. Aren’t they both vegans?)

It isn’t the most interesting stunt to watch — but then again, endurance tests usually aren’t. They’re only really interesting if somebody dies. Anyway, you can watch Blaine and incredulous New Yorkers who act like they’ve never seen a rat get zapped by the third rail right here: 


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