It’s National Margarita Day! Make A Guacarita

It’s finally National Margarita Day! Yes, we jumped the gun yesterday because we were that excited. And you know what’s great with a margarita—except for everything? Chips and guacamole. They go hand in hand like apples and bananas, like peanut butter and jelly! So when the recipe for a "Guacarita" came across my inbox, I paused. I had myself too many margaritas the night before at Dallas BBQ—yes, they were Texas-sized—so my brain was in pain. I didn’t know whether to barf or run home and make one of these tequila avocado drinks, because a little hair of the dog never hurts.

But I did none of those things. Instead, I enlisted my friend Amy to have me over and make one for me. As she poured all the ingredients into the blender, a lil Cabo Wabo Blanco, a little cilantro, and heaping spoonfuls of avocado, I was in awe as all the ingredients mixed together. Was I actually going to like this thing? After the blender did its biz, I was presented with a salted glass full of sea foam green concoction poured in. And it was smooth and creamy as it slid down my throat. It really cuts time in half when you are drinking and having an appetizer in one gigantic gulp. I drank two.

This thoroughly enjoyable drink and or snack is perfect for a ladies night in. Tonight, if all else is in your life is slowly crumbling around you, grab a blender, put on a costume or party hat and in honor of margaritas everywhere, make a guacarita—you can even dip a chip in it!

"The Guacarita"

2 oz. Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila
½ Skinned Avocado
¼ oz. Agave Nectar
½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
4 Cilantro leaves

Place all ingredients and ice into a blender. Blend on high for 10 seconds and pour into a margarita glass. Garnish with a short cilantro sprig.

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Those Who Want To Meet For Coffee Vs. Those Who Want To Meet For a Drink

These are the only two kinds of people, as far as I can tell, and never the twain shall sip comfortably together.

I, for one, detest coffee and everything it stands for—jangled nerves, geopolitical angst, humanity’s tolerance for terrible-tasting beverages—but that does not mean I never have to meet for coffee. Afternoon coffee is often the plan suggested by a potential employer, and I always go along with it, and the minute I order a cup of tea I know I’m done for. You don’t drink coffee? Why didn’t you tell me! UH, I DON’T KNOW, JUST TRYING TO CONFORM HERE. Coffee meetings are also popular for non-committal dates and tête-à-têtes with professors (N.B. these two things are exactly the same in every respect). Basically, coffee is what you go for when nothing will be accomplished and you didn’t want to go in the first place.

A bar, on the other hand—overflowing with the sweet nectars of Dionysus—now here we can make some progress. Loosen up! Say what you really mean! Do a shot! After a year of trying and failing to sell a novel, you know how I finally made the connection that would result in its publication? OVER DRINKS. Who the fuck since the Federalist Papers ever got business done in a coffee shop? It’s too full of people pretending to be busy and important, sitting alone, plugged into laptops, worried about what everyone else in the coffee shop thinks of them and working up the courage to ask out the manic pixie dream barista.

Really, if you insist on conducting your social affairs in a terminus of western civilization, at least let it be one with a jukebox.

San Francisco Opening: Amber Dhara

Restaurateur Vijay Bist’s Amber brand has been gracing Northern Cali with his own particular exotic cuisine since 1994. His newest venture Amber Dhara is a two-level sleek and sexy 6,000-square-foot restaurant with lots of bright yellow and orange-colored walls.

Located on the Mission’s buzzing Valencia Street, with Luna Park as its neighbor, Dhara appeals to the eating and drinking crowd, as the ground floor lounge area  is for cocktail drinking (grab the enlightening Chakratini), while the upstairs is for eating sophisticated, affordable Indian small plates. 

Village Voice’s Choice Eats Event Last Night, Guided Photo Tour Inside

When you stick hundreds of New Yorkers into a space the size of an amphitheatre, filled with over 80 of the five borough’s top restaurants, alcoholic beverages, and desserts, and tell them it’s “all-you-can-eat and drink,” what happens?

We turn into CAVE PEOPLE. Voracious, thirsty, hungry cavemen and women. Wildly primitive desires emerged at last night’s Choice Eats event, as men and women aggressively made their way to the front of the shoelace-long lines, grabbed for the largest meat-covered crostini, shrimp roll, and bowl of salted caramel ice cream, and ran around with toppled food platters and sauce-covered fingers.
So we were full after 15 minutes, or we have some frou-frou diet to attend to. Who cares! For one night, we went wild. And it was oh-so-necessary.
Here’s our guided photo tour of the evening’s best:
Doughtnut Plant
Doughnut Plant’s peanut butter glaze and blackberry jelly donut. I’m still full, but I’m still craving this. 
Scrumptious sausages at Kafana.
Bep’s mango salad makes healthy delicious. 
Ample Hills Creamery
Ample Hills Creamery’s Salted Crack Caramel ice cream. Made with salted butter caramel ice cream and bits of their "crack." Aptly named. 
Mile End
Mile End’s smoked meat bun. Sweet. Fluffy. Meaty. 
Fried brussel sprouts topped with yogurt, tahini, and pomegranate sauce. Tanoreen does it again. 
Good Batch
The Good Batch’s chocolate chip cookies. So soft, but chewy, yet doughy. An enigma, actually.
Fay Da Bakery
Fay Da Bakery’s pork bun. Always the best.
S'more Bakery
S’mores Bakery. Toasted right infront of you. 
Ditch Plains
Ditch Plains’ mac ‘n’ cheese-covered hot dog. It’s worth the heart attack.