Jem’s Back (No Holograms in Sight)

“24” was my lover scorned soundtrack, my sweaty alley, rainy night jam. It made me want to smoke cigarettes, sport trench coats, and say things like, “He looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food.”

It had a little to do with the throbbing pulse unleashed in the chorus, but more to the point, Jem‘s haunting vocals seemed filled with urgency and mystery. Lame? Maybe. True? Yep. And so, it stands to reason that we’re waiting with breath that is bated—read on to understand the allusion—for the sophomore follow-up, Down to Earth. “It’s Amazing,” the album’s first single, is featured on the soundtrack to a little indie called Sex and the City. On the album, expect gospel choirs, Brazilian percussion, and Japanese lyrics. Also expect us to be raving about it come September, when Down to Earth will be released on ATO Records.