Hey Kids, It’s Goatober

Last year’s “No Goat Left Behind” program proved so successful, Heritage Foods USA decided to do it again. Enter, Goatober: a month dedicated to eating, milking, and loving these funny-eyed, four-legged mammals. 

“It’s urgent for us to have an outlet to sell these lovely creatures so we can focus on our primary goal, which is to make cheese,” said Angela Miller co-owner Consider Bardwell Farm. “We want to create a demand for goat meat the way there is a demand for lamb, they are very similar in flavor.” 

Heritage Foods USA started their push for goat awareness to bring to light the amount of male goats, which can’t be milked for our beloved goat cheese, that end up getting slaughtered with no purpose. Goats can birth two or three kids at a time, but what can you do with the males besides consume them? So, eat we must.

This year, 53 restaurants have participated in the effort to bring goat to the table, including Minetta Tavern, Colicchio and Sons, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Fette Sau, Gran Electrica, Parish Hall and more. Also, if you happen to be in Charleston, SC, at 6:30pm on Sunday, Hominy Grill’s James Beard award-winning chef Robert Stehling hosts a five-course feast of goat with dishes like grille goat loin, goat cheese salad, and goats head soup. Of course, if you happen to live in Brooklyn, getting a good goat curry isn’t too hard either, especially if you hit up Fisherman’s Cove or Christie’s Jamaican Patties