Procrastination Nation: 4 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame

In case you haven’t noticed the dizzying amount of flower shops, restaurants, drugstores and TV ads pushing sales, Mother’s Day is definitely this Sunday. Surprised? Don’t be. You’ve had months to plan for it! But we get that buying gifts is a stressful process, causing the majority of us to push the task aside until it’s crunch time. If you’re meeting up with mom this weekend and want to avoid getting her the lazy boy’s gift of flowers and chocolate, it’s time to get crafty. Here’s a roundup of DIY ideas found around the web that don’t involve construction paper or popsicle sticks.

Gold-Dipped Glassware


The geniuses over at Honestly WTF have dreamed up the easiest DIY, ever. All you need is gold spray, painters tapes, a ziplock bag, and champagne flutes. Surprise her with a pair of these and a bottle of fancy champers.

Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet


Now, don’t be intimidated by this; the process is less complicated than you think. I Spy DIY picked up the gold and silver chains from M&J Trimming at 1008 Sixth Avenue (between 37th & 38th St). I’m sure the rest of the supplies (rhinetones, rope, bracelet closure) can be found there, too. Moms love sparkly things, so this is a definite winner.

A Knitted Something


Your mom will fully freak out when she discovers that you learned how to knit for her. This Because I’m Addicted video tutorial is surprisingly easy to follow. Unless you have zero plans today and tomorrow and don’t mind being holed up at home for hours, it’s a bit too late to whip up a complete scarf, so make a little centerpiece for her coffee table instead. 

Color Block Clutch


While we’d all love to gift our mothers (and ourselves, for that matter) a shiny new Celine envelope clutch, we’ll just have to settle for this DIY version, courtesy of craftmaster P.S.- I Made This. If you want to make your mom feel extra fashiony, opt for on-trend neon colors instead.

Be The Most Creative Bride You Can Be With “DIY Bride”

I think the best part about getting married—other than committing to someone for life, or, you know, a long time—is being the center of attention. Everyone has to look at you! It’s true! The RSVP includes three unspoken agreements: you will bring a gift, you will not get too drunk, and you will never take your eyes off of the bride, who has spent so much time shedding for the wedding and telling her Maid of Honor what to do and crying and threatening to murder her mother and/or the wedding planner and/or her husband-to-be. And if a bride is smart, she makes her wedding ALL HER OWN. Which is why any lady who is about to head down the aisle should watch "DIY Bride."

There are certain expectations for the bride, as well. Sure, you can Bridezilla all over the place, but you better bring your own style and personality into the mix. Who likes a boring, cookie-cutter bride? With the help of my friend Mikala Bierma, any bride-to-be can take some extra steps to creating her own special day even more special and her own. And what’s one of the most important parts about a bride? FLOWERS, duh!


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Buy or DIY: Antiqued Bib Necklace

Have you ever almost bought a necklace for its perfect shape and style, but just couldn’t come to terms with how “clean” looking it appeared? If only those crystals were less sparkly and a little more rusty. Now imagine if you discovered that same necklace, like, 10 years later, at a garage sale or flea. The abandoned bauble is fading fast and fairly rough around the edges, but it’s still completely intact. It’s a piece of history, and it’s everything you ever wanted. You smirk to yourself as you quickly hand the owner a measly 10 bucks for it, knowing well that her trash is definitely your treasure. It may sound strange, but it’s true—jewelry really does get better with age. Until you find the antique necklace to end all antique necklaces, there are some promising jewelry designers out there who understand the beauty of vintage, creating pieces that look aged but are actually brand-new. These pieces also come with a modern price tag, so if you can’t afford to fake it, The Glamourai has the perfect DIY for faux antiquity.

Clockwise from left: Robert Rodriguez Antique Brass Necklace, $310; Elie Tahari Vivian Crystal Bib Necklace, $348; Tom Binns Swarovski Crystal Safety Pin Necklace, $940.

Ditch Your Duffel-Sized Purse For This Simple DIY

One of the more interesting designs spotted at this year’s Paris Fashion Week was the clear handbags coming from Prada, Fendi, and Chanel. As handbags get bigger and deeper, it’s refreshing to see a woman carrying the bare essentials: wallet, keys, phone. Always up for a challenging DIY project, HonestlyWTF gives a great tutorial on making your own see-through clutch.

Costing under $30, this handbag prominently displays your personal items for all to see—whether that’s a good thing is up to you to decide.

Buy or DIY: Chunky Circle Scarf

Whether you call it a warmer, snood, or just a really cozy necklace, the circle scarf has swiftly made its way into stylish closets everywhere. The pre-shaped style is easy to throw on top of any outfit, saving the time you’d normally spend deciding on how to wrap your conventional scarf. Above are a few examples to fit every budget, but if you’d rather test the trend before you buy, grab an old knit sweater and some gorilla tape and follow this brilliant how-to.

Clockwise from left: lillystory Circle Knit Scarf, $27; Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Snood Scarf, $8.80; Madewell Slouchy Knit Circle Scarf, $58; Dégaine Shredded Infinity Scarf, $98.