Links: Kate Gosselin to Plague Your TV Some More; RZA on ‘Parks & Rec’

● Kate Gosselin will be back on reality TV, with a show that explores her doing “different jobs and tasks, showing how she performs in different environments.” Except the different environments will all be media fishbowls and circuses. [Perez] ● New Domino’s ad cops to how bad Domino’s pizza is. Company hopes honesty is endearing enough for customers to continue ignoring bad pizza. [Gawker, Slate] ● Man desperate to be a nerd all of his life has glasses tattooed onto his face. [Ypsilon2]

● Watch scenes from the new meta-Matt Leblanc comedy, Episodes, about being Matt Leblanc. You didn’t know you missed him saying “How you doin’?” did you? [Vulture] ● The next sci-fi literary mashup will be Android Karenina. Still waiting for Room With a View of Monsters. [AgentM] ● From the amazing brain of ?uestlove, what if Wu Tang’s RZA auditioned to be Leslie Knopes on Parks & Recreation? Only good things. [Buzzfeed]