Dirty Projectors Stream Rare B-Side

Still touring in support of last year’s album, Swing Lo Magellan, which topped a few critics’ best-of lists last year, Dirty Projectors have unveiled a track otherwise only available on one of a couple hundred 7” records pressed for a winter show at Carnegie Hall. The song is called “There’s A Fire.”

There wouldn’t be a B-side without an A-side, of course, and that was “Offspring Are Blank,” which back in December got an environmentally concerned music video that you can watch right here, if that’s your thing:

Dirty Projectors also are soon the launch the spring leg of their latest tour—you can catch them between now and mid-June, when they play Bonnaroo. But if you wanted to be really Caucasian about it you’d see one of their dates with The National.
4/19: Portsmouth, NH @ Portsmouth Singer-Songwriter Festival
5/10: Napa, CA @ Bottle Rock Festival

5/17-5/19: Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Festival

5/24-5/27: George, WA @ Sasquatch Festival

6/6: Columbia MD: Merriweather Post Pavilion
6/7: Philadelphia, PA @ Mann Center for the Performing Arts
6/8-6/9: New York, NY @ Governor’s Ball

6/10: Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheatre
6/11: Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
6/12: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom

6/13: Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall (Early Show)

6/13: Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall (Late Show)

6/14-6/16: Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo

*with The National

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Governor’s Ball Festival Returns to Randall’s Island With Kanye, Kendrick, More

It’s freezing and gross in a considerable chunk of the country, which means it’s time to start thinking about summer, and with it, the crowded, drunken, heavily-Instagrammed bacchanalia that is the summer music festival. Your first major festival lineup announcement of 2013 happened today, in this case the third-annual Governors Ball Music Festival, which returns to its home on Randall’s Island June 7th, 8th and 9th. The biggest names on the flyer are Kanye West and Kings of Leon, as well as one blacked-out name to be revealed later (let the speculation begin!). The bulk of the bill features people whose albums you really liked last year, or whose albums you didn’t really like but maybe read about a lot on music blogs, including Japandroids, Kendrick Lamar, Grizzly Bear, the xx, Nas, Dirty Projectors, Best Coast, The Lumineers, Gary Clark Jr., Beach House, Azealia Banks and dozens of other year-end list luminaries. Like musical confetti made from cut-up Pazz & Jop ballots. 

Other notable names on the lineup include one of BlackBook’s Stars of 2013, HAIM, Swedish party starters Icona Pop, Erykah Badu, Feist, festival regular Pretty Lights, Wild Nothing, Fucked Up and Dillon Francis. Those less inclined to care about the music can find food courtesy of a few familiar trucks, including Asia Dog, Mexicue and Pie for the People. There is also ping-pong, croquet and bocce and something called a "Silent Disco," which seems to be on the bill at a lot of festivals and the impetus for some half-baked thinkpiece somewhere about the way we live and share music now. Tickets for the big festival thing go on sale this Friday at noon. 

Several top-rated tracks of 2012, including Kendrick Lamar’s "Backseat Freestyle" and Japandroids’ "The House That Heaven Built," soundtrack the Austin Peters-helmed lineup video, which features Jonathan Sollis and Fabrizio Goldstein strolling around New York in tuxes and dark sunglasses, on a neverending quest to make it rain. Watch.

BlackBook Tracks #17: A Chill In The Air

It’s cold, y’all. I cannot even deal with this right now. New season, new moods.

How To Dress Well – “& It Was U”

Tom Krell’s vision of stripped-down R&B is warm and cold at the same time. “& It Was U” has a purity to it that’s totally unforgettable.

Dirty Projectors – “About To Die”

Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan has received plenty of praise, and for good reason. “About To Die” shifts and twists, delicately revolving around now-trademark female vocal harmonies.

Taken By Trees – “I Want You”

Swedish artist Victoria Bergsman takes wistful sentiment and pushes it into a surprisingly weird place. Her recently released album Other Worlds sees her paying tribute to the sounds of Hawaii unlike you’ve ever heard before.

Interpol – “Next Exit”

Whenever New York starts to feel dreary, it’s time to break out the Interpol.

Dead Man’s Bones – “Pa Pa Power”

Will Ryan Gosling ever rescue me from the hazards of my own life? Will he ever record another album with Dead Man’s Bones? His meme-worthiness may have declined lately, but let’s hope the answer to both is “yes.”

Feist – “Sealion” (Chromeo remix)

Back in the day, Feist’s tribute to the selkie myth received this funked-up remix from fellow Canadians Chromeo.

Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me” (Yelle DJs remix)

The dancefloor becomes a dark place when French favorites Yelle take on this frank synth-pop anthem.

Foals – “Black Gold”

This seems like a good time to revisit all the feelings evoked by Foals’ 2010 album Total Life Forever. Haunting, gorgeous, and tightly held together.

Nico – “These Days”

In case you’ve been thinking about The Royal Tenenbaums recently.

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Pump Up The Jams: A Dub-Tastic Mix From Wild Belle

Blowing up the Internet with their nouveau dub inspired sound, Chicago-based brother-sister twosome Wild Belle’s infectious track “Keep You” was hands-down one of the sonic highlights of the summer. With hypnotizing, paired-down percussion, swaying straight-from-Jamaica rhythms, and frontwoman Natalie Bergman’s tough girl lyrics, Wild Belle’s sound is freshly modern yet rooted in the soulful-yet-smooth dub tradition. Elliot Bergman—Natalie’s multi-instrumentalist older brother—meshes West African influences and a 1970s dance-ready splendor that appeals to indie kids and dance floor fixtures alike.

Today the Bergman siblings shared a mixtape featuring their favorite tunes and sonic inspirations. The mix is late summer perfection, featuring an of-the-moment jam from the Dirty Projectors, a dreamy swaying reggae-tinged love-centric tune from Jennifer Lara and an off-the-wall psych freakout from Dr. John. Celebrate the last vestiges of the season with Wild Belle’s seamless mix and watch out for their forthcoming debut album.

Pitchfork Recap: Japandroids Blast Off on Friday Night

I arrived a little after the gates had opened and after almost an hour of hard rain had fallen on Union Park. The schedule was already fifteen minutes behind, and no one had started playing yet. Not the best way to begin a three-day festival. The weather seemed to make an impression on a lot of potential festival-goers, too, as it was the sparsest crowd I’ve ever seen, even for a Friday. But for those who did make it out, acts like Japandroids, Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky, and Dirty Projectors did Their best to make sure it was worth it.

Best Set: Japandroids
After a soggy start, these guys are exactly what we all needed: a shot of straight-forward, fist-pumping rock’n’roll to get everybody excited about seeing live music again (so, basically the opposite of Lower Dens). They kicked it off with “Adrenaline Nightshift” and, I know this is going to sound like hyperbole, the clouds started to part and the sun was shining before the song ended. The band didn’t let off the gas until they were done. It was glorious. It’s amazing to see how big a band with only two guys can sound. The only thing that bothered me was seeing a kid that couldn’t have been older than 17 sing his heart out to “Younger Us.” I’m not sure if he really gets what that song is about. Oh well; he’ll know soon enough.

Biggest Disappointment: the sound
Festivals in general have a reputation for spotty sound. Pitchfork seems to draw a lot more criticism than other festivals, partially because they book a lot of acts with complex sounds that end up having problems, but mostly because every year it really does seem as bad or worse than the year before, leading to complaints about prices going up but the sound not improving. This year the weather at least gave them a reason for much of the problems, causing equipment malfunctions and postponing or even canceling important sound checks. Still, a legitimate excuse for the issues doesn’t make them easier to deal with, and acts like Olivia Tremor Control definitely suffered. There’s nobody to blame, really, but it certainly put a damper on things.

Biggest Surprise: Willis Earl Beal
Because of the previously mentioned sound problems, I left Olivia Tremor Control a few songs early just in time to catch the last ten minutes of Willis Earl Beal. All I really knew about this guy was that he was from Chicago and that he used to post flyers with his phone number, telling people that if they called he’d sing them a song. I’m glad I made it a point to see him because he really was incredible, mixing elements of soul, blues, and lo-fi with a stage presence that’s exceedingly rare at this festival. He was as passionate and intense as he was self-effacing, telling the crowd, “Thanks for coming to my poetry reading. There’ll be real songs coming up after me,” before leading them in a sing-along about keeping the tears (and in this case, the rain) at bay. Only the most cynical music fan wouldn’t have been won over.

The New Dirty Projectors Trailer Will Put You Into A Trance

This is the way the indie music promotional world goes: a band begets an album, which begets a companion film, which begets a trailer. And yea, here we are. So far, Dirty Projectors have released two songs off their anticipated upcoming album (out July 9th internationally and July 10th in the U.S.), Swing Lo Magellan, "Gun Has No Trigger" and the melodic, clap-clapping "Dance For You." 

Now, we can add a third track from the album, "Just From Chevron," which serves as the spine for the trailer of Hi Custodian, a new film directed by frontman David Longstreth featuring music from the new album. Like "Dance For You," it’s heavy on the handclaps, complemented by ringing harmonies and images of two women in tracksuits playing patty-cake. The results are rather hypnotic… sorry… what were you saying?

Hi Custodian  will premiere soon on Pitchfork.tv. In the meantime, check out the trailer. 

Listen to ‘Dance For You,’ a Squealing New Dirty Projectors Song

Next month, art rockers Dirty Projectors are set to release their newest album, Swing Lo, Magellan. Today, they released "Dance For You," a gentle, melodic exercise that’s both playful and yearning, like some cabin meditation from deep in whatever woods they’re standing in on the album’s cover. Take it from singer David Longstreth, who bleats: "There is an answer / I haven’t found it / But I will keep dancing until I do." 

It may convince you to preorder that still-immensely goofy deluxe LP package, which literally comes with a cuneiform tablet. If not, you can just wait until the album comes out on July 20.

Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival Has A Lineup

Last week, we learned that Jay-Z would be curating and headlining an eclectic music festival called "Made In America" that would be held over Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. Today, organizers released the lineup for Made In America, which will be held September 1st and 2nd at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and benefit United Way.

Our bet on The Roots as a headliner was apparently wrong (for now—could still happen), and so far, Hov hasn’t seemed to bag President Obama for a guest cameo to sing "Let’s Stay Together." That said, the fest does have a pretty formidable lineup spreading over hip-hop, rap, dance music, indie-rock and mainstream alternative heavy headliners and even some California punk icons.

So here’s your Made In America top-billing acts so far, in handy YouTube playlist format. The rest can be found over at the festival’s Facebook page.



Pearl Jam:

Dirty Projectors:


Calvin Harris:

Passion Pit:


Miike Snow:

Odd Future:

Maybach Music (feat. Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill):

Janelle Monáe:



Bjork and The Dirty Projectors Unite For ‘Mount Wittenberg Orca’

This is an exciting day. My plan to rid NYC of hipsters is ramping up and it looks like it might be even more effective than I dared imagine. Here’s the deal: I’m going to put together an event that is so hip that it produces a sort of a hipster black hole, if you will, a rip in the coolness continuum. Just as a black hole is a deformation in spacetime caused by an incredibly compact mass from which nothing, including light, can escape, this event will be an incredibly compact mass of hipsterdom from which nothing—or no one—hip can escape. Have I been successful? You be the judge. Can you say, “Dirty Projectors and Bjork collaboration EP born out of an event at the Housing Works organized by Stereogum Senior Writer Brandon Stosuy?” Ka-pow.

Here is the promo clip for the upcoming EP. Look at it. Look at it. It’s just 30 seconds of grass. Are you kidding me? Hipsters won’t be able to escape this, its pull will be too strong.