Diablo Cody Calls Out Some Sexist Bullshit About Her & Channing Tatum’s Sex Work Pasts

Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody calls out sexist bullshit where she sees it, which is precisely why I love her. Chatting with NYmag.com’s Vulture blog about the third annual Athena Film Festival, which showcases the work of women in film. Cody is a co-chair of this year’s Athena festival along with actress Greta Gerwig, filmmaker Mira Nair, and others. But after chatting about the plight of women in mainstream Hollywood film, Cody discussed the topic one always seems to get to in a Diablo Cody interview: stripping.

Specifically, the screenwriter — whose forthcoming film about a conservative in Las Vegas will be called Paradise — addressed the double standard between how she and Channing Tatum have been handled in the press. Diablo Cody first got on a lot of people’s radar in her 2006 memoir, Candy Girl: A Year In The Life Of An Unlikely Stripper. A year later, her film Juno hit the big screen and she won an Academy Award for screenwriting. (Her other films, Jennifer’s Body and Young Adult, were slightly less popular, to put ti mildly.) Throughout her career, people have been all too happy to fixate on Cody’s past employment as a stripper, both positively and negatively. In fact, when I interviewed her years ago for TheFrisky.com about Jennifer’s Body, she said it "sucks" being part of the story more than her film — although we could certainly have a long debate about whether she has pushed some of that narrative herself.

Magic Mike star and beefcake hunk Channing Tatum also worked as a stripper early in his career … yet somehow, he’s seen as more randy and less trashy for doing so.  

The Vulture blogger asked Cody, "What do you make of all the love Channing Tatum’s gotten for turning his stripper past into a film, possibly a franchise?" Her response:

… I find it very interesting that a man can be a stripper, talk about it openly, go on SNL and parody it in several sketches, and nobody accuses him of leveraging his sexuality to get ahead. They applaud it. And he did make a quality film, and it obviously did really well, and it had a certain pedigree — it wasn’t trashy — but I do not think a woman would be treated the same way. I’m living proof of that. A woman’s sexuality is dangerous and threatening and dirty, and for Channing, it’s a charming tool in his arsenal. And I love Magic Mike. I love Channing. This is in no way a diss on him.

Diablo Cody has a point, a strong one. No one has ever told me that Channing Tatum "drives them crazy" or "is so annoying" or "wants attention for being a stripper." And I’ve watched the man give Ellen DeGeneres a lap dance.

I also appreciate Cody clarified she doesn’t mean to diss Tatum or his film. I would love to hear a response from him.

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Check Out the Terrifyingly Gross Red Band Trailer for the New ‘Evil Dead’

Good morning! Have you eaten breakfast yet? (What are you waiting for? It’s the most important meal of the day, ya dummy.) If you have, perhaps you might want to let things settle a bit in your tummy before you watch the trailer for the new Evil Dead, depending on how squeamish you are. If you haven’t eaten, go ahead, get crazy! Anyway, there’s another Evil Dead movie coming our way, which I’m sure is great news for most people. (I’ve never been much of a fan.)

By the looks of the film’s red band trailer, it seems that director Fede Alvarez has avoided the aesthetic of Sam Raimi’s original 1981 horror classic (by which I mean, "cheap") and has instead gone for "really disgusting." But at least those ghouls are still kinda funny (thanks to the collaboration of Raimi with screenwriter Diablo Cody, no doubt). I’m sure this will make the straight dudes go bonkers. Meanwhile, the rest of us are waiting on that Soapdish remake.

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Five Terrible Remakes In The Works

From gritty reboot to plain old plagiarism, here are the worst remakes currently in the pipeline.

Three Men and a Baby:

"Adam Sandler is planning to remake 1980s hit comedy flick ‘Three Men and Baby’. He would team up with Disney, who made the original for the project … Adam wants to remake the same movie again with Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider in the lead roles. The original ‘Three Men and Baby’ was also a remake of a French movie."


"For fans of [Ryan] Reynolds’ other work, we wonder what this means for any potential of him suiting up soon for that other buzzed about project with a hard-to-kill sword-swinging protagonist: Deadpool. And more importantly, are we going to see Reynolds sport long locks like his predecessor? Is he going to rock a fake Scottish accent in flashbacks as part of the Clan MacLeod?"


Unlike the original RoboCop, whose chrome-and-black armor suggested something that was part-man, part-carburetor, the new suit is a more anatomically-inspired and streamlined design, more exo-skeleton than cyborg. It recalls certain examples of superhero outerwear—more specifically, those worn by Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Evil Dead:

Sam Raimi himself is producing the remake, as well as helping out Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (Young AdultJunowith scripting duties.

Dirty Dancing:

Lionsgate is postponing the Dirty Dancing reboot. The studio has put the remake on ice for another year for casting reasons, Deadline has learned. The remake of the 1987 Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey film was scheduled to be released in July 2013, but now the movie is off the studio’s release dance card at least until 2014.

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Diablo Cody Sells Sitcom To ABC

Diablo Cody has sold Alex + Amy, a sitcom about a Gen X woman dating a millenial man, to ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s good to see Diablo Cody, part of Hollywood’s notorious "fempire" of young lady screenwriters, continuing her success. Diablo won an Oscar for her 2007 screenplay for Juno and her show The United States Of Tara, starring Toni Collette, ran on Showtime for three seasons.

She also penned the horror film Jennifer’s Body, which basically flopped, and Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron, which was better received. Additionally, Diablo is penning the screenplay for the Evil Dead remake, which is probably going to be a big old nerd shitshow.

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Chloë Grace Moretz Gets the Pig’s Blood Treatment in New ‘Carrie’ Trailer

Chances are, you probably saw the original, Brian De Palma-helmed Carrie when you were a kid, and it either scared the bejeezus out of you or caused you to spend countless hours staring at a salt shaker trying to make it move with your mind, honing your telekinetic powers so you too could one day unleash an unholy wrath on the kids who picked you last for kickball.

And because no classic horror film is ever safe from a reboot, Chloë Grace Moretz (Hugo, Dark Shadows) will assume the role of the troubled teen with the mind-control powers for an adaptation to be released in March 2013. Julianne Moore plays Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, Judy Greer appears as Carrie’s more sympathetic teacher, Miss Desjardin, and Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) will direct. Fans at New York Comic-Con this week were treated to a teaser trailer for the remake, which is now online for your viewing/remake-bemoaning pleasure. Most of what we see are the smoldering remains of Carrie’s final attack, with a number of voiceovers (including one presumed to be her one sort-of friend, Sue Snell) recounting the incident, and how "she wasn’t a monster." Watch. 

Diablo Cody’s Career Impervious to Legions of Haters

Many, many people seem to outright despise Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody. On any given day, the message boards on her imdb page fairly seethe with vicious, ad hominem attacks. She’s fat. Talentless. A one-hit wonder. A blight on the cinematic landscape. I’ll admit I’m not much of a fan myself, but I can’t get behind these arguments either. She’s no hack, and as for her physical proportions, it’s probably worth nothing that a.) she’s not an actress, and b.) she just gave birth to a baby boy not six days ago. (Congrats!) The haters, of course, will likely go on hating, but for all their collective sour-grape-y ire, her career still seems to be in the ascendant—Jennifer’s Body notwithstanding. Cody’s got a new talk show she’s hosting, and another feature in the works that will again pair her with golden-boy director Ivan Reitman.

Her talk show, Red Band Trailer, is a lo-fi, ten minute webisode deal wherein she interviews various celebs (Adam Brody, Chelsea Handler) inside an actual Silverstream trailer. She’s not the greatest interviewer, granted, but the pieces are short enough that they won’t tire you out. Her new film, Young Adult, is about a ghost writer of tweener fiction who attempts to reclaim her identity by reconnecting with her high school boyfriend. Deadline reports that Charlize Theron is set to star and that the pic will likely begin shooting in November. Somebody out there must like her.

Here’s the pilot for Red Band Trailer:

The Evolution of Sweet Valley High: Feathered Bangs to Diablo Cody

With word that Universal is in negotiations to pick up the rights to redo the beloved book series Sweet Valley High under Diablo Cody’s direction, I started reminiscing about Francine Pascal’s fictional twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield of Sweet Valley, California. What young girl didn’t hope to be one of the pretty, popular teen girls when they turned 16? I imagined my teenage world would be full of baby pink lipstick, hair rollers, feathered bangs, and 80s-style sweaters. Then of course I grew up, and the series evolved to fit in the layered bobs and sparkly eye shadow of the 90s. I can only imagine what the Sweet Valley twins will look like in the future adaptation, but for now, here’s a retrospective of the looks of level-headed Elizabeth and frivolous Jessica.

image Sweet Valley High — Book Series The book series began in 1983, when Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are 16-year-old juniors at Sweet Valley High. ● Celebrity Icons: Molly Ringwald, Christy Brinkley, the young Alyssa Milano. ● Hair: From the book covers we can see the two blondes like the volume of the 80s, occasionally feathering their bangs, and using hot rollers, though never going overboard with teasing or crimping. ● Makeup: They’re the pretty popular girls, so they didn’t do the crazy colors of the 80s. Instead, they stuck with bright pink lipstick and blush

image Sweet Valley High — The TV Series We have the books of the 80’s to thank for the TV show, which aired in 1994 with twins Brittany Daniel and Cynthia Daniel. ● Celebrity Icons: Claire Danes, Winona Ryder, Spice Girls, early Britney Spears. ● Hair: Ultra-bleached blonde, piecey layers flipped out or curled under and mixed with tiny braids, curls, and baby barrettes. ● Makeup: Overly matte skin, skinny eyebrows, and liner gone wild: mauve liner on lips, brown pencil on eyes. Also featuring sparkly lip gloss and the piled-on glitter look we have the Spice Girls to thank for.

image Sweet Valley High — The Later Books SVH stopped creating books in 2003, so their cover “twin” — actually one person, actress Leven Rambin — reflects the look of the early 2000s. ● Celebrity Icons: Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow. ● Hair: Shiny, blown out one length hair with highlights. ● Makeup: Simple, glowing and tan- showing off the era of no-makeup makeup and ultra glossy lips.

The Black List: Diablo Cody

Two years after stripper-turned-screenwriter Diablo Cody shocked Academy old-timers by taking home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Juno, the one-woman sloganeer returns with Jennifer’s Body, a horror film starring Megan Fox’s breasts. Here, the creator of Showtime’s The United States of Tara unleashes the Furies on the world’s most rank fashion blunders.

1. The ubiquity of gladiator sandals. Weird foot tan alert! Plus, I need a special extender for my cankles.

2. Guys in summer scarves. (Paired with Bose headphones for double Brooklyn bonus points.)

3. I just can’t do white denim. It’s like a letter to YM waiting to happen. (“I was out with a cute guy and I accidentally sat in chocolate pudding! OMFG!”)

4. Tattoo-print clothing. That old-skool tiger should be inked on a bicep, not embroidered on the ass pocket of your “dad jeans.”

5. High-waisted items. Why would you want your tits to look lower?

6. The orange fake-tan phenomenon. Everyone in L.A. looks like a circus peanut.

7. Rompers. These look good on exactly two types of people: infants and Katy Perry. Besides, I don’t want to peel off my entire outfit when I need to urinate.

8. Popped collars. It’s like ’80s schoolyard bully-chic. Be the bigger man and tone it down, Trent.

9. Rubber rain boots in arid climates. Calling them “Wellies” doesn’t make you British. (P.S. I secretly want these.)

10. Rock T-shirts on babies. Please don’t use your 4-month-old child as hipster ad space.

Photo: Jilly Wendell/Vistalux

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Annie Leibovitz was spotted entering the Obamas’ hotel. Could this be for Michelle Obama’s much-rumored March Vogue cover? [Politico] ● Amy Winehouse is still in the Caribbean and still acting like a hot mess. Winehouse was seen crawling on the ground and stealing other guests’ drinks. [TheSun] ● Tori Spelling is officially coming back to 90210, and she’s bringing Juno scribe Diablo Cody with her. [IfMag]

Lady GaGa picked up some take-out in a day-glo leotard and black leggings. [ThisIsLondon] ● Hot on the heels of his doggie-thank-you-speech, Mickey Rourke and his puppy Jaws are the new face of PETA — urging owners to fix their dogs. [Eonline] ● Elle’s Gilles Bensimon’s wife Kelly will be the newest housewife featured on The Real Housewives of New York. [BravoTV]