Morning Links: Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter, Ryan Gosling Communes With the Wild(e)

● Charlie Sheen is down two children, up 706,301 twitter followers, and still always winning: “My sons’ are fine… My path is now clear… Defeat is not an option..!”. [Radar/Twitter] ● Robert Pattinson’s puppy-dog eyes harbor way more sadness than we imagined. “I’ve just kind of stopped doing everything,” he says. “I never change the channel in my trailer. I just watch reruns of House of Payne and Two and a Half Men.” Will the cancellation of Sheen’s show be too much to bear? [Vanity Fair] ● The 33 Chilean miners who spent 69 days trapped underground all have agents now to help them navigate a yet bigger darkness: the public. [NYP]

● Jonah Hill is in talks to make his directorial debut with The Kitchen Sink, a coming-of-age style comedy about an embattled high school of vampires, zombies, and humans coming together to defend their town from aliens. You know, it has everything but the kitchen sink… [Deadline] ● Ryan Gosling was recently spotted wandering the Cincinnati Aquarium with possible romantic-interest Olivia Wilde, and then, yesterday, he spent his day off playing nice with penguins at the zoo. Is there something you’re trying to tell us with all this communing, Ryan? [E!/PetSugar] ● Rihanna hit a billion YouTube views yesterday, joining Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Eminem as the fourth celebrity ever to do so. Since record sales are so dismal, fame and fortune swim in that sea of zeroes. [Suite101]