Full Trailer for ‘Downton Abbey’ Season Three Is Online

While you were all watching the Democratic National Convention and falling asleep, itv1 released the full trailer for the third season of white-hot costume drama Downton Abbey. Featuring Shirley MacLaine and an eerie children’s choir rendition of Lou Reed’s "Perfect Day," I haven’t been this creeped out since I saw the trailer for the movie about Facebook. More hoodies and blowjobs this season, Downton

Afternoon Links: Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI, Snoop Dogg’s Smokeable Songbook

● Amanda Bynes was arrested last night for DUI after she accidentally side-swiped a cop car at 3AM. On the bright side, her new lilac ‘do made for a lovely mugshot. [TMZ]

● Dolly Parton bought Dollywood a brand new $20 million roller coaster for that she won’t even ride because, she warns, "You don’t wanna see what a real bald eagle looks like." Certainly not. [USAToday]

● You can literally smoke Snoop Dogg’s new songbook, Rolling Words, which is made entirely of his new hemp seed Kingsize Slim paper, ready to be ripped out, rolled up, and enjoyed. After you’ve read it, of course. [Fuse]

● Katy Perry almost made her big screen debut in The Help, but she couldn’t fit the filming into her busy schedule. And so instead, it’ll be this. [Vulture]

● In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Downtown Abbey executive producer Rebecca Eaton lets slide that, in the upcoming third season, “Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it,” she says. “It’s the 1920s now.”

● Tyler, the Creator got what you might call a taste of his own medicine on last night’s Punk’d. [Stereogum]

Morning Links: Paparazzi Confuse Debby Harry for LiLo, Waka Flocka Flame Plays With Puppies

● Paparazzi were shocked to find that the sunglass-wearing platinum blonde they caught outside the Mercer Hotel on Sunday morning was 66-year-old Debbie Harry and not, in fact, the 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan they thought they were shooting. [PageSix]

● Kim Kardashian’s color-coded closet is very pleasing to the eye. [Us]

Downtown Abbey-heads, brace yourself! Beloved Dowager Countess, Dame Maggie Smith, has yet to sign on for the fourth and possibly fifth season. [DailyMail]

● Jessica Simpson has already begun embroidering the "nontraditional" name she’s chosen for her still nascent baby girl on things. “We’re sure,” she says of her choice.  [PageSix]

Jersey Shore‘s The Situation has launched a gossip website, Named Sitch News. The site has so far covered The Situation’s Jersey crew with a light touch — musicals, ab creams, etc. — but who’s to say we can’t expect a good Snooki scoop someday soon? [SitchNews]

● Waka Flocka Flame put his shirt back on and picked up a puppy for his second round of PETA ads. "Pick with someone your own size," he says. Awww! [RapRadar]

● The beautiful 1954 red vintage Chistian Dior gown Natalie Portman wore to the Oscars sold in an online auction for $50,000. [PageSix]

Afternoon Links: Lindsay Lohan is ‘Back On Track,’ Kreayshawn is Unashamed

● Judge Stephanie Sautner suggested during their penultimate probation meeting that Lindsay Lohan is getting her life "back on track." She must not read the tabloids much. [Us]

● Couldn’t get Kraftwerk tickets? You’re not alone. Let’s get through this together. [VV]

GQ spends New Year’s with Kreayshawn and finds that the million-dollar rapper is nothing if not open about her bowel movements. [GQ]

● BuzzFeed has rounded up every world press photo winner from 1955-2011, and the New York Times‘ Lens Blog has the scoop on this year’s winning mother and son scene. [BuzzFeed]

● Kourtney Kardashian has confirmed with OK! that Mason’s got a new little sister on the way. [OK!]

The Paris Review gets down to serious Downtown Abbey business. [Paris Review]

Morning Links: Roseanne Barr Makes Presidential Bid, Demi Moore Partied With Miley Cyrus

● Roseanne Barr announced Thursday that she has filed the requisite paperwork to run for the Green Party nomination, just as she said she would. "The Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants — bought and paid for by the 1 percent — who are not doing what’s in the best interest of the American people," she said, impressing also that, "Mainstream media will be unable to ignore me, but more importantly they will be unable to overlook the needs of average Americans in the run-up to the 2012 election." [AP]

● It seems that Bridget Jones 3 is in trouble, as script issues have put a kink in the shooting schedule. And as The Hollywood Reporter writes, "Any stoppage, however, could lead an indefinite, if not permanent, shutdown." [THR]

● With a hand from Nicki Minaj on "Make Me Proud," Drake has surpassed Diddy and broken a Billboard record with 11 number one Rap singles. [RapRadar]

● Just days before her hospitalization, Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer drank Red Bulls at Miley Cyrus’s now infamous penis cake party. [TMZ]

● Behold, the dames and dudes of Downtown Abbey, as they are on- and off-screen. [Paper]

● Word of warning to Ryan Reynolds and other suitors: Blake Lively is only interested in birthing high-heel wearing children. Or, as she puts it in this month’s Elle, "I hope to have a few girls one day. If not girls, they better be trannies. Because I have some amazing shoes and bags and stories that need to be appreciated."[TheCut]

Afternoon Links: Elton John and Husband Take On Madonna, Rihanna Kicks Back In Hawaii

● Elton John didn’t think Madonna had "a f-ing chance" of beating him in the best original song category at last night’s Golden Globes, but then she did, and John’s husband David Furnish joined the fight via Facebook. "Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit," he wrote in a vengeful post, adding also that "Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism" and her recent criticisms of Lady Gaga "desperate." It’s on! [NYDN]

● Fleet Foxes-styled cover band, Fleet Foxes Sing, had bloggers all in in a tizzy this morning with their impeccabe Fleet Foxes cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own." [PopDust]

● Russell Brand says he’s handling his divorce "quite well" thanks to one of his favorite American authors. "The brilliant American author Kurt Vonnegut, he’ll tell you that if you imagine reality as experienced simultaneously, events become redundant," he told the inquiring press, adding that "right now," he’s "happy." [People]

● Kush rolled, glass full, and leggings on, Rihanna seems to be enjoying a real relaxed Hawaiian holiday. [YBF]

Downton Abbey‘s Countess of Grantham and her daughter Lady Mary are recording an album together, set for release later this year. [Express]

● The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn has got a new Friday Night Lights’ saluting solo album called Clear Eyes Full Hearts, and it’s streaming for free on NPR. [NPR]