STYLE SCOOP: Fendi’s Google “Drone Cam”, Is Donna Karan Leaving DKNY?

You won’t be at the Fendi show in Milan this week? No problem. The Italian house has partnered with Google to create the “Drone Cam” — viewers online will get aerial shots of the show via this fashionable flying saucer, or choose to look on the normal way. With instant replay available, there might not be a better seat in the house than right in front of your computer.

Page Six is reporting that Donna Karan’s latest New York runway show could possibly be her last… Is the designer taking retirement at 65?


#StyleScoop: Amazon Does Drones, Kanye Does Adidas

From Kanye West to drone delivery service, here’s the fashion news you need to know.

Fairchild’s editorial director Peter Kaplan sadly passed away at the age of 59. He will be best remembered for his time as editor in chief of the New York Observer, making it required reading.

After trashing Nike and going on a rant about corporate slavery, Kanye West has signed a $10 million deal with Adidas. Our sincerest good luck wishes to whoever at Adidas will be charged with reigning Kanye in for this partnership.

As if knock offs and faux designer bags weren’t a rampant enough problem, Burberry’s ubiquitous check print may be in jeopardy – in China, Burberry has had to appeal cancellation of its trademark.

Can’t wait for your Skinceuticals/Oribe/books/anything else to arrive? Amazon is amping up delivery with a new 30-minutes-or-less drone delivery service. Yep. It’s the future.

Kate Moss will be honored at the British Fashion Awards for her role as a style icon and her staying power in the industry. Moss turns 40 this year – she was discovered at 14. Oh  – and her Playboy photos are out – the magazine hits stands this Friday.

I Guess A Burrito-Delivering Drone Actually Sounds Like A Pretty Okay Idea

There are intriguing hacks and inventions and science fair projects on steroids, and then there is the ambitious team at grassroots aerospace research lab Darwin Aerospace and their Burrito Bomber. Like some beautiful marriage of a college dorm-room brainstorm session and some lost NASA scribblings, the rocket science-passionate team created their device, which is exactly what it says on the tin: an unmanned drone, controlled with a mobile app, that drops canisters packed with big, foil-wrapped burritos onto their targets via a parachute. Because normal food delivery apps just don’t pack enough firepower or SCIENCE!

And in their demonstration video, which features at least one member dressed as a dog dressed as an astronaut (SCIENCE!), the device actually does look really cool. Don’t lie. You would want a burrito dropped from the heavens. As long as it was still fresh and all that.

Here’s the bad news. This will not be a thing that you can have in your life on the regular for a while. Current FAA regulations prevent Darwin Aerospace from selling the Burrito Bomber as a commercial product, but it could become one once the FAA enacts new regulations for commercial drones in 2015. In the meantime though, you’ll just have to wait in line at your local burrito purveyor of choice like all the other plebs.

Unless—and here’s the good news. If you’re good at this whole engineering and aerospace thing, or know someone who is, you can make your own! The team created it as an open-source project, and the code and blueprints are available on their GitHub page. Chances are though, much like many an aspiring crafter or cake decorator who gleans inspiration from immaculately curated Pinterest boards, your version will just never look as cool or function as beautifully as the original. Sorry, friend.

In the meantime, you can watch all the meaty, projectile-flinging excitement below. Who said American ingenuity is dead?

[via LaughingSquid]