John Oliver Explains Ways You Can Help in Wake of Election

On the season finale of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dedicated his entire episode to Trump’s election as president. He implored America to realize the severity of the situation we’ve now found ourselves in.

“Optimism is nice, but it can feed into the normalization of Donald Trump. And he is not normal. He is abnormal. He is a human ‘What is wrong with this picture.'”

Oliver gave some concrete tips on how we can help the situation unfolding here in America:

“We’re going to need to stay here and fight. And not just politically in 4 years when he is up for reelection, but constantly, monitoring legislation as it moves through Congress. F*cking voting when your legislators come up for reelection in 2 years. But that is still below the barest minimum of what is going to be needed.”

He outlined several organizations that will need support and protection under Trump’s reign, including groups for women’s rights:

“If you’re concerned about women’s health, donate to Planned Parenthood or the Center for Reproductive Rights.”

For climate change:

“If you don’t believe manmade global warming is a silly issue, donate to the National Resources Defense Council.”

For immigration:

“If you don’t believe refugees are a terrorist army in disguise, donate to the International Refugee Assistance Project.

For people of color and members of the LGBTQ community, Oliver also suggested donations to the NAACP, the Trevor Project, and MALDEF.

Above all, Oliver implored the American people to not become complacent and get used to a Trump presidency. This is not normal.

The Perfect Storm, Election, & Party

The perfect election distracted us from the destruction of the perfect storm. Those with power and comfort hosted those without as the election served as a bit of relief from immediate woes. Donald Trump, whose wig must be on too tight or his hair must be growing into his brain, provided comic relief with Twitter rants that underscore his new role. The Donald now plays the fool. We seek joy where we can find it as even the Obama win can’t allay our continuing anxiety.

I am still without heat, although space heaters powered by sacred electricity make my Sandy experience less frightful. I have no cable yet, but of course compared to so many neighbors I am doing brilliantly. The streets I saw as I traveled to a friend’s to watch the results were empty as election night seemed to be bad for the booze business. The debate still rages on whether the result of the election is good for business in general. Those seeking an Obama celebration stayed local, as  travel is still problematic. There are few events worth the fuel, and suburban NY, a huge part of the bottom line, can’t get here. They will come when they can as there still isn’t a place outside of our crippled town that can satisfy their party itch. I missed David Davis’ birthday bash last night over at Westgay. Frankie Sharp, through hard work and mad creativity, has made Westgay at Westway a must-attend weekly party. The L train, the lifeblood of North Williamsburg, is reportedly still packed with mud-keeping hipsters and wannabe hipsters and those too hip to go near that moniker near home. The local bars and restaurants are packed. I will go out, but will pick my spots.

There once was this little spot downtown, off Broadway and White, that thrilled us all back in the day. By all accounts and my experience the Mudd Club was one of the greatest places ever to be. I learned my business there and hobnobbed with celebrities and the fabulous people long before I sought a club career. It was heaven on earth for a young rascal who never would have made it in save for the kindness of doorman Richard Boch. For every person inside, there were 10 outside, and I was blessed that Richard saw something in me that he believed belonged. Tomorrow UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Works In Progress (and other adventures) will be happening at The Gershwin Hotel, 7 E.27th St. at 8pm sharp. There will be readings by Richard Boch from his in-progress manuscript: If You’ve Been Standing Here For More Than Ten Minutes: A Mudd Club Memoir 1979-1980, as well as readings by Maggie Estep. I will attend and expect to see many faces that have been swept into the corners of my mind.

Thursday night, man-about-town Nick Andreottola will use his resources to help The Lower East Side Girls Club. While most of the news focuses on the valiant relief efforts in Staten Island and Breezy Point and the Jersey Shore, there are people in our backyard who have lost everything. The storm surge flooded basement apartments in the LES and sent the poorest among us scrambling. Many still have no power or heat, diapers, food, and blankets. Nick’s legendary Champagning party will help raise cash and take in donated canned foods and supplies to make sure the young girls at The Lower East Side Girls Club continue on their journey to success. The event is tomorrow, November 8th, at 7pm at RSVP, 15 Watts St. at W. Broadway, hosted by Nicole Rose Stillings.

Life After the Hurricane & the Marathon Conspiracy

We were better than most in our 4th floor loft atop a hill in Williamsburg. Our new apartment didn’t have cable yet or heat for that matter as those companies were busy elsewhere. We had bins filled with water, flashlights, food, everything we needed to weather the storm. Many of our friends were less fortunate. We took in a couple of strays, fed them, and thus beat the boredom of the silent night. On Tuesday night we went on a safari to Manhattan. The car loaded up with stir crazy women heading into a dark unknown place reminded me of the opening scene of a monster movie. I could hear a voice from the audience saying “don’t go there, you idiot!” but onward we sped. When we got to the center of the Williamsburg Bridge, the light went out and we plunged into the surreal. A candle in a window here, a flashlight off to the side told us the zombies hadn’t eaten everyone. The cops were serious, their flashing lights creating surreal shadows and illuminating thevoids. There were hundreds of thousands in those dark monoliths but there was little sign of them.

Wednesday night was Halloween and we went to Manhattan again. More was lit up but not that much. We went to the Tribeca Grand in search of a couple of friends who worked there. The bar at Tribeca was lit with candles but had no humans so we headed to the Soho Grand, where a party was happening. We embraced our pal Dean Winters who plays Mayhem in those insurance commercials and avoided making a bad joke about his role in all this. Matt Green was holding court over a fast crowd that was slowed down just a little by the crisis. The hotel’s generators kept one soda gun going and a few lights. The trademark under-illuminated stairs were dark. We had a blast as everyone was happy to have something, although we were all aware of so many who had nothing. Our smartphones told us about Lit Lounge, Erik Foss’s joint, which I love more than any other. Eric, of course, got Lit, lit and we all gathered into our clown car and navigated the polite streets. With no traffic lights, everyone gave everyone right of way. It was grand.

Lit had a party. They wrangled up a generator and had the DJ booth going and a few soft lights. Nick Gazin of Vice was DJing, spotted by Ben Rayner and Dj Mell (Cerebral Ballzy).The brilliant artist Chris (Spam) Martin and Foss threw this shindig. It was a super hip and beautiful crowd, happy to be anywhere, and ecstatic to find themselves at such a fantastic gathering. Foss got boxes of pizza from God knows where and fed the masses. When he offered one dude a slice, he replied, "No thanks, I’m good, I live uptown .We headed into the dark for little trips and met no monsters but helpful friendly people everywhere. Intrepid bodega owners watched their shops and sold warm beers and snacks. We popped into strange bars illuminated by melting wax and were greeted with cheers for just showing up. It was mad fun.” Back at Lit, I told Erik that this is why I say his is the best joint in town. My DJ gigs at Hotel Chantelle and Griffin were cancelled as the plans of millions took a break. Old friends Facebooked and called from all over the world to make sure I and mine were OK.

The Marathon debate raged on Facebook and I used that medium to scratch my writing itch. I ripped Bloomberg for his audacity and wondered if he canceled so very late in order to ensure the runners came and their money boosted our economy. I got a Sandy tattoo when my artist managed to fly back from New Orleans. My pal Matt De Matt who owns Gaslight and some other joints hooked my refugee tattoing pals up down in Louisiana where he is totally connected. It was and is a time for friends to help friends. As the city sputtered back to light, the clubs threw "stir crazy" parties and Sandy parties. Nothing too clever, sad to say. This week promises to be more "normal," but problems for nightlife still remain. The subways are not quite right and gas is so rare that few can venture in from suburbia. The loss of Halloween revenues is staggering. Clubs and staff won’t recover quickly, but the busy season of nightlife has begun, and in a week or two, cash should be flowing. The local bars and coffee shops are collecting necessities for our neighbors in places that still are under the thumb of destruction. Do what you can to help.

Tonight I should be hopping around town as the election that never came has actually arrived. Tomorrow will be a day off for most, a day to take a deep breath and get ready to return to the routine. Voting and watching the results will dominate Tuesday. I, of course, endorse Obama. I think the other guy represents the Dark Ages, and I am fearful of a return to the religious and greed-fueled policies of Bush. I urge all my readers to contact friends in swing states and get them out there voting and motivating.

Follow The ‘Republican Tears’ Twitter Account Tonight

Obama’s got this election in the bag, baby, and now the 24-hour cable news drones have got to spend the entire day pretending that it’s going to be remotely close. Pretty boring and deliberately uninformative stuff! It’d be more fun to keep tabs on the hyperventilating conservatives who don’t believe in math but do have baffling, anecdote-based faith in a Romney landslide. That’s where @GOP_Tears comes in.

A beautifully curated list of all the most craven and swinish commentators, pundits and bloggers, from Michelle Malkin to Karl Rove, Donald Trump and Dana Loesch, ‘Republican Tears’ funnels all possible right-wing idiocy into a resplendent cascade without you having to follow any such undesirable personalities for real. Each will be faced with the flimsiness of their smug yet pie-eyed predictions this evening.

The feed promises to ‘follow the GOP meltdown in real time!’ And as the results start rolling in, that is exactly what we’ll be seeing. One especially looks forward to hysterical accusations of voter fraud and intimidation, seething racism, demands for a recount, and Karl Rove calling Ohio—and by extension the whole fight—for the incumbent president. Oh, it’ll be a glorious collision of reality and fantasy. Won’t you join us?

Follow Miles Klee on Twitter.

To Vote or Not to Vote?

Okay, we all know what today is. Right? RIGHT?! It’s election day and hopefully all of you are heading to the polls or have already submitted your votes otherwise. With only hours left before we know who will move our country either forward or backward, it’s in your hands, whatever you decide and whomever you choose—don’t fuck it up.

This is both empowering and scary, considering that some people in our nation don’t even know who is running. In the Pharell Williams produced web series Stereotypes, host Ryan Hall conducts man on the street interviews to ask the public their thoughts on a broad range of topics. For instance: "Did the ‘white’ create homosexuality?" Hmmm no. Or "Are you down with one night stands?" Yeah, sure alright. In the latest installment of Stereotypes, Hall takes us to Coney Island and beyond to poll (no pun intended) New Yorkers "To Vote or Not to Vote?" Check out what some of your fellow Americans had to say for themselves.

Stereotypes can be seen on the YouTube IamOTHER Channel with a new episode airing every Saturday. Also, click around for some other great content.

In Case You Missed It, Meat Loaf Belts ‘America the Beautiful’

Meat Loaf would do anything for America, but he won’t do that. And by "that," he means "voting for Barack Obama." Mitt Romney may not have a Bruce Springsteen or a Beyoncé, and his campaign may have sparked the ire of regular Obama campaign guests The National this weekend, after using "Fake Empire" in an ad without their permission. But who they do have are John Rich, Celebrity Apprentice contestant and one half of country duo Big & Rich, Randy Owen of Alabama and the mighty master of rock ‘n’ roll theatre that is Meat Loaf. The three joined him on stage at a rally over the weekend, and Meat Loaf, unsurprisingly, got way, way into "America the Beautiful." Over-the-top is to be expected from Mr. Loaf, of course, but… wow. 

It’s not quite Roseanne Barr’s take on the National Anthem (or even Eddie Vedder’s Seventh-Inning Stretch), but for all of Meat Loaf’s Lee Greenwood-level passion for America, Romney looks about as comfortable singing along with him and Rich as he would, say, watching Meat Loaf’s cameo in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Go ahead now, brothers, and watch their rendition below (via CNN).

Not everyone was down with the Romney/Rich/Loaf rendition of "America the Beautiful," however. TMZ, always at the pinnacle of hard-hitting political news, captured this comment from Sen. John McCain:

Denver: Where to Get a Drink After Tonight’s Presidential Debate

If you’re one of the lucky thousands to land a seat in the University of Denver’s auditorium and get an up-close look at Obama and Romney’s nosehairs, then you’ll need a good drink after their first presidential debate. Whether you’re craving a whiskey and some alone time, or an $11 pitcher and a chance to share your viewpoint that no one listen to, you’ll find the place for you at one of these top five Denver bars for a drink after tonight’s presidential debate. 

These ‘Game of Thrones’ Campaign Ads Help Us Cope With the Impending Election

Winter is coming… and by "winter," we mean the impending 2012 Presidential election and all the insane campaigning that is about to go with it. No matter your politics or investment in said election, we can mostly agree on a few things, among them that that nasty attack ads get old really fast and that Game of Thrones is awesome, or at least certainly more awesome than attack ads. 

(Obligatory spoilers warning here.) 

Seeing as nowadays, the political discourse in the land of Westeros is only slightly less volatile than that in 2012 America, the team at Mother Jones have created a series of mock electoral attack ads for three of the would-be young monarchs from the HBO series. Joffrey Baratheon, the bastard son of twins Jaime and Cersei Lannister, is pegged with a birth-certificate problem (and declared a "bastard" by actors playing the townsfolk), Robb Stark’s celebrity, family scandals and inexperience bring him down and Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen is declared an unfit queen for palling around with "Dothraki terrorists" and keeping her baby dragons in an unlocked wooden box

In a few places, MoJo’s satire hits pretty close to home. The Robb Stark attack ad (which uncannily resembles a real attack ad focused on President Obama’s "celebrity") was paid for by "Crossbows GPS." Well done. 

Joffrey Baratheon: Where Is The Birth Certificate?

Robb Stark: The Biggest Celebrity In The North

Daenerys Targaryen: Wrong For Dragons, Wrong for the Realm