Links: Megan Fox Crushes Dreams, Tiger Woods Has a New Porn Star, Possibly New Son

● Megan Fox is re-engaged to Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame, but that’s what fan fiction is for. [People] ● Bob Marley, singer of such magical songs as “Mellow Mood” and “One Love,” allegedly watched the execution of three men who tried to assassinate him, adding a dark subtext to “I Shot the Sheriff.” [Gawker] ● The internet was invented for things like this highlight reel of menstruation scenes from 27 films, the highest concentration of sexual education ever compiled. [Jezebel]

● Devon James is now claiming that Tiger Woods is the father of her 9-year-old son. Maybe she slept through the last few months, but either way, her mother calls her a “pathological liar.” [Daily News] ● The fact that American Pie‘s Chris Klein is still referred to as American Pie‘s Chris Klein eleven years later is sadder than his second DUI. [HuffPo] ● True Blood and Jersey Shore, mashed-up. [Flavorwire]