Disney & UN Foundation’s ‘Girl Up’ Will Train 21 New Female Filmmakers


Disney has partnered with the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Team to help teach a new generation of female filmmakers.

21 young women have been selected to take part in the program, where they’ll each create a short film about successful female role models. One such subject is Jennifer Lee, the Oscar-winning writer/ director of Frozen who was recently promoted to chief creative officer of Disney studios. The other short subjects have not yet been revealed.

Apple is also sponsoring the project, titled #DreamBigPrincess, and each film will be shot on an iPhone and edited on a MacBook.

Lee said in a statement: “Using the journeys of characters like Anna, Elsa and Moana to inspire kids to dream big is at the very heart of what all of us at Disney do. The #DreamBigPrincess series is the perfect extension of that vision, providing a powerful platform for the next generation of aspiring filmmakers to create content about the women who have inspired them.”

Coach Teams Up With Disney on a New Fairy Tale-Inspired Collection


Everyone loves a fairy tale – especially the happy ending. And today, we got our very own. This morning, Coach dropped their Disney x Coach: A Dark Fairy Tale collaboration, which puts a uniquely dark spin on Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. The collection, which fuses Disney’s animation with Coach’s signature cool, is chock-full of hoodies, jackets, purses and dresses all fit for a princess – or an Evil Queen.



Launching tomorrow, exclusively at Coach’s SoHo flagship, and globally next week, the Dark Fairy Tale capsule is just the latest in Disney and Coach’s ongoing partnership. Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers first teamed up with the iconic company on a Mickey Mouse collection in 2016. Since then, the brand has also released special edition partnerships with Selena Gomez and artist Keith Haring.




Photos courtesy of Coach

Disney Orders Full Season of ‘That’s So Raven’ Spinoff, Announces Entire Cast

Photo: @RavenSymone on Instagram

We already knew a “That’s So Raven” spinoff was on the way, and it’s the reason we’re still alive and thriving today. But now, Disney has officially announced they’ve ordered a full season of the series, titled “Raven’s Home,” and revealed the cast.

Naturally, queen Raven-Symoné will be returning, as well as (thank the Lord) Anneliese Van Der Pol, both of them reprising their roles as best friends Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels, respectively. The two will now play single divorcées living together in a wild house with their kids: Raven’s 11-year-old twins, Booker and Nia, played by “Black-ish” star Isaac Brown and “Being Mary Jane”‘s Navia Robinson. Chelsea’s 9-year-old son Levi, meanwhile, will be played by “Superstore”‘s Jason Maybaum. Rounding out the cast is Sky Katz, of “America’s Got Talent,” playing Nia’s BFF Tess.

“There is only one Raven – and for over 25 years, she has blessed audiences around the world with the greatest gift of all – the pure, unadulterated joy of laugh-out-loud funny,” explained Disney Channels Worldwide president Gary Marsh. “After being a part of over 20 different Disney projects, we are thrilled to be bringing Raven home to Disney Channel once again.”

“That’s So Raven” shattered records when it premiered in 2003 – Raven alone picked up for NAACP awards and two Kid’s Choice awards for the show, and became the first African-American woman ever to have her name in the title of a comedy series. The show was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program.

Production on the new show is set to start in LA this month, with a debut episode coming later in 2017.

“Moana” Trailer Debuts During Olympics

Looks like Disney might be snagging a few gold medals this summer. The new trailer for Moana debuted during the Olympics last night, and promises a shining, heartwarming new princess movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as an unlikely antihero demigod and Auli’i Cravalho as the title character.

In the teaser, we see Moana asking for The Rock’s assistance in saving the world from ultimate doom. At first, he’s reluctant, but what’s a Disney flick without The Rock reluctantly stepping up to the plate and saving the planet?

The movie is also notable in that it will feature music by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, as well as by Opetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina.

Moana is in theaters November 23. Check out the trailer below.

Magic Tea Cup Rides No More: Disney Divests From Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America‘s policy of banning gay adult leaders will cost them donations, specifically from the Walt Disney Co. Don’t fuck with The Mouse! The money-strings at Disney provide grants to local troops and packs.

Statement of Irony From Boy Scout Spokesman Deron Smith: “We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of the Scouting experience and we are disappointed in this decision because it will impact our ability to serve kids.”

Yes, but according to Boy Scout Spokesman Deron Smith’s logic, the kids they want to serve should have no leadership interaction from human beings who are gay. Reason being that gay adults have absolutely no control over themselves when surrounded by children, much in the same way that straight adults have no control over themselves when surrounded by children of the opposite sex. Excellent point Boy Scouts! but because of your wisdom, you’ll now have to financially suffer (and don’t think you’ll get comp tickets to ride the Magic Tea Cups either).

Until recently, all gay people were banned from the Boy Scouts, the organization with, perhaps, the gayest uniforms on the planet.

The restriction on minors joining the sect was lifted on January 1st, but the group kept intact its restriction against adult Scout leaders. (Because gay adults just can’t be role models.)

So let me get this straight, you can now be openly gay in the military, the NBA, and the NFL – after years of participants hiding in the closet – but the Boy Scouts is one of the last standing organizations where you have to still remain in the closet or be kicked out of the group.

Disney employees raised a total of $4.8 million for charity in 2010.

“We’re never happy to see Scouting suffer as a result of the BSA’s anti-gay policy, but Disney made the right decision to withhold support until Scouting is fully inclusive,” said Eagle Scout and Scouts for Equality co-founder Zach Wahls.

How To Enjoy A Bad Movie

This weekend, a few friends and I made the trek down to IFC Center to see the hotly anticipated, and at one point seemingly unreleaseable, Escape From Tomorrowa science-fictiony, black-and-white, neo-noir movie shot entirely guerilla-style in Disney theme parks without the litigious entertainment empire’s permission. We discovered what many had: that the feature did not entirely live up to its audacious concept.

“People throw the word ‘unfocused’ around a lot,” my wife remarked, “but man.” The group of us kept emailing the next day. “Wow,” we kept saying. Yes, Escape From Tomorrow might have been the indulgent result of watching too muchEraserhead and Pi during late-night bong sessions, but I couldn’t look away, and what I saw I’m still turning over in my mind. The first trick in these sort of situations (I found this worked well for Spring Breakers, too) is to stop worrying about what’s commonly called “plot.” If a director’s not really interested in narrative coherence, why bother seeking it out for yourself? You needn’t roll your eyes at mediocre acting, either—The Room may miss wide enough that you have to make fun of it, but usually there’s no need to MST3K the situation.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Because when you get right down to it, whack-job movies like Escape From Tomorrow are the reason movies even exist. The height of the medium isn’t some $300 million superhero flick with cutting-edge digital effects, it’s somebody with not a huge budget and an insane idea who takes huge risks and often fails, but spectacularly so. Do I mind that there was a 17-second “Intermission” about 75% of the way through the running time? Or that the film becomes a misguided La Jetée homage at the last possible minute? Or that the close-ups of the main character’s infected toe serve no real purpose? Of course not—as long as you can walk out calling something “visionary,” you probably got your money’s worth.


Disney, WikiLeaks, and Roman Skulls: News Bites

You like news. We like news. Let’s all like news together. Are you ready? When it comes to news, just think positive: "Remember, we’re all just one minor head-injury away from not having a care in the world!"

16-Year Old Favorite For Nobel Prize

Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban last year for her outspoken advocacy of girls’ education in her native Pakistan.


Disney No Longer Lets Disable Kids Cut In Line at Theme Park

Magic Kingdom secures a place in hell…


Prosecutor: Biker Cop Terrorized’ Family

An NYPD undercover detective is among seven bikers facing charges for chasing an SUV through Manhattan, surrounding the vehicle, dragging the driver from the vehicle and beating him senseless in front of his family.


Diana Nyad Completes 48-Hour Swim

The 64-year-old swimmer finished her 48-hour swim Thursday after raising $103,000 for Superstorm Sandy victims.


A Cure For Meth Addicts Lurking In the Jungles of Thailand

Kratom is a mild, leaf-shaped stimulant that grows in Thailand. The Thai Minister for Justice, Pradit Sintavanarong, announced that he wants the kratom leaf removed from the country’s illicit drugs list; claiming it could help wean addicts off of methamphetamine.


Roman Skulls Found Beneath London

No what’s crazy? When you do some digging in the London Underground system and find 16th century Roman skulls.


Julian Assange Not Pleased About ‘Fifth Estate’

Assange denounces the film as “deceitful” and “toxic.”


Snowden Gets Visit In Russia From His Father

"I am not sure my son will be returning to the U.S. again,” his father said.


Utah Threatens Takeover Of National Park Areas

The government shutdown is costing them too much in tourist dollars.


Peanut Butter Can Detect Alzheimer’s

The key to detecting Alzheimer’s may be as simple as a scoop of peanut butter.

Do Yourself A Favor And Watch The Trailer For ‘Escape From Tomorrow’

About very few cinematic previews can one say “you have to see it to believe it,” but there’s hardly another way to react to the trailer for Escape From Tomorrow, a film that was shot guerilla style at Disney theme parks without even the shadow of permission from that highly litigious entertainment empire. Randy Moore’s black-and-white neo-noir is a tale about a family on a very strange vacation indeed—one that takes them deep into the gruesome underbelly of 24/7 amusement.

“You can’t be happy all the time,” intones one character as the atmospheres of Epcot and roller coaster tunnels and “It’s a Small World After All” are filtered through an aura of pure dread—even a nodding Mickey Mouse mascot is rendered terrifying. The movie should drop on October 11; if we’re lucky, Disney will decide they’re better off ignoring the appropriation of their heavily trademarked images so as not to give Moore and company any free publicity.
Even in that case, we’re willing to bet that tourists carrying camcorders around the Magic Kingdom are in for a bit more scrutiny going forward.

’90s Nostalgia, Meet SLIMED! The New Nickelodeon Golden Age Book

Ever wonder how Ren & Stimpy got on the air? Why Sam always climbed through Clarissa’s window? Who came up with the song "Killer Tofu" on Doug? Me too. And in the spirit of "ask, and you shall receive" is a new book full of all the golden answers to all your ’90s-nostalgia questions: SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age

Written by the same guy who wrote Rag Doll: A Horrotica Novel, and with a foreword by Double Dare host Marc Summers, the book peels back the orange Nickelodeon logo and reveals the slime-filled underbelly of the network’s early ’80s and ’90s history, off-air gossip, slime ingredients, and over 200 stories from such VIPs as Kenan Thompson and Melissa Joan Hart – who basically raised us. It also details how Nickelodeon changed the face of cable TV, but we don’t really care about that.

While every page of this book will probably be covered vigorously on Buzzfeed – the arbiter of all things ’90s nostalgia in very large graphics – it’ll have to wait until October 2013, when it physically makes it way onto the entrance tables of Barnes & Nobles, where it will be scooped up by Rugrats-loving 27-year-olds, and quizzically glared at by 12-year-olds who subsist on iCarly

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