Ai Weiwei Teams Up with eBay and Public Art Fund on Exclusive Sale for World Refugee Day


Radical Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has teamed up with New York non-profit Public Art Fund and eBay to launch an exclusive sale of his work in honor of World Refugee Day. From his recent Good Fences Make Good Neighbors exhibition in New York City, the artist has selected six remarkable portraits of global refugees that will be sold exclusively through eBay, starting today. With all profits going to charity, the limited edition prints are selling for $750 each, and will be available until June 27 (or until they sell out).

Originally launched in October 2017, Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors was inspired by the current immigration crisis, made all the more pertinent by this week’s news showcasing the way minors have been separated from their parents, and kept in horrible conditions at different United States border crossings.

The exhibition featured 300 portraits taken by the artist at 40 different global refugee camps, and were hung as banners on lampposts throughout New York City. The six images selected by Ai WeiWei and the Public Art Fund for sale on eBay, include a portrait of feminist activist Emma Goldman and current refugees photographed at the Shariya Camp in Iraq.



Ai Weiwei has long been an outspoken social activist who uses various mediums, including photography, installation, sculpture and film, to make subversive statements about politics and the current climate. Public Art Fund is a New York City non-profit “dedicated to providing free access to the most important art of our time” by “bringing dynamic contemporary art to the broadest possible audiences.” Through public art exhibitions, like Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, the organization examines the ways in which we interact and appreciate art.


In honor of World Refugee day, the two have partnered with eBay for Charity, a special program on the international e-commerce giant that allows sellers to donate all funds to charities of their choice. Following the company’s recent collaboration with Warren Buffet, which raised over $3M for disenfranchised communities in San Francisco, the Ai Weiwei sale will support the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which offers health, safety, education and economic aid to communities that have been destroyed by conflict, and USA for UNHCR, a Washington D.C. non-profit that protects and helps refugees who have been displaced by violence or persecution.


Every June 20 is World Refugee Day, a day to support, honor and raise awareness for the millions of refugees across this globe — and this year, it couldn’t have come at a better time. To celebrate (and get an amazing piece of art in the process), buy your limited edition Ai Weiwei portrait, here.


Photos courtesy Public Art Fund, NY

Shop the Wonderful Wacky World of Wes Anderson

Immerse yourself in the world of Wes Anderson by shopping these wacky, wonderful, and colorful looks from our ebay collection.

Travel the world with vintage valises from Moonrise Kingdom and LVMH luggage of The Darjeeling Limited


 wb2 wesbay3 wesbay4

Perfect your retro record game with the rich film scores of Wes Anderson, just like Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom and Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums



 wesbay6wesbay5 wesbay7

Fresh looks with wacky hats from the satirical world of Wes Anderson. Find a chapeau of your on from Rushmore’s Max Fischer, Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums, or the young lovers of Moonrise Kingdom



wesbay2 wesbay8 wesbay9

Take your pretty summer look from Margot and Richie Tenenbaum’s 1970s court side style, thanks to the films of Wes Anderson!


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Speaking of Margot Tenenbaum, let’s all agree that we can all take some style cues from Andersen’s cynical heroine. 


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From 1970s aviators and tinted retro frames, get your summer shade style from Adrien Brody in The Darjeeling Limited or Willem Dafoe and the rest of the nautical bunch in The Life Aquatic


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Top off your Wes Anderson collection with memorabilia from this aesthetically-pleasing films: retro posters, books on Wes’ style, film character accessories, and the vinyl soundtracks for your new record player—all with that Wes Anderson charm.


Keep Your Phone Charged and Lookin’ Cute in Suno, Pamela Love, and More

In acknowledgment of the fact that battery packs are a ubiquitous and necessary accessory for the modern girl-on-the-go, the CFDA and eBay have teamed up to amp up the design factor of these sometimes clunky devices. Six designers have lent their unique visions to a special battery pack that reflects their brand’s style. The six designers have pretty different aesthetics, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Pick between Bagdley Mischka, Nicole Miller, Trina Turk, Thakoon, Suno, and Pamela Love’s takes on the the square juice pack for the buy-it-now price of $25.00, on sale from now until Dec 22nd. All proceeds will go directly to the CFDA.

Pick your poison here!battery packs 2

CFDA & eBay Team Up to Fight Against Counterfeit Handbags

Due to the overwhelming response of their partnership last summer, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the world’s largest online marketplace eBay have teamed up again to unveil a new range one-of-a-kind totes in response to the ongoing counterfeit controversy

Available exclusively in eBay’s Fashion Vault now, the collection features over 75 totes customized by CFDA designers like Robert Geller (pictured), Prabal Gurung, Rebecca Minkoff, Charlotte Ronson ($200). If you’re on a budget, there are also four standard totes available in various styles ($45).  As for the philanthropic factor, all proceeds benefit the CFDA Foundation.

Boards Of Canada Gunning For ‘Most Buzzed-About Surprise Album Of 2013’

Everyone is coming out of the woodwork this year: Godspeed You Black Emperor, The Knife, and My Bloody Valentine have all reemerged in almost totally unanticipated ways after long hiatuses, and each has delivered a huge, haunting record that reaffirmed what we loved about the band. Now, in an era where “BoC” more likely means Blue Oyster Cult, Scottish electronica duo Boards of Canada are teasing a new release with wildly complicated clues, whipping fans into a frenzied scavenger hunt.

But let us save you the viral-underground PR theatrics: after all, the nerds are on the case. It begins with the appearance of some 12” vinyl singles that surfaced on Record Store Day, which contained odd snippets of what had to be new material. (One of those first clues is now selling on eBay for an asking price of $565.00, so get bidding.) Then there was an Adult Swim bumper spot and a strange, password-protected website that a fan cracked, leading us to this spooky but alluring video.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Now it’s official: the new album, Tomorrow’s Harvest, is out on June 11 from Warp Records. Will anyone be able to resist, given that so much buzz has built up around it already? Will you need a World War II-era decryption device to even listen to the damn thing? Will the new Daft Punk album this year be delivered via hot air balloon? For the moment, nothing seems impossible. 

Oh, and here’s the tracklist, in case there’s some kind of a clue in there, too:

01. Gemini

02. Reach For The Dead

03. White Cyclosa

04. Jacquard Causeway

05. Telepath

06. Cold Earth

07. Transmisiones Ferox

08. Sick Times

09. Collapse

10. Palace Posy

11. Split Your Infinities

12. Uritual

13. Nothing Is Real

14. Sundown

15. New Seeds

16. Come To Dust

17. Semena Mertvykh

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Exclusive: eBay’s Holiday Collective Designers Tell All

Next Monday, November 12, the eBay Holiday Collective officially hits eBay’s exclusive Fashion Vault. The limited-edition collection features 40 unique gifts crafted by seven design superstars: FALLON, Chris Benz, Ruffian, Jonathan Adler, Tibi, Steven Alan, and Billy Reid. The rad part? Each gift is under $100, allowing everyday shoppers to obtain snazzy designer items for way less. To kick off the launch of their adorable tell-all video and 24-hour presale (iPhone users can get their hands on the collection one day earlier this Sunday via the eBay Fashion app), I sat down with each designer to hear more about their giftable creations.

FALLON (Dana Lorenz):
What’s your eBay story?
"I look to eBay for things for the house and vintage items. I am totally addicted and have about 50 items I am watching right now! I once bought this forest green suede vintage quilted Chanel bag with a gold chain — it was so me. Towards the end of the aucton this other bidder was giving me a run for my money! Two weeks later, I was having lunch at the Waverly Inn with my friend Bonnie and when she saw me walking up to the entrance she screamed, ‘So YOU were the one that outbid me?!’ It was outrageous!"
Hilarious! What inspired your holiday designs?
"eBay reaches so many women and the handful of women that purchase pieces will get a true representation of what the FALLON collection is about: graphic hardware and edge amped up with crystals for the holidays. The assortment at these prices are an insane value."
Did you experience any design challenges?
"There were a few obstacles in materials, as we use solid brass castings and Swarovski crystals typically, but I am so happy with the result.  I am actually wearing the collage choker as we speak!"
Chris Benz:
What’s your eBay story?
"To have the opportunity to collaborate with eBay in the company of such inspired designers, for the holidays, is such a treat for me. eBay’s spirit of community, constant innovation and commitment to accessibility through technology is pivotal for the future of design and commerce and something that I am so honored to be a part of."
What inspired your holiday designs?
"The fantasy of travel and getting personal; whether it’s your home for the holidays or packing your bags for an island in the sun, there’s always room for a little cashmere tee or wrap, a handwritten note, a printed pouch, and silk pajamas for the sweetest of dreams."
Did you experience any design challenges?
"Luxury truly is in the details, and creating high-quality affordable pieces is something that was a unique and exciting design challenge for us. For instance, adding personal CB embroideries and the unexpected pouch for the silk pajamas, makes them special but small enough to be affordable." 
Ruffian (Brian Wolk and Claude Morais):
What’s eBay story?
"eBay has always been our go-to fashion encyclopedia. Whether we are looking for a 19th century lace collar or the perfect cameo button, it’s always there for us, like an old friend. Claude’s pride and joy is a 1965 pearl white leather Magnavox portable record player — it was his first eBay purchase via dial up!"
What inspired your holiday designs? 
"We wanted to bring couture Ruffian details and luxury textiles to our holiday collaboration. We created a silk ruffled scarf inspired by our signature ruff collar and re-launched our cult men’s neckwear line in opulent brocades and embellished with our Ruffian crest in genuine Swarovski crystals."
Did you experience any design challenges?
"We refused to compromise, so there really weren’t any challenges. Everything is silk and handmade, just like our couture collection!"
Jonathan Adler:

What’s your eBay story?
"I am obsessed with eBay! The platform has changed the way I shop (and, I’m afraid, distracted me from doing my work-, but that’s another story).  I worked with them last year designing a window installation and it was a pleasure. I’m thrilled to partner with them again, this time for the Holiday Collective."
What inspired your holiday designs?
"I hope my collection captures the glitz, glam and twinkle of the holidays mixed with a little edge and punk.  I can’t pick a favorite–it’s like Sophie’s Choice, I love all the items in the collection." 
Were there any design challenges?
"Not really, since I already make a lot of items under $100 in my current line. My pieces for eBay feature the same level of craft and quality as everything else I make."

Tibi (Amy Smilovic):

What’s your eBay story?
"I love eBay because there are so many discoveries to be made. You can always find items that are truly unique."

What inspired your holiday designs?
"We wanted to create a collection that was cozy, cool, and feminine for a wintry night. One of my favorite pieces is the re-intepreted “Christmas sweater” – we gave it a reboot with a fun penguin motif. The basic sweatshirt gets an unexpected modern update with Chantilly lace."

Steven Alan:
What inspired your holiday designs?
"I’ve always been crazy about tech stuff. I started collecting cameras when I was 11 years old and have continued since. When Motorola came out with the Star TAC, the first-ever flip phone in 1996, I was obsessing over it. I remember saving up enough money to buy it and it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. I had the first Blackberry and almost every generation thereafter. I currently use both the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as an iPad and a laptop. I wanted to do this collaboration with eBay as it presented a unique opportunity to facilitate the launch of this capsule collection. For each piece, I thought about what people wanted. I always want to carry my iPad, but then have no paper to doodle; I wanted to create something compact for both."

Billy Reid:
What’s your eBay story?
"I am an avid eBay shopper and often find great items for our home and our shops on eBay, so the collaboration was a natural fit."


Incredibly Creepy, Uber-Realistic Harry Potter Baby Dolls For Sale

An artist named Tracy Ann Lister, who makes unsettlingly realistic baby dolls, has come out with a new line: Harry Potter characters as infants. They’re…not cute. Voldemort, Snape, and Dobby all cross over into nightmare-inducing territory. Even so, bidding on eBay seems to stand at over $200 for most of them. Some of the other ones aren’t so disturbing — Remus Lupin is sort of cute, as is Hermione. But holy hell, who is buying these demonic creatures?

I mean, check these out.





Harry image

FashionFeed: Alexander Wang on eBay, Zac Posen on Rent the Runway

● On June 17, Alexander Wang will debut a new collection of small leather goods available for purchase exclusively on eBay’s flash-sales hub, Fashion Vault. [Style] ● To kick off the new Z Spoke by Zac Posen offerings on Rent the Runway, the popular luxury rental portal is giving away three handbags from the designer’s diffusion line. [Racked] ● We’re loving these handmade leather sunnies by Berlin-based label Sic Gloria. [WBE]

● Tom Ford’s new beauty line was semi-inspired by a bad cucumber incident. [Styleite] ● Since fashion models apparently love to BBM, the industry anticipates the launch of iMobile, which is iPhone’s answer to the popular BlackBerry service. [Fashion Copious] ● Peep the latest offerings from top independent designers Thread Show LA this Sunday, June 12 from 11am-6pm. This year the show will feature cool new perks like a pop-up nail salon and a man cave for the dudes. [Thread]

Shop the Winning Derek Lam + eBay Collection

The world’s largest online marketplace and an acclaimed American fashion designer have joined forces to produce Derek Lam + eBay, an exclusive collaboration that marks the first-ever crowdsourced collection. During SS11 NYFW, Lam presented a 16-piece collection at Lincoln Center. In a game-changing move, Lam also posted these looks on eBay, inviting consumers worldwide to vote for their favorite designs to be produced into an exclusive collection with the e-commerce giant. After 120,000 votes, the five selected dresses have arrived, and are now available to purchase for a limited time.

“Having a direct and immediate dialogue with the online audience is what makes fashion exciting and relevant in this moment. eBay’s technology offers me a unique and innovative opportunity to reach new and existing customers directly and to create fashion they desire,” Lam says of the collaboration. Dresses range from $175-$295 and feature looks for both day and night. In addition to photos, shoppers can view looks via a nifty 360-video that’s quite similar to Amazon’s MyHabit functionality.

This type of interactive engagement by a major fashion designer is unprecedented—even for the new social-media-happy fashion world’s standards. While industry folks use services like Twitter for their makeshift focus group needs, Lam is taking it one step further by directly asking his fans what they want, and delivering it to them at an attainable price point. And from a business standpoint, linking with eBay is as good as it gets when it comes to global reach. We’re loving how fashion and technology have become new allies, providing both designers and consumers with endless connectivity.