This Week’s Miami Happenings: Bâoli, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Mansion

WEDNESDAY: French Turns Japanese
Bâoli’s executive chef, Gustavo Vertone, has brought on his sushi counterpart directly from across the street.  Formerly of Nobu, Chef Fnu “Danie” Armandani, is turning out some finger-licking good rolls using lux ingredients like Kobe beef, truffles, and caviar. As if Bâoli’s notorious Wednesday night “My Boyfriend is Out of Town” shindigs weren’t reason enough to drop in on this French debauchery central, we now have a BâoliRoll to keep us salivating.
Bâoli (1906 Collins Ave., South Beach) is now serving sushi. For details, check out the listing in BlackBook Guides.

NOW: Sweet Stuff
What’s sugar and spice and everything nice? Dylan’s Candy Bar on Lincoln Road. Get your glucose fix at the newly opened mecca of one mega toothache. Worry not, you Kosher, gluten-free, sugar-free, and nut-free candy enthusiasts. Dylan’s got you covered, too.
Dylan’s Candy Bar (801 Lincoln Rd., South Beach) is now open. For details, read the listing in BlackBook Guides.

FRIDAY: Mad Spinster
Local heavy-hitter DJ Craze and six-time DMC World DJ champion will take over the decks at Mansion with a new monthly residency kicking off this Friday. Putting his own spin on Top 40 jingles, DJ Craze is set to get shiz poppin’ on his home turf  until the end of February.  
DJ Craze is spinning at Mansion (1235 Washington Ave., South Beach) every Friday until the end of February. See the complete listing at BlackBook Guides.

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The Sweetest News: Dylan’s Candy Bar Comes to L.A.

After 11 years of waiting, we’re not sugarcoating this: the candy mecca owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter has finally made its way to the West Coast. Los Angeles, meet Dylan. Dylan’s Candy Bar.

More than a candy shop, and kind of like a page from a Roald Dahl book, this 1,200-square-foot-space at The Original Farmer’s Market, is stocked with 7,000 sweets – old and new – that just might change the face (and bodies) of Los Angeles. Bring it.

The Realities and Fantasies of Finding Love With New York’s Top Matchmaker

You are not the kind of girl who would be at a place like this at this time: 6:30pm. Or maybe you are. Maybe you are the kind of girl who would sit under a massive plastic cupcake-shaped awning while waiting for matchmaker Janis Spindel to assess you. But then, what kind of girl is that?

When I walk in to Dylan’s Candy Bar for one of the famed Matchmaker’s Meet and Greets with eligible women I feel an almost frantic temptation to inform anyone manning that door that I am fine. I don’t need any help getting dates! Maybe some women do, but not me! Not me! I feel this way, because, if you are a halfway attractive woman, you are supposed to be in, approximately, the same romantic situation as Scarlet O’Hara at a barbecue—no matter that not even Vivien Leigh had that many beaux.

Besides, you know the kind of girl that you expect to see at any kind of matchmaking event.You know. Imagine them in your head. Imagine The Millionaire Matchmaker if you’re having trouble. Bleached blonde hair. Lips pumped full of collagen. Dead behind the eyes.

When I think of the women who use matchmakers, I specifically think of one of the girls on Millionaire listlessly stroking the back of her male conquest as he excitedly explained they were co-habitating. While he did so, she stared at the camera, blankly, as though she had decided her youth would be a fair price to barter for a three bedroom on 3rd Avenue.

Which is to say: I don’t think I could ever pull off bleached blonde with my coloring. Becoming utterly soulless also seems like it might be tough.

And if there’s any door guy, I want him to know that, too.

There isn’t one, of course.

There is, instead, an incredibly nice, down-to-earth group of around a dozen women waiting in the upstairs cafe. Not a single of one them seems to suffer from jelly-fish lip syndrome. They appear to range in age from their mid-twenties to late thirties, and all of them are excitedly waiting to meet Janis.

I’m shocked, mostly, I think, by the footwear. They wear sensible shoes. I realize I—ludicrously—expected everyone to be teetering around in 6-inch plastic heels.

But the women aren’t gold diggers or dilettantes or universally known “actresses/models”. They have great jobs. They make good jokes! They’re the kinds of girls you’d want to be friends with. Then I draw back and realize that this is perhaps because they are not doing this to be on television.

That might be why. So, why are they here, then, these nice, pretty, normal women in their nice, pretty, normal shoes?  They’re certainly the kind of women who can find dates on their own.

Everyone has their reasons. One woman explains that her mom met someone through Janis. Someone else says that they found an offer through Lifebooker. Someone remarks that Janis has e-mailed her to come in about 20 times (Janis proudly admits that she is relentless). And someone else points out that she read that Janis has married almost 1,000 couples (Janis is, in fact, six away). The group nods in unison. 

Ah. That’s right. They’re there to meet their husbands. 

That, perhaps, really is the appeal. In an age and a city where you’re supposed to be so fulfilled with your life that you’re perpetually “only looking for something casual”—you’re Scarlet O’Hara at a barbeque!—it’s almost taboo to be obviously looking to settle down and get married.

Even on the Internet. In spite of the fact that on online dating sites it’s perfectly acceptable to say that your interests include, say, crocodile wrestling and braiding strangers’ hair, it would still be a bit weird to lead with your desire to get married and start a family as soon as possible. But Janis assures the room that that is precisely what her male clients are looking for.

Marriage is what Janis Spindel does, and she’s fairly clear on that point. She recounts a story to the women about meeting a man who had decided he was ready to find his wife, and how a name of one of her clients instantly popped into her head. “So, I said to him, ‘Brianna,” she declares, “and he says ‘who’s Brianna?’ And I said, “well, she’s your wife.’”

Janis says this with such conviction that I imagine there’s no doubt in any listener’s mind that, a week later, Brianna and that man are now married. This, seemingly, is just how it happens with Janis. She does—as that one attendee pointed out—have nearly 1,000 couples married, and a shockingly low divorce rate.

Now, maybe it happens that way simply because she is throwing together two people with reasonably similar interests who are both very ready to settle down. But still. On some level, everyone who has ever had disappointing experiences dating probably dreams that a fairy Godmother will sweep in and say, “Here. Here is the person you are supposed to be with. Go live happily ever after now.”

And to get to skip all the stumbling about and feigning an interest in crocodile wrestling in search of that person? No wonder men pay Janis a starting fee of $100,000. And as for the women, perhaps it’s worth sitting through Janis’s intense questioning period (she asks one woman if she’d like to move to Seattle, the woman declines, and Janis replies, undeterred, “Until you meet him and fall madly in love!”) on the off-chance that your name will pop into her head and she’ll present you with true love on a platter.

We may be willing to work very hard to find love, but how wonderful it would be if, instead, it could just be presented to us so effortlessly.  As the women—these nice, normal, pretty women—leave the Meet & Greet, they do so with a sense of childlike optimism that befits the venue.

And who’s the kind of girl who would be into that? Well, maybe it’s just about all of us.

Where Celebs Go Out: Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes

1. Richard Gere, at the premiere of Brooklyn’s Finest: My favorite restaurant has to be the Bedford Post. 2. Don Cheadle: BOA, in L.A. 3. Ethan Hawke: Manganaro’s, on 9th Avenue. 4. Wesley Snipes: That’s gotta be home. My wife is an excellent cook! Where do I like to go? Oh, La Dinastia, the Cuban-Chinese restaurant on 72nd, near Broadway. 5. Hoda Kobt: I love 21 Club. I love Tabla. I love Shake Shack, just their burgers. ‘Cause the first time I saw a line, I thought, ‘Who would wait in a line this long for a burger?’ And then I realized, ‘I would.’ There’s something about the size, the texture; they’re moist, they’re delicious. And I like Kefi — on Columbus — the best, best Greek food ever, delicious.

6. Antoine Fuqua: Carmine’s. They have Carmine’s in New York and L.A. 7. Richard Belzer: I hang out in bed with my dog! West Branch is one of my favorites. It’s up here on the west side on 77th and Broadway. And all of Drew Nieporent’s restaurants. Yeah, I get around. 8. Wade Allain-Marcus: I go to a spot like Legion in Williamsburg. It’s a bar. It’s a beautiful thing. 9. Nicoye Banks: I like the Hudson. The Hudson’s always good. The Mandarin has a nice lounge on the 35th floor, if you really want to relax, look at Central Park, be smooth. Good restaurant — Parlor Steakhouse on 90th and 3rd. 10. Grizz Chapman: Actually, I work. I don’t really hang out too much. Favorite restaurant is The Palm, the one on the east side. Being that my diet has changed, my favorite dish would, probably, just be vegetables and chicken. 11. Kevin “Dot Com” Brown: I don’t get a chance to hang out, like I used to. I come to these events, and I never remember the name — I just follow the flyer; whatever address is there; I just follow the address. But I never remember the names of the venues. And when you’re not at an event? City Island. I go to Sammy’s — I go to Sammy’s seafood in City Island, and I overeat! 12. Andre Brown: I hang out at the Rose Bar, the GoldBar, Juliet — that’s about it. 13. Daymond John: Restaurants: I always go to Nobu, Blue Ribbon. Bars, I go to Tenjune. Clubs — well, Tenjune’s like a bar and a club — I go to the Greenhouse and I go to M2. 14. Shannon Kane: Wow! I don’t really hang out at a lot of clubs or anything like that, but I have some really great restaurants in L.A. One of them is El Cholo, a Mexican restaurant. Any favorite dish? The vegetarian burrito, and the fresh guacomole — they make right in front of you. 15. Michael Martin: I used to love Bar Code. It’s, actually, gone now. I love club Amnesia, great place. The Tunnel is gone now. Tammany Hall — that’s a great one. 16. Wendy Williams: Victor’s — Cuban food. 17. Sherri Shepherd: There’s a restaurant on 56th, between 8th and 9th called Bricco’s. And it’s just a nice, little family restaurant, and I go there with everybody because they got fresh Italian food, and the owner — oh, my gosh — he kisses you like you’re the most amazing woman in the world! 18. John D’Leo: John’s Pizzeria in the village has, probably, the best pizza in New York. 19. Carrie Lowell: Bedford Post — the restaurant we own. 20. Lili Taylor: I love Bar Pitti. I like the Cuban restaurant in Harlem on 125th. Sylvia’s Soulfood in Harlem. 21. Bethenny Frankel: I like Kraft. I like the Strip House. I like Abe and Arthur’s. I like steakhouses. I need meat on the bone. I need to feed the baby! 22. D’brickashaw Ferguson: Probably, Junior’s. In Brooklyn? Yeah, gotta represent! Other than the cheesecake, I’m a big fan of their barbecued chicken. 23. Ellen Barkin: I don’t have [a favorite restaurant]. 24. Lena Olin @ “Remember Me” premiere: My favorite restaurant in the city is Nobu! 25. Gregory Jbara: The Standard Grill right now is open now till four o’clock in the morning, and they have a phenomenal menu. They have great waitstaff and you can always get a great meal, after the rest of the town is shut down. I’d recommend the oysters. They have a phenomenal selection of east-coast oysters. Also, they serve an appetizer of dried-crust cheese with English radishes. And you look at it on the table and you go, ‘What am I supposed to do with that — plant a garden?!’ And then you taste it, and you go, ‘This is a brilliant, original way to start a meal.’ Corner Bistro has the best burgers, but, if you want the best glass of wine and want to sample wines, you go to Dell’anima, which is down just south of 14th on 8th Avenue. 26. Peyton List: I love going to Dylan’s Candy Bar. I always go there and get treats or chocolates. I, actually, love the bakery called “Baked.” They have the best Chocolate Cloud cookies. What’s that? It’s a chocolate cookie, and it’s really thick and I love it, ’cause it’s so chocolatey, and I love chocolate! 27. Greg Bello: Oh, Jesus! Oh, I can’t give away all those secrets; then everyone’s gonna find out and they’re not going to be hot anymore. I don’t know what to tell you! Actually, probably, the Boom Boom Room is the hottest room in the city right now. 28. Allen Coulter: Del Posto, Peasants, Ouest –said with a French accent, but I can’t do it, Barney Greengrass. 29. Tate Ellington: ‘Cause I live in the Williamsburg area, one of my favorite places is DuMont. DuMac and Cheese is one of the greatest meals I’ve had in New York. There’s a place called Barcade which is pretty wonderful, as far as a bar, but it’s gettin’ a little packed, nowadays, but it’s a good place and the bartenders are nice. Huckleberry Bar is a nice, little cocktail lounge. 30. Peggy Siegal: Oh, I like the Monkey Bar. I like the new Jean-Georges restaurant at The Mark Hotel. I like 21, the Four Seasons, Michael’s, the Waverly Inn, the Standard Hotel. What else have I missed? I don’t know. Any favorite dishes? No, I’m always on a diet!

BlackBook Staff Picks: Dining, Drinking, Shopping, & Staying

Here at BlackBook, we pay a lot of attention to where cool customers go out — bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, hotels, you name it. So why not flip the frame and let you see where we go out? Here’s a periodically updated, exhaustive list of hotspots currently favored by everyone at BlackBook, from the mighty bosses down to the humble interns, from the charming local lounges around the corner to the jet-setting temples of luxe living. ● Creative Director – Jason Daniels, The Odeon (NYC) -American Psychos down salmon and steak frites, but the real scene’s on the sidewalk. ● Vice President, Content – Chris Mohney, Agua Dulce (NYC) – Festive outpost feels like Miami, F-L-A.

EDITORIAL ● Senior Editor – Nick Haramis, Motor City Bar (NYC) – Front like you remember how to drive and these 8 Milers might let you hang. ● Features Editor – Willa Paskin, Mayahuel (NYC) – Tequila temple where patrons pay homage to the goddess of agave. ● Writer-at-Large – Alison Powell, Peppermill (Las Vegas) – Vegas institution pushes diner food in front and romantic cocktails in the back. ● Nightlife Correspondent – Steve Lewis, Serpentine (NYC) – Patrick Duffy’s legendary scene uncoils in west Chelsea. ● Assistant Editors – Ben Barna, Jupiter Room (Montreal) – Drink your face off for cheap and dance ’til it aches. Cayte Grieve, Blackstones (NYC) – Foster Ethan Kamer, Joseph Leonard (NYC) – Elegantly distressed Village charmer serving up three solid meals a day. Eiseley Tauginas, Barrow Street Ale House (NYC) – College sports fans and West Village regulars cram into cozy confines. ● Copy Editor – Michèle Filon, Back Forty (NYC) – Manure-free urban farm sates virtuous, albeit rare, healthy food cravings. ● Editorial Interns – Molly Gunn, PDT (NYC) – Somebody told, but still a nice sophisto surprise behind the grunge of Crif. Megan LaBruna, Mercury Lounge (NYC) – Catch a future indie rock god at this rite of musical passage. Toren Curtis, The Vagabond (Miami) – Great indie scene. Even better music. Ashley Simpson, SPiN New York (NYC) – Marginally-more-athletic alternative to beer pong gets its own private club. Averie Timm, Downtown Cipriani (NYC) – Über-scene congregation of A-list supermodels, art stars, and financiers. Food, too. If you care. Annie Werner, Antone’s (Austin) – This revered blues club’s namesake did more for black-white relations than the Oreo cookie. Hillary Weston, The Four-Faced Liar (NYC) – Greenwich Village-proper pub is something out of Middle Earth, or Docklands. Either way: the real deal.

ART ● Art Director – Amy Steinhauser, Mizu Sushi (NYC) – Popular lunch spot for Flatiron media types needing to bitch. ● Assistant Designer – Serra Semi, Momofuku Ssäm Bar (NYC) – Chef-of-the-minute David Chang fancies up Korean burritos and gets avant-garde after 6pm. ● Photography Assistant – Stephanie Swanicke, Canal Room (NYC) – Jersey hordes in the house, but discreet famous faces still rock all night. ● Freelance Designer – Krista Quick, t.b.d (NYC) – Sleek and chic lounge in the heart of Greenpoint.

FASHION & BEAUTY ● Market Editor – Bryan Levandowski, Shang (NYC) – Toronto-bred Susur Lee takes on nouveau Asian small plates at the Thompson LES. ● Fashion Assistant – Wilson Mathews III, Dylan’s Candy Bar (NYC) – King-sized candy shop hypnotizing children and torturing adult waistlines in the UES.

BLACKBOOK MEDIA CORP ● Chairman – Bob Hoff, Voyeur (LA) – The inspiration is Eyes Wide Shut…so yes, there’s lots of leather. ● CEO – Ari Horowitz, Nikki Beach (St. Barts) – An escape into paradise in the middle of, well, paradise. ● Associate Publisher – Brett Wagner, Barrio Chino (NYC) – Chino Latino tequila bar serving up 50 kinds of that devil stuff. ● Director of Finance and Operations – Joe Friedman, Brooklyn Bowl (NYC) – Rock and bowl will never die. ● Corporate Counsel – Drew Patrick, Tournesol (NYC) – Coq au vin and crème brûlée? Oui! Oui! ● Executive Assistant – Bridgette Bek, Tu Lan (San Francisco) – Word-of-mouth dingy treasure serving good, cheap Vietnamese food in a downright crappy location.

ADVERTISING – ● Senior Account Executive – Dina Matar, Ilili (NYC) – Upscale Lebanese moves miles beyond falafel. ● Account Executive – Brian Kantor, Lillie’s (NYC) – Victorian pub with just enough antiquery to make you feel grand. ● Executive Director, BlackBook Access – Gregg Berger, Indochine (NYC) – French-colonial greets uptown-cum-downtown diners. ● Advertising Director – Michelle Koruda, Shorty’s .32 (NYC) – Josh Eden under-promises and over-delivers at this Soho charmer. ● Detroit Account Executives – Jeff Hannigan, The Lodge (Chicago) -Ye old typical Division Street cheese, but always a shameless good time. Kristen von Bernthal, Hudson Bar at Hudson Hotel (NYC) – Acid-trip décor. Sit on a log and rest your drink on a gnome head. ● Midwest Account Executives – Susan Welter, Hopleaf Bar (Chicago) – Andersonville’s best bar. Belgian beers and food meet in a place that’s too smart to be too cool and vice versa. Andrea Forrester, Coast Sushi (Chicago) – BYOB meets the sea at this high-quality Wicker Park sushi spot. ● Southwest Account Executive – Molly Ballantine, Rustic Canyon (LA) – Leave it to the upper-cresty West-siders to show everyone else up with their moody, fashionable darkwood and cream take on the ubiquitous neighborhood wine bar. ● Northwest Account Executives – Catherine Hurley, Coi (San Francisco) – The apotheosis of both the molecular gastronomy trend and the sustainable food movement: ethereal, futuristic flavors in a serene environment. Shawn O’Meara, Nopalito (San Francisco) – ● Sales Coordinator – Celia Ballou, Pink Pony (NYC) – Pseudo-bohemian bistro that’s better for people watching than, like, eating or whatever.

MARKETING ● Marketing Manager – Julie Fabricant, Bottega Louie (LA) – Proof that Downtown is still gentrifying. ● Partnerships & Promotions Manager – Andrew Berman, K & M (NYC) – Former perogie factor converted to current meat market for the indie-rock set. ● Interns – Cristina Girgis, Barbounia (NYC) – Tony Medi with good bones. Interior is all about the arches. Alexandra Vickers, The Slaughtered Lamb Pub (NYC) – Magical enough to overlook the horror movie gimmick.

DIGITAL ● Director of Development – Daniel Murphy, Max’s On Broadway (Baltimore) – Ahhh, good old Max’s I remember you well…well what I can remember anyway. ● Lead Architect – Matt Hackett, Caracas Arepa Bar (NYC) – Arepas, seventeen ways. Venezuela is for carb lovers. ● Developer – Bastian Kuberek, Greenhouse (NYC) – NYC’s first Green club tries to make bottles and models sustainable. ● Developer – Dan Simon, Hudson Terrace (NYC) – Rooftop pleaser for drunk summer afternoons. ● Designer – Matt Strmiska, Uchi (Austin) – Thoroughly inventive and delectable sushi in vibrant environs, compliments of lauded chef Tyson Cole. ● Developer – Sam Withrow, The Knockout (San Francisco) – The vibe is blessedly lawless,prolifically musical and down right hedonistic. Peep tall cans and a sweaty dance floor. ● Quality Assurance Engineer – Sunde Johnson, Melt (NYC) – Brooklyn brunch spot becoming the standard for neighborhood dining. ●Mobile Developer – Otto Toth, Alloro (NYC) – Cacio e Pepe peeps get creative on the Upper East.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Hoff, Voyeur (LA). Ari Horowitz, Nikki Beach (St. Barts). Eric Gertler, Matsuhisa (Aspen) – World-famous Nobu chef brings incredibly tasty, stylish, pricy sushi to Aspen. Joe Landry, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills (LA) – Phillipe Starck and Sam Nazarian mind meld to create a papparazzi-inducing modern luxury hotel in (well, near) BH. Irwin Lieber, Fishtail by David Burke (NYC) – Fresh seafood in the UES by celeb chef David Burke. Dan Pelson, Marea (NYC) – Hopes for a high tide abound at Michael White’s temple to Italian seafood. Barry Rubenstein, Bryant & Cooper (Hamptons) – While it may be trying a little too hard for a classic old-time-y vibe, the steaks are nonetheless quite good. Jack Sullivan, The Raleigh Hotel (Miami) – The local equivalent of LA’s Chateau Marmont.

Sexy Scents for Aphrodisiac Aficionados

imageWhile scientific evidence is murky, it’s long been touted that certain scents and foods encourage intimacy. When Oprah and Dr. Oz talk about it, however, you know there’s gotta be something to it. The pair discussed findings that suggest a woman’s libido may be enhanced by the smell of cucumbers and licorice, while men are enticed by lavender and pumpkin pie. Even Oprah was surprised at the licorice revelation. Turns out Hershey’s Good and Plenty are especially powerful in this regard. The appeal of cucumber for women can be attributed to obvious below-the-belt shape similarities (similarly oysters, which since the days of Casanova who ate dozens a day, have maintained a reputation as powerful aphrodisiacs). Fortunately, pursuing the olfactory aphrodisiac needn’t involve regular trips to the grocery.

For a cucumber scent, you can lather on Philip B’s Cucumber & Blue Orchid Hand & Body Crème. For pumpkin, try Verikira Naturals’ Spiced Pumpkin Face Masque; not only is it formulated with pumpkin, but it’s got spices which are supposed to “heat” passion. Similarly, Foot Petals Lavender Scented Killer Kushionz and Sally Hansen’s Just Feet Lavender Foot Soak combine the scent of lavender with foot pampering, which the appropriately named Dr. Amen once explained to Oprah “is like foreplay.” Not that most of us need an excuse to indulge in more dark chocolate or vanilla than we already do, but both are thought to contain chemicals that affect the neurotransmitters in the brain (this dates back to Aztec times). For those cutting back on calories, Space NK Bathing in the Woods Candle has an enticing vanilla and spice smell and comes wrapped in a beautiful box (i.e. ready to gift to that special someone), while Dylan’s Candy Barhas enough goodies to cover every last square inch of your body in coco-vanilla goodness (hey, every Romeo has gotta start somewhere).

On a healthier note, blueberries are said to be a natural aphrodisiac, so adding a little extra va-va-voom to a night might be as simple as spending a pre-date afternoon popping berries. Or forgo the risk of ending up like Veruca Salt and go the thrifty route via a $3.99 bottle of Tone’s Blueberry wash. And at the risk of sounding like a middle-aged housewife by bringing up Oprah one more time, the talk show host deemed acai one of the top 10 healthiest foods. Perhaps unbeknownst to her however, acai berries have been used by bikini-clad Brazilians for years (they’re sometimes referred to as “the Viagra of the Amazon”). Just in time, VitaminShampoo came out with acai berry/guava hair care and Noah’s Naturals launched an acai collection to leave any who dare kissably delicious.

For newlyweds, it’s all about the honey. In medieval times, the sweet stuff was used to make mead (honey wine) and given to newly married couples in the hopes of ensuring a sweet marriage (hence the term “honeymoon”). Inspired by honey and wine, Caudalie came out with Crushed Cabernet Scrub, which not only smells wonderful (if you like Cabernet) and looks yummy (if you’re into almond paste), it’s a great exfoliator, brightener, and softener. Also on the honey train are Thymes with their Gold Leaf collection and Estee Lauder with Sensuous. Lauder actually did a study with Dr Jeanette Haviland-Jones and Rutgers University on the emotions that the fragrance evokes and found that women who wear it reported feeling more confident, sexy, social, and positive.

Of course leave it to Lush to be the bluntest about their aphrodisiac-filled formulations. They’ve got Sex Bomb Bath Bombs, Sex in the Shower Emotibombs, and Flying Fox Shower Gel — Lush says they felt it was their duty, as an eco-brand, to introduce products that encourage people to share showers and conserve water. So don’t forget to follow Lush’s suggestion and turn off running water while you’re soaking up. As they say, it’s important to act responsibly when in the shower.

New York: Top 10 Places to Break Up Before Valentine’s Day

imageBreakin’ up may be hard to do in the best of circumstances, but calling it quits before Valentine’s Day is in a league of discomfort all its own. Avoiding an awkward situation is key, but as matchmaker extraordinaire Amy Laurent points out — “breaking up via email, text message or even over the phone shows cowardice and immaturity.” With that in mind, here’s a list of spots that make breaking up right before Valentine’s Day just a wee bit easier (or at least more survivable).

10. Rick’s Cabaret & Steakhouse (Garment District) – Soothe the blow by offering to buy your ex a lap dance. 9. Bagatelle (Meatpacking District) – So loud no one will notice your yelling match. 8. Go see He’s Just Not That Into You – Blame it on the eye-opening film.

7. Shang (Soho) – Should your ex go bizerk, this LES spot is located in the Thompson LES, which extends from Orchard Street to Allen Street (meaning it has two exits) — so you can excuse yourself and peace out discreetly. 6. Koi (Midtown West) – Break up over cocktails, then head across the street and try your hand at picking up a model at the Bryant Park Fashion Week tents. 5. Dylan’s Candy Bar (Upper East Side) – Even amidst a nauseating amount of heart-shaped candy, nothing helps beat the blues quite like chocolate. 4. China 1 (East Village) – Cheap and tasty — so it’s all good even if your ex storms out, sticking you with the bill. 3. Kefi (Upper West Side) – Those worried about chickening-out can take shots from the city’s only ouzo machine, which cranks-out refreshing liquid courage, before the deed is done. 2. Supper Club – Pass your ex along via the sociable folks at Supper Club who are hosting a dinner where they’re asking each attending member to bring a single whom they deem a potential fit for someone else in attendance. 1. Greenhouse (Soho) – Do the deed, then “accidentally” get lost in the crowd.

New York: 10 Best Places to Holiday Shop

1. Moma Design Store (Soho) – Designy gifts for anyone on your list. 2. Flight 001 (Greenwich Village) – Laptop bags, pretty patterned luggage, and all kinds of other travel do-dads. 3. Swiss Army Soho (Soho) – Gadgets for people who like to tie knots and cut them open. Plus oodles of other techie gadgets.

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar (Upper East Side) – Sweets for your sweet. 5. Jack Spade (Soho) – Wallets, man-bags, cufflinks, and more for the fashionable man. Done and done. 6. Agent Provocateur (Soho) – Sheer knickers, lace and mesh bras. Make it a gift for the both of you. 7. Nom de Guerre (Nolita) – Preppy meets punk here. Think Clark Kent with tattoos. 8. Shop (Lower East Side) – Charlotte Ronson and Philip Lim for her. 9. Bulgari (Midtown) – This will make her best-gift-ever list. 10. Barney’s (Upper East Side) – There’s something for everyone here, and if you get stuck, get a gift certificate.

Dylan Lauren Treats Guests King-Sized Candy Store

What if I told you that random patchwork of Jelly Bellys was actually the eye of Martin Luther King Jr.? You’d think I was raving mad, right? Well I am, and it isn’t, but it is part of a larger mosaic that makes up the face of the civil rights leader, who was joined last night by j-bean versions of Reagan and Lincoln at the opening of the re-designed and expanded Dylan’s Candy Bar. Owner Dylan Lauren was joined by fellow Laurens ( handsome bunch), Woody Allen and tots, Ivanka Trump, Elizabeth Berkley, and Jason Biggs, who I’m sure all dodged cameras to gorge on candy coated apples and lobster cakes. I of course, missed any such behavior because I was too busy drinking candy in the guise of cocktails, with names like Bazooka Bull (Bacardi Limon, Red Bull, garnished with Bazooka gum), and Rock Candy (Grey Goose and Jelly Belly watermelon mixer garnished with a rock candy stirrer. It was a cheap thrill seeing the stiffness of the Upper East Side temporarily alleviated by gummy worms and fizz pops, even though I didn’t catch Ivanka step within two feet of a lolly. Click through to see jelly MLK and some more snaps of the sweet spot.