Faceboyz Follies at Bowery Poetry Club, Don Cornelius Tribute at subMercer, Goodbye to Ben Barna

It turned out to be a birth week instead of a birthday. There were two planned events and two surprises and I have had more pieces of cake and Beau Joie Champagne than I can count on my fingers, toes, and other body parts. Tomorrow I will take a rare venture out of town – a car trip to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. MASS MoCA (as it is known) is genius. I will not be watching the Super Bowl this weekend since I don’t care a lick, but if I was I would surely go to Brooklyn Bowl or maybe The Brooklyn Star. The word "Brooklyn" is key. Manhattan will not see me again until Monday. You see, I legitimately got a little older yesterday and I am feeling it.

This attitude will prevent me from attending some wonderful events. First on my list of "I wish I coulds" is this Sunday’s (10pm) fabulous Faceboyz Follies at the Bowery Poetry Club. It stars St.Rev.Jen Miller, Velocity Chyaldd, Stormy Leather, Amanda Whip, and Payje Flash. Special guests include Ammo O’Day and Zoe Hanson. While many of the others provide a "voluptuous new variety show" featuring "Bold Bawdy Burlesque, Live Chanteurs, Freaky Flickers, and Top Bananas," Zoe will be… "reading/ performing’ my first play of sorts. It’s a short true story about two junkies – one who robbed a bank in the most bungling heist ever and gets away with it. It’s a story that’s soon to be published in an anthology, yet is unnamed. Due to the growing success of it, I’m actually performing with the hilariously brilliant St. Rev. Jen, who’s got such a vast resume it would take forever to list her accomplishments. She has a couple of successful books under her belt and we’ve become fast friends. With her acting as my rather challenged junkie boyfriend at this event full of downtown celebs, this night promises to entertain those wanting a raunchy burlesque comedy night.

Zoe is a star, and everything she does is worth your time. Big recommendation here for the non-football types.

If I was going out, I would absolutely attend The Hot Music Soul Train tribute at subMercer. The recent passing of legendary Don Cornelius should be noted and respected, and his life celebrated. Tonight the wonderous DJ Jennifly will join DJ MOma and ROK1 for a basement bash that will be sexier than I can handle. I’m old.

I am a little bummed by the departure of one of my favorite Blackbook editors, Ben Barna, who will be moving his considerable talents to greener pasture, a desk at another publication. A proper send-off will occur which I, alas, will be unable to attend. I’ll use this space to say my goodbye and good luck and break a leg or whatever he would have prompted me to say if he were still my editor. Some great man said something like every cloud has a silver lining, and as hard as I try, I can’t come up with one…Oh, I guess I won’t have to exchange small talk with his annoying twin brother until I realize it isn’t Ben anymore at Blackbook events. That’s a LOL or whatever you young people say.

‘Soul Train’ Flash Mob Takes Times Square

Some 100 dancers took to the heart of Times Square in New York yesterday to participate in a Soul Train flash mob to honor the show’s creator and host Don Cornelius, who died from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound this week.  Sad, but there were no tears. Disco grooves, afro wigs, bell bottoms, dancing and confused foreign tourists were the order of the day. 

Afternoon Links: Snooki Says She’s Not Pregnant, Miley Cyrus Got a New Car

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki says that, despite the rumors suggesting otherwise, she is not pregnant with a little meatball of her own just yet. She’ll also remind that it’s rude to call a lady fat. [TMZ]

● Don Cornelius, living room dance party ambassador and the host of Soul Train, was found dead of an apparent suicide this morning in his Los Angeles home. [LAT]

● Daniel Radcliffe admits that he likes to keep things natural down below, and he prefers that his lady friends do, too. Lends new meaning to the term "Harry Potter." [Us]

● For what it’s worth, Kim agrees: she is an "ugly crier." "LOL! And I do cry a lot," she says. [KimKardashian/Celebruzz]

● Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister, Leslie, died yesterday at the age of 25. No further detail has been given as to the circumstances of her death, but Nick assures that he will carry on with his tour in her memory. [E!

Broken-butted Miley Cyrus bought herself a $127,000 Mercedes Benz convertible. And wouldn’t you have, too? [Us]