Starting This Month, You’ll Be Able To Get A Tattoo At Saks


You can get everything at Saks: Gucci, Prada, McQueen, NARS, even younger labels like Sandy Liang. And now, apparently, tattoos.

Starting later this month, the iconic department store will be offering customers the chance to get inked in the window of their Lower Manhattan location. You know, their extravagant storefront displays? Well, now, that will be you – screaming in agony while you get your latest Sailor Jerry tat.

The idea came from celebrity colorist Joel Warren from The Salon Project, who will have a pop-up location inside Saks’ new concept floor, The Downtown Wellery. Much like the uptown store’s version (just called The Wellery), where customers can take fitness classes, get glam with limited edition beauty products and services, and treat themselves with a variety of spa options, the specialty space will be an immersive experience that’s curated more for Downtown tastes.

“I was looking for unique experiences to drive people into stores to get services and shop,” Warren told the New York Post.

So, he contacted Wass Stevens and Ethan Morgan from the Lower East Side’s Rivington Tattoo. A neighborhood staple that caters to celebrities and drunken cool kids after a night at Attaboy or The Ludlow Hotel, the shop will now have a home in the Saks window.

“It reminds me of the Christmas displays,” said Stevens of the collaboration. “Only when you walk by, you’ll see an old-school Victorian sitting room where people are getting live tattoos.”

Drink Like the Gangs of New York

Normally, if a bar called itself The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, as barman Sean Muldoon has, it wouldn’t be very appetizing. But, since Muldoon is paying homage to the notorious New York gang that used make their way through lower Manhattan in the 1860s, the name actually is quite appealing.

Also appealing is the list of 72 cocktails whipped up by head bartender Jack McGarry, who has tended bar at Milk & Honey London, and met Muldoon while working with him at The Merchant Hotel. Many of the drinks garner inspiration from mid-nineteenth century recipes, mainly by the father of mixology, Jerry Thomas. This means their Ale Flip gets Sixpoint Brewery’s cask conditioned “Dead Rabbit” Ale, and their Hot Toddy comes with a twist of pear nectar and mace tincture.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog also serves food, which leans toward the English pub style including steak and stout pie, fish and chips, ploughman’s lunch, and Welsh rabbit. All this can be enjoyed in the historic, five-story building complete with mural of the 69th Regiment from the Civil War. You can sit on the ground-floor taproom for beer, oysters, bottled punch, and whiskey; or pick up dried goods in their little grocery in the corner. For cocktails and small plates head up to the parlor on the second floor, just make sure your party is no more than eight people, it’s tiny up there.

For an added jolt of history to your experience, you can take The King of the Five Points walking tour with author Peter Quinn. Each whiskey-fueled tour is private and by appointment only, which you can book through the pub.