Frank Wilder + Ugo Mozie Team up to Change Jewelry One 3D Tech-Made Piece at a Time

Jeweler Frank Wilder is taking the term “technical approach” to new heights with its new Eagle collection, in collaboration with celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie. The line is distinguished by ‘digitally native’ design process, which begins with designs rendered and conceived digitally. Then, 3d printers produce prototypes, and finally lost wax casting create the final pieces. “Ugo was an early supporter of my work and I have always admired the bold yet elegant touch of his styling. It was a natural step for us to partner for the Eagle Collection,” Wilder (a pseudonym) said, of the partnership in a press release.

1. How did you get into jewelry design?

My dad. I am a fourth generation jeweler.

2. How has technology influenced your process?

I had an accident when I was 17 in my dad’s metal foundry when a liquid molten cast went wrong. After that I started looking into alternatives to casting and

re connected to digital design from my days as a video game designer.

3. Did you have previous experience using 3D technology?

Yes. I worked on the animation engine for Lord of the Rings while living in New Zealand.

4. For what reason have you chosen to be anonymous?

Every piece I co-create is with a different artist. It’s not about me. It’s about the work and giving a new creative medium to the artist I’m collaborating with.

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