Disney Casts Lead in ‘Boy Meets World’ Series Sequel

#Rememberthe90s? Because the ’00s didn’t produce anything worth revisiting (YET), and because The Disney Channel appears to be desperate to grab the attention of those between the ages 24 and 32, there’s going to be a new series featuring the cast of Boy Meets World, the ABC sitcom starring the lesser-known Savage brother, Ben. Picking up thirteen years after the original show ended, Boy Meets Girl follows Cory Matthews, his now-wife Topanga (played by Danielle Fishel, obvs), and their daughter, Riley. Following a nation-wide casting call, the role of Riley is going to 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard.

Entertainment Weekly, who got an exclusive on the news, reminds us that the Boy Meets Girl series won’t be beamed into our homes and Hulus for a while—the pilot has yet to be filmed, nor has the series gotten an official Disney greenlight. Here’s the good news, millennials: you have all of 2013 to find some charges to babysit so you won’t be total embarrassing losers for watching this show without the presence of someone within the target demographic age in the room!

(How long, by the way, before little Rowan Blanchard sheds her Disney Channel image by appearing in a Spring Breakers knock-off? Can we shoot for 2016?)

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