Morning Links: Nick Cannon Gets Creepy With Mariah, Lindsay Lohan Mistaken for Lady Gaga

● According to January Jones, she doesn’t just play Betty Draper, she is Betty Draper. “There was no Betty in the pilot when I auditioned. Matthew Weiner, the creator of the show, had no intention of showing Don Draper’s home life,” she told W. [W Magazine] ● A bit grabby, now, aren’t we Nick? [ONTD] ● According to this week’s Village Voice, Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino “represents a new archetype of entertainer—a black nerd who can like white stuff. Not a black nerd in the over-the-top Steve Urkel or Dwayne Wayne sense, but a regular black guy who likes the same stuff white people like—but just happens to be more talented than you.” Is this guy creeping on Drake’s territory? [Village Voice]

● Lindsay Lohan was mistaken for Lady Gaga at the airport. It’s unclear on to who this reflects more poorly. [Daily Mail] ● Oh, good. Nick Cage has been reunited “by divine province” with the super special Spiderman comic book he lost 11 years ago. “What surprised me is that it looked the same. It’s very fine.” Fewf. [NYP] ● You say private school, Rap-Up says Nigerian boarding school. It doesn’t look like we’re going to find out where Earl Sweatshirt is anytime soon, but Odd Future are headed east once more, and we really wish he could come this time — that boy can rap! [Rap-Up