Nicola Formichetti Leaves Mugler for Something ‘Major’ with Diesel

Big, big news in the world of Nicola Formichetti. Yesterday, WWD reported that, after a successful two-year stint helming Mugler, the superstylist-turned-designer would be exiting by "mutual agreement." As the industry speculates what the innovative talent’s next steps will be, Formichetti explains today that he will "shortly reveal a major collaboration with Italian denim giant Diesel." Creative director, perhaps?

Proving that the split was amicable, the notoriously social media-savvy star has taken to Twitter and Tumblr to pay homage to his tenure at the French fashion house by rolling out collages of his greatest Mugler moments. "I wanted to do something else, even bigger, more global," Mugler tells WWD. "I really hope the audience has enjoyed what we have done and appreciated our push to democratize high fashion, not only through the enjoyment of clothing but also through a total, inclusive fashion experience."
Stay tuned for the big announcement in the coming weeks.

Trends Report: Shocking Pink Acid Wash, Ornate Excess, Reinvented Retro

Shocking Pink Acid Wash: Diesel transforms the denim jacket classic with a statement fuschia wash that smacks of Pretty in Pink. Sawn-off sleeves and a studded collar complete the look. Styled with a faded print t-shirt, the humble staple is reinvigorated for a new generation of Brat Pack.

image Ornate Excess: As shoes replace bags as the It item of choice, footwear takes an assertive stance. McQueen’s offering juxtaposes sturdy uppers – replete with chunky buckles, gold zips, and snakeskin detailing – with deceptively delicate heels and platform soles. Manipulated filigree metal flowers are twisted and entwined around towering stiletto heels, as naturalism collides with a fashion-forward aesthetic. Ringing with Baroque sensibilities, McQueen’s adorned excess is a rebuttal to clean minimalism.

image Reinvented Retro: Detailed with girly flowers and bows, Miu Miu’s patent square-toe pumps make a case for flats. A striking green and cream color combination borrows from the Summer-of-Love Sixties, reconciling romantic, lady-like chic with quirky styling. Unexpectedly provocative, channel Twiggy with black opaques and slim-fit trousers.

Diesel’s Stupid Ad Campaign Earns Award & Ban

Chances are you’ve seen Diesel’s latest controversial ad campaign called ‘Be Stupid.’ There’s Pixie Geldof riding backwards on the handlebars of a bike (in 4-inch heels no less) and a striking brunette clad solely in a bikini taking a photograph of her nether regions while an irritated lion looks on. No, it’s not the smartest ad campaign, but then, they knew that. Brain cells aside, Diesel did manage to score a pretty prestigious award thanks to the campaign. “Anomaly, creator of Diesel’s ‘be stupid’ ad campaign… [won] the Grand Prix for outdoor advertising at this year’s Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival,” says Fast Company.

While Diesel’s manifesto on idiocy has found quit a few fans in the ad world, it’s managed to piss off the Brits.The British Advertising Standards Authority has in fact banned some of the same ads that were being toasted in Cannes just weeks prior. “Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ campaign, which featured female models flashing their (mostly unseen) breasts at security cameras and snapping crotch shots of themselves, has been blasted by the ad watchdog for being indecent and antisocial, according to the paper,” says Stylist. Chalk it up to a simple case of British conservatism and French adoration of all things titillating. Regardless, in the fashion ad space all press is good press. Meaning, boycotts and all, this controversial campaign has proven to be anything but its slogan.

Beauty Trends Guaranteed to Annoy: Pastels, Watercolors, & Vampires

When Kate Moss dyed her hair gray and the entire world erupted in awe, I immediately thought, “Oh shit, here we go.” A lot of times I feel like beauty trends are a lot like reblogging — people recycling stories while believing that they own it if it’s respoken in their own style. But really, while they’re walking around feeling like frontiersmen, hundreds of guys and girls are posturing the same. It’s a beautiful thing when the runways inspire color palates and creativity, perhaps even a bit of jump-into-the-deep-end confidence by promising that style is for everyone. But some kids just ruin a trend by copying and pasting it directly to their face once they’ve seen an Olsen twin try it. These trends will probably be the first to die, or at least annoy you to death while you walk through Union Square, thanks to all the reblogging.


Photo 1. Pastel Hair I heart this trend and I know it will certainly hit a high note in early spring because it’s an easy way to temporarily change your whole look. But because so many have been sporting it long before the winter ice had melted, it will probably exit the party early. As Rhea from Haute Latte put it, “I personally will not be partaking in this but good for them!” Early Adopters: Becka Diamond, Ashley Olsen, Dree Hemmingway.


Photo 2. Sexy Vampires Love this guy, but since Jonathan Saunders literally described his runway face as “beautiful vampire” combined with all the Twi-Hards in the world, this will be a tough look to take seriously. It may get a second look, but the same kind of look middle-school goths get while they hang out in front of a movie theater. Early Adopters: Pete Doherty, all of Parisian nightlife.


Photo 3. Paint-by-Number Watercolors With bold colors on Diesel’s brows and Viktor & Rolf’s cheek/eye/lip combo, it’s cool to see an over-the-top trend. A color for every facial feature! Like with these London club kids. It’s pretty awesome. But now take that and put it on everyone in nightlife. Annoying. And it might spell disaster. It might spell ‘I’m learning to do makeup for the first time.’ Early Adopters: Lynn Yaeger, ravers, maudlin dolls. Tip to make it yours: Pick one crazy color to highlight, or match it to part of your outfit. And don’t copy off of Ms. Yaeger.