Las Vegas: Top 5 After-Hours Clubs

imageYou’ll sleep when you’re dead.

1. Drai’s (Strip: Central) – Locals and tourists, gays and straights, executives and wage slaves, all party together until 9 a.m. in this small, sophisticated, plush club. 2. Jet (Strip: Central) – Huge nightspot features three different rooms, each with a different soundtrack and atmosphere. The later it gets, the more room there is to dance. 3. Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce (Strip: South) – The transplant of Los Angeles’ famed burlesque revival club does something they’d never do in LA: stays open until 8 a.m.

4. Gipsy (Off-Strip East) – Las Vegas’ favorite gay club only gets wilder as the sun comes up. 5. Seamless (Off-Strip West) – After 4 a.m., this stripper room turns into a somewhat mookish club, but, hey, it’s open until noon.