McSweeney’s to Release Their Own Donald Rumsfeld Book

Donald Rumsfeld, you silly man. Just when you thought you’d written a self-flattering memoir that will humanize you in the eyes of a nation that thinks you’re evil robot, along comes Dave Eggers and the McSweeney’s gang to foil your plan. Rumsfeld’s “long awaited” autobiography, Known and Unknown, will be released by Sentinal (an imprint of Penguin) on February 8. That same day, McSweeney’s will release Donald, a fictional work inspired by Rumsfeld and “rooted in the harrowing stories of real people caught in America’s disastrous military campaigns.”

The book was written by novelist Eric Martin (Virgin’s Guide to Mexico) along with novelist, memoirist, The, and S+M lover Stephen Elliott (Adderal Diaries). It features a cover drawing of Rumsfeld wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, reclining on a rural fence. Should be a good read.