Why Was Alexander Skarsgård Dressed In Drag Last Night?

Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgård via Wikipedia 


At the San Francisco premiere of The Diary of a Teenage Girl last night, virile vampire Alexander Skarsgård ditched the requisite black or navy suit and donned something much more…fabulous. Serving up her best Farrah Fawcett realness, Skarsgård joined the rest of the cast in dressing in ’70s styles in honor of the movie’s era. Of course, decked out in a gold sequined gown, hoop earrings and hair for the gods, he took it one step further. And we couldn’t be happier.

There’s no info on why exactly Skarsgård decided to tuck, but E! speculates it was in honor of Peaches Christ, a legendary San Francisco drag queen who co-stars as a transvestite in The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Considering the venue, that seems entirely plausible. 

As spectacular as she looks, (no T, no shade) we think her jaw could have been contoured a bit more, and a gown with sleeves would have covered up those masculine guns…she’s not THAT fishy, unfortunately. But we can’t be too hard on a girl’s first time in drag.

Gaze on her sickening look below:




Drag Race’s Adore Delano’s First NYC Performance Since RuPaul

Over Memorial Day weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up (and fan favorite) Adore Delano invited us to follow her into her first New York performance since the show ended, at the Out hotel. From her hotel room to the party, we were entranced by Adore and her bubbly ‘Party!’ personality. She gave us the scoop of everything from what she’d been up to and what her latest record, Till Death Do Us Party, sounds like. Later, Adore introduced us to another queen also performing that night, Darienne Lake, who made us laugh with a great lip-sync to Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry. Adore is the total package, and she showed it by performing her first single DTF to a hungry crowd waiting to be slayed. Here are pics from the night, including a guest appearance from another fan favorite Ben DeLaCreme.

Adore getting ready at her hotel in Times Square

40150001  40160003
Adore in the green room at the Out hotel

Adore and fellow season sixer Darienne Lake

The scene backstage

40160012Darienne changing into her ‘Shady Elephant’ look for her Katy Perry lip sync
       40160020Adore performing DTF

Another season six queen Ben DeLaCreme stops by to say hi after the performance
 540160001Adore with fans

Here’s her recently released first single DTF:

Talking to Carmen Electra About New Single, XL Nightclub, & Photographer Mike Ruiz

Tonight they will be celebrating the birthday of photographer extraordinaire Mike Ruiz. over at XL Nightclub, 512 W. 42nd Street, Carmen Electra, Martha Wash , The Ones, Janice Robinson and Jason Walker will perform. The event  will be hosted by the luscious Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio and the cast of HOT MESS. DJ Escape and Whitney Day will provide the sounds. The whole shebang will benefit the Ali Forney Center (AFC).  Admission is $15 for non-members. They are trying to raise $15,000 for the Center which provides shelter and care for homeless LGBT youth. The center was particularly damaged from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

Carmen Electra will perform her new single “I Like It Loud” which was produced  by Grammy-nominated producer Bill Hamel. Carmen will do the media rounds with appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, VH1 Morning Buzz, and Anderson Cooper before scooting over to XL. I asked her all about it.

Why did you decide to be part of this benefit for the Ali Forney Center at XL Nightclub? 
When I heard the center was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, I could not help but to be part of this amazing night.

How did it come about? 
I am friends with Mike Ruiz; he called me and asked me to be part of the benefit.

Have you worked with Mike Ruiz as a model? 
Yes, he’s shot for a few magazines.

You have a diverse career. What are your career goals? 
To continue entertaining my fans and touring the world.

XL Nightclub’s Director of Operations elaborated:
How do you think Carmen Electra will energize your crowd? What makes her work?
She is a versatile entertainer; she’s been on MTV, Baywatch, and she now has a singing career. Gays respect a hot woman continually reinventing herself.  She’s working with Mikey Minden (Pussycat Dolls), and the act is pretty over the top. I saw a couple rehearsals and know the crowd will love it.  She’s come a long way from slow-motion jogs down the beach.

XL Nightclub is no longer the new club on the block. How would you define it and compare it to the dominant gay clubs of other eras… say the Roxy, etc.
XL isn’t just a big dance club; we’re a full-service, 200-seat cabaret and lounge.  In any given week, we’ll have artists like Alan Cumming perform in the cabaret, DJs like Danny Teneglia spin for 2,000 people in the nightclub, we’ll produce a rock concert on our 32-foot stage, host a young-professionals mixer in our front lounge, or host a full sit-down charity dinner. We do it all.

Besides this, what is planned as far as performances and events that you think will be the highlights at XL this winter? 
We have loads of new programming that we’ll be rolling out in the winter. I’m most excited about our new lounge concept.  We’re completely gutting our front lounge and creating an exclusive new “club-within-a-club.”  It’s a high-end exclusive, “gay Bungalow 8”  concept that we think is missing from our community.  The goal is to have it open by the end of January to coincide with our one year anniversary.  More details on that soon.

Talking About Drag, Blunderland, and Banzai with Eric Schmalenberger

Last month, I gushed to everyone I met about the Blunderland party, held in an underground space in the netherlands of Brooklyn. It was, for lack of a better word, FIERCE. The crowd was amazing. One of the DJs was moi. I asked event producer Eric Schmalenberger what I should play and was told, "It’s Brooklyn; play what you want". I did and had so much fun. The talent on stage was brilliant. Anytime I hear the laments over the loss of the "good ol’ days" I want to shake them and stir them. Clubland is vibrant and creative and all that but it is rarely found in the high-rent districts of Manhattan where creativity is rarely rewarded. That was the thing about The Box: although at times it seems forced – shock and awe for the sake of it – at least they don’t offer up the same ol’, same ol’. They make loot by charging the swells, and to this day are crowded with a great crowd… if you pick your time slot. Age takes its toll on creative people and creative clubs, but they still can give it a go, as can I. Last Saturday, when many clubs were slow for Mother’s Day, they were packed.

Eric Schmalenberger is my hero. He produces and MCs the Blunderland soirée and I can’t wait for his next shindig. I caught up with the maniac maestro and asked him a few questions.

WTF are you?
I ask myself that every day. The simple answer would be that I am primarily a performer, and I am a curator and producer when I feel that I have a really good idea. I sometimes feel like a professional collaborator. I’m really into sitting down with folks whose ideas turn me on and figuring out how we can make something new and exciting happen. I have been doing large-scale art and performance events for the past four years, and that has become a big part of what I do and who I collaborate with.

These parties are thematic. Tell me about party theory. How do you throw a good event?
I think something that is important to me when trying to throw a good event is giving the crowd something they haven’t seen before. There is so much of the same out there and I like a challenge. I really like the idea that nightlife can get an emotional response from its audience, on many levels. Anyone with a sound system and access to booze can throw an event. To go the extra step and keep the audience always wanting more – now that is a good trick. Giving a crowd a full evening is always important to what I do. I like having several sets of performance involving burlesque, circus arts, performance art, comedy, and live music with damn good DJs to keep the energy up between the sets over the course of the evening. I also have recently started serving food at some of my events, which is an extra bonus. The way that all these different parts of the evening come together is what really makes the night. Also, never resting on your laurels: keep surprising people and they will keep coming back, wondering what you will show them next.

I DJd at your last event and had a blast. Tell me about that one and the next one.
The event that you DJd at was Blunderland, which is a very performance-heavy celebration with a certain amount of elegant chaos. Some of the first parties that I went to as a very small Eric were Jackie 60 and Squeezebox. They were these incredible nights that blew my brain in just the right way. For this Blunderland, I was incredibly blessed and honored to have Chi Chi Valenti open the performances with a reading of her poem, “Take Back The Night,” which truly celebrates the New York that I want to be a part of.  Over the course of the evening, the crowd got to enjoy dadaist burlesque, comedic drag, two incredible dance companies, a couple with a thing for bullwhips, a live set from an incredible funk band, and a singing wolfman who never fails to break the audiences hearts.

Curatorially, I am sort of all over the map, but I really like putting together the sort of show that I personally would most like to see and, more importantly, most like to share with others. Next up on the docket is Banzai!!!! which is a project with my collaborator, Muffinhead, that has been going on for just over three years. Banzai is a chance for Muffin and I to present the work of over 50 artists of all different media. This time up we will have a live show with Joey Arias, The Pixie Harlots, Soigne Deluxe, Stormy Leather, Vangaline, The Rachel Klein Ensemble, and Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey. We will also be presenting the work of over 30 visual and multimedia artists. That show is gonna be on May 26th at 9PM at the Red Lotus Room (893 Bergen Street). It is a fun one.

The Red Lotus space is insane and often used for a bunch of different events and purposes. Tell me about it.
The Red Lotus Room is one of my favorite spaces to work in New York. For Blunderland, I keep it very much in its natural state; dark, candlelit, filled with mirrors and antiques. t is the kind of space that New Yorkers dream about – unexpected, incredibly special, and one of a kind. For Banzai though, Muffinhead and I transform portions of the space into a beautiful gallery filled with art, while having other areas of the space be very different and like they usually are. It is nice to be able to work in a space that is so versatile.

What will you be when you grow up? … okay,  if they make you.
HA! Planning too far ahead usually ends up being a disappointment. For right now, I just would like to keep on being busy working on projects that inspire me. Who knows what will inspire me next? I like a lot of different things.

What else are you working on?
Oh boy… I am in the middle of shooting a pilot for a new sitcom called Black Box – that has been a pretty incredible adventure. I’m also in a show called Symphony of Shadows with Rachel Klein Productions that will be opening at Dixon Place on June 7th.

Can you talk about your bad drag?… Talk about Miriam.
Miriam is my awful female alter ego that myself and my friend Michael Newman created back when we were in college. She MCs, does spoken word, and sometimes insults people at the door at The House Of Yes (but in a very charming way of course). She wears the most garish clothes possible, and doesn’t shave her face, and is incredibly crude. She is a parody of drag but in a very fun-loving drunk older chick you would like to hang out with but very well might shiv you with a blunt object- kind of way. I adore her.

Jayne County Gets Lower East Side Biography Project Documentary

The Lower East Side Biography Project is a thing I didn’t know existed until 10 minutes ago and now I am OB.SESSED. First up, a mini-documentary of Jayne County, drag performer and musician.


County arrived in New York City from rural Georgia in 1967 and in no time at all with Andy Warhol’s plas like Candy Darling and soon found herself a fixture on the Max’s Kansas City and The Factory art scene, as well as a trans and drag pioneer. In songs like Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman?, County told the world, "I am what I am / and I don’t give a damn!"  She’s known as rock’s first transsexual singer or, as James St. James put it at World Of Wonder, County is a "trans punk LEGEND." 

The full Lowest East Side Biography Project documentary is 28 minutes long, but Vimeo’s got this five-minute clip.

Watch below!

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F. Scott Fitzgerald In Drag Is Delightful

Long before there was Kanye in a kilt, there was The Great Gatsby novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald turned out in drag. 

The images are from publiclity photos for a 1916 school musical The Evil Eye! which Fitzy co-wrote for the Princeton Triangle Club while at Princeton.  

  1. Even though a photo of him in drag appeared in the New York Times for promotion, Fitzgerald wasn’t allowed by the university to actually perform in the show due to his poor academic performance, Open Culture explained (and they posted the full-size images in all their glory). 
  • What a shame. The Times called him the "most beautiful girl" in the show. Don’t you agree?

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Octomom Screens Clip Of Porn Film At NYC Drag Show

Drag queens can do no wrong, IMHO … except for what went down on Friday night. The "Hot Mess" drag revue at XL Nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen invited Octomom to screen her porn film. This is the same drag crowd who hosted Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil, who got so wasted she fell over on the red carpet. 

Nadya Suleman has done anything and everything to try and support her 14 kids, from chatting with strangers on DialAStar.com to appearing in an adult film. At Friday’s drag revue, Octomom whipped out her boobs and pretended to nurse two plastic babies before switching to a bottle of vodka. And, RadarOnline breathlessly reports, Octomom "seemed a little embarrassed" by the sceening of her porn flick. 

Please, drag queens. Do not encourage people who abuse their children. There’s plenty of hotmes

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Reveals All-Star Cast

Fuck Dancing With The Stars‘ all-star cast. Don’t settle for Bristol Palin when you can have Latrice Royale, baby! RuPaul’s Drag Race is back this fall and here are the ladies fighting for the esteemed title Queen Of All Queens.



Coming Monday’s this fall starting in October, we’ve got Pandora Boxx, Nina Flowers, Alexis Mateo, Latrice Royale, Raven, Tammie Brown, Manila Luzon, Mimi Imwurst, Shannel, Chad Michaels, Yara Sofia, and Jujubee.

I just have one question: where is Shangela?!