DNCE & Nicki Minaj Team Up on New Single, ‘Kissing Strangers’

Photo: @NickiMinaj on Instagram

We’d be hard pressed to come up with a collab between contemporary pop makers we’re more excited for than this: DNCE and Nicki Minaj have hit the studio together, reportedly for a song called “Kissing Strangers.” And it’s due out this Friday.

The single could signal an upcoming re-release of DNCE’s debut self-titled album, or, dare we suggest it, an entirely new LP? “Kissing Strangers” also marks another in a swarm of projects Minaj has been tied to as of late, including three new singles of her own: “No Frauds,” “Revenge in Your Tears” and “Changed It,” as well as features on songs with Jason Derulo, David Guetta, Gucci Mane and Major Lazer.

In an Instagram announcement, we get a brief preview of the funky collaboration:

# 818-650-3623

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KISSING STRANGERS FT @nickiminaj # 4.14

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We’re very much digging the seventies vibes of the gang, and also the steaminess of this photo between Nicki and Joe, proving Justin Bieber isn’t the only Disney boy Miss Minaj has her eye on:

Roughed him up a lil bit on the set of the video. He’ll live @joejonas #KissingStrangers 4/14 @dnce

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DNCE’s ‘Body Moves’ Video Features Lots of Skin and Sweat (Watch)

DNCE has released their new music video for “Body Moves,” and it leaves little to the imagination.

Much of the clip shows lead singer Joe Jonas sans-shirt, entwined with models in elevators and/or surrounded by other semi-nude dancing club kids.

The video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and promotes DNCE’s forthcoming debut self-titled full studio album, available for pre-order here. The CD is out November 16.

Check out the racy video below:

A Moment of Appreciation for Criminally Overlooked Style Icon and DNCE Bassist Cole Whittle

Photo via Instagram

Having wreaked havoc alongside a brunette Lady Gaga during her nights go-go dancing on the Lower East Side, it’s no surprise bassist Cole Whittle has such oddball style and incredible talent.

He’s spent much of his career playing in the newly retired glam-rock outfit Semi Precious Weapons, opening select dates of Gaga’s Monster Ball tour and delivering underrated cuts from the self-titled “Semi Precious Weapons” to the more subtle “Aviation High.” After SPW parted ways—a tragedy, really—Whittle began crafting tunes with rising NYC rap duo Rich White Ladies and more recently joined forces with a post-Disney Joe Jonas to roll out the thriving electro-pop trio DNCE. Though he’s woven in and out of various projects in his career thus far, Whittle’s untouchable taste has always been a constant.

We were nervous when news broke of Whittle’s collaboration with Jonas. This was the most dramatic shift possible from working with SPW’s towering frontman, Justin Tranter—an outlandish platinum blonde vocalist, who’d perform wearing charcoal smokey eyes, crushed velvet leggings and glittery heeled boots. Would a post-SPW Whittle begin sporting tired graphic tees and donning tailored designer suits for red carpet appearances? Would the mainstream market attempt to water down his wonderfully WTF wardrobe? Thankfully, no. His wardrobe is still very, very WTF and we adore him for that.


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For starters, there’s his signature half-shaven mohawk, which is a lopsided look we’re certain no one’s done before, at least intentionally—amazing.


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Then there’s his impressively sparse tour essentials, which solely consists of a baby doll limb necklace, jock strap and Wild Turkey bourbon—perfect.  


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And let’s not forget the time he wore an actual bathmat during the Nickelodeon HALO Awards.


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Or when he rocked this lush burgundy velvet turtleneck, tweed skort and a “Do Not Disturb Please” doorknob earpiece for the 2015 American Music Awards.  


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And here we have some denim dress-kitchen apron hybrid, decorated with patches of half-naked cowboys. Paired with a cherry red chainlink necklace, it’s clear subtlety is not Whittle’s strength.


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Perhaps subtlety to Whittle means styling pro-style boxing shorts with his aunt’s favorite vest?  


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Or maybe it means donning this casual substitute teacher dress with a formal shirt and elongated tie?

Regardless, we’re thankful to have a rare figure like Whittle infiltrating Top 40 pop culture and shaking up the norm in a way few contemporary male musicians do. Now excuse us, while we listen to DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” on repeat and attempt to craft our own baby doll limb necklace.