Work off That Turkey with Italian Architect-Designed Gym Equipment

There’s gym equipment, and then there’s Personal equipment brought to life by Italian architect Antonio Citterio in collaboration with Technogym, maker of the ultra luxe tools that aren’t just functional, but beautiful, and, (this is fun) will transfer your preferences to machines around the world once logged in. Your favorite channels, your progress… it’s all there, no matter where you are.

The Kinesis Personal machine might remind you of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, and given that the inspiration behind the machines are both nature and science, it makes sense. Practically any movement is possible. Resistance is upped by the turn of a dial rather than lugging around heavy weights. It’s beautiful enough that you wouldn’t want to hide it, which is quite useful for smaller spaces (does anyone reading this live in New York?)

We’re always looking for ways to make wellness more enjoyable, and this collection fits the bill. Learn more here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.35.00 AM  Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.57.08 AM


Detox from Your Turkey Coma the Best Possible Way

It’s cold and rainy and bleak. It’s dark at 4:30 p.m. If we’re gonna leave the house, we’re gonna need some good reasons.

Let’s revisit some of our favorite reasons we can find to leave our beds and boyfriends Netflix.


Let’s eat all the stuffing we want, but only because we promise to go to spin/barre/yoga later. If there’s one thing this city has (false–there are tons) it’s LOTS of workout studios.

And make sure your gym bag game is on point.


Another way to combat holiday eating? Do a blended juice cleanse. 


We’ve got a new facial a week, top celebrity facialists, posh spas at The Plaza and more. Pick your poison and indulge.

Or DIY-it vis-a-vis the experts at Jillian Wright’s kale-filled mask-making bar. 


And treat yourself to a nice sweater. It’s cold and that’s the solution. Obviously.


7 Steps to Curating the Perfect Gym Bag with EVERY Base Covered

I’d tried everything. The nylon totes un-precious enough to toss sweaty gear in, the fancy bags in sizes so huge you could fit a small to medium sized dog. And yet still, my efforts to leave the house with one bag, ready to take me from work to the gym and even back again, have failed me time and time again. Sure, it’s what one may call a princess problem–not pressing by any real standards, but the fact is, buying your eighth mini deodorant in a month is a pain. So, when I set out on my Detox Diaries adventure, I decided to create the perfect gym bag–one fit for, well a princess.

Here’s what it takes:

1. Amped up tech-cessories and hydration. I’m unaware of brand that makes a more perfect water bottle than S’well (and trust, I’ve tried many). A S’well bottle keeps your water cold for 24 hours, or your tea hot for 12. Not to mention the sleek design. I packed a mini in one of their new styles, Blanc Crocodile.

And I’m just a little obsessed with those Frends mini headphones with their mother-of-pearl design and white leather. Small enough for the gym, stylish enough for the streets.

2. The right undies. Because sweaty cotton is never chic. As we would only wear the best wicking-fabric leggings to spin in, I deemed undergarments step up to the same level, and while a few sportswear brands make “workout undies,” nothing is quite on the level of Dear Kates, a supercool by-women-for-women brand. Find the Hazel Sport Thong here.

dear kates

3. And socks. Because it’s the little things. As mentioned, I’d made Exhale’s Central Park South location my haven, so naturally I picked their special edition breast cancer month barre socks, with $2.00 from every purchase going to breast cancer research to “sock it to cancer!” 

dear kates eve lom.

In the spirit of giving back, I kept all my socks philanthropic thanks to Bombas, a sock company I recently discovered and fell in love with. Bombas works with a 1:1 model with nonprofit Hannah’s Socks to donate a pair for each pair purchased, because, little did I know, that “socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.” But they also pack a high-quality punch for fitness-snobs–special blister tabs, which I’ve learned the hard way are a necessity. Try their ankle socks, you won’t regret it. You can see my pink ones peeking out of my tote.

4. Someplace organized for those sweaty unmentionables. Curating a super gym bag is all about efficiency. Travel brand Flight 001 makes it easy with their gym gear bag. It looks like a simple pouch, until you unzip and discover a lightweight backpack with individual compartments for your sneaks and more.

closeup gbe

5. Your own personal glamsquad/dermatologist. (In a perfect pouch, of course.) Sweat can lead to skin imperfections which makes for a very unglamorous and unwanted side effect to your hard work kicking-ass at the barre, on the bike, or wherever (you do you). 

The first thing your power-pouch calls for is excellent skincare, always and forever one of my favorite categories. 

The first necessity is Jillian Wright’s new Breakout Blocker. Breakout Blocker helps to reduce redness and bacteria build up with probiotics, Chinese Herbs and tea tree oil. It’s light weight and absorbent so you don’t feel slick or overly greasy after a strenuous workout. It’s non-irritating and helps brighten your skin with plant-based brighteners.

exhale bag  eve lom travel

Eve Lom’s minis, sold in a travel set, are truly compact and make sure the sweat is washed away even in the least glamorous of locker rooms.

malin : mio

The nicest, freshest smelling (eucalyptus!) , and natural (no aluminum here) deodorant via apothecary-chic brand Malin + Goetz and Mio’s Workout Wonder cooling cream for aching muscles if you’ve pushed yourself extra hard–or just ’cause.

6. Emergency hair touchups via Drybar. I picked the appropriately named Detox dry shampoo in it’s mini form, and an adorable yellow mini-brush (for those times when your sweaty hair is really just unpresentable), but a fuller set (with shampoo + conditioner) can be found here.

7. And–pictured above–the best facial wipes in existence via Koh Gen Do for a luxe refresh or just a rush out the door & Tata Harper’s new lip/blush double for a very quick dab of color.

Did you get all that? When I was finally done collecting (I’d gotten very excited and stowed everything away until I was sure the collection was complete) I have to say, I was pretty self-satisfied. This collection truly covers all your bases. Go forth and sweat, pretty lil things.

Read more of the Detox Diaries here.

Top 5 Ways to Werq Your Body and Mind and What to Wear: The Detox Diaries

Working out is so much easier in the summer. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. For me, it has nothing to do with bikinis or beaches, so I can’t entirely explain the phenomenon. Alas, it persists. Fall means getting creative to keep it interesting.

Here are the best solutions I’ve discovered to fix such a quandary:

  1. Look fly as f.
  2. Pick really kick-ass instructors and studios.
  3. Mix it up.

Post fashion week, I got mine handed to me in a variety of ways in a variety of neighborhoods and an even larger variety of outfits (thankful for that last one!).


FullSizeRender 2

Pilates is no joke, and SpringTone, the latest class down on Duane Street, will make sure you’re damn clear on that. Alycea is the realest-deal, she’s trained everyone from Madonna to Claire Danes, and somehow manages to teach in a style I can only describe as 50% militant trainer, 50% maternal encouragement.

What to Wear:


I kept it chic for my TriBeCa workouts in Alala, which I am just as glad to wear on the street anyway.


305-fitness-fun-dance-workout-ny_0232 copy

Named for Miami’s area code and started by 24-year-old firecracker Sadie Kurzban, 305 is deceptively difficult. Instructor Jess Evans could out-dance the Energizer Bunny.

What to Wear:  

zara terez

Photo by my sister, Aliza Spruch-Feiner, who is as unhappy to take it as I am to have volunteered myself to model fitness gear 😉 

Since I love the “Make Sweat Sexy” tagline, I opted for a class-tank and appropriately-bright Zara Terez leggings via Exhale, which might just contain the best variety of workout clothes in town.


nesh booty 1

During the initial week of the detox I carved out Exhale’s Central Park South location as a second home. Sakara oatmeal in tow, I pulsed from Core Fusion Barre to Deep Detox at the spa which is not so much a spa treatment as a second workout. This treatment is recommended both after a barre class and as part of a series (though I only did one), and I’d liken it to nothing I’ve ever experienced before, short of maybe electric stimulation in physical therapy.

deep detox

At the conclusion of my treatment, I was told I’d it was like I had done the equivalent of 648 crunches. K, cool, thanks!

What to Wear: Head-to-toe Nesh, an outfit that got lots of compliments in and out of downward dog.


crunch disq

I’m pretty sure I could try a different workout in NYC everyday for the next year and still have some options. TRANSFORMER WITH DISQ (available at Crunch gyms) is one of the less typical. It was developed as a tool to add resistance to essentially anything, anywhere, but for your average person, it makes more sense kept in a gym setting. Strapped on your ankles and hips, classic moves like mountain-climbers become that much harder when sporting a DISQ system. But you can’t help but smile when with every move; you feel like a robot/marionette.

What to Wear:

disq robot

Capitalizing on that robot-thang for a photo-op

Comfy sneaks and high-socks are key, so as to prevent friction between your skin and the ankle straps. Mine are Asics, as are my crops.


emily f s

As soon as I thought about detoxing the body, I knew a mental detox was necessary too. Somewhat surprisingly, meditation has not been boutique-ified in the same way yoga has and since I didn’t have time to join a monastery I was thrilled to meet Emily Fletcher, who I’ve since dubbed NYC’s queen of accessible meditation. Fletcher speaks with the mixed enthusiasm of a former-Broadway-actress and calm of a very seasoned meditator. I enrolled in her online course, ZivaMind and changed my habits (and brain chemistry) in eight days. But nothing compares to the serenity of Fletcher’s small in-person space, which I also visited for an extra sesh.


Proudest new posession

What to Wear:

spiritual ganster 2

It was pretty obvious that Spiritual Gangster was the way to go to get zen.

Clean Up Your Stomach: The Detox Diaries

“Oh my god! It’s 6 p.m. and I totally forgot to eat today…” is something I have never said. Yet, the complaint becomes ubiquitous among fashion folk during runway show time. Everybody has those stressful days/weeks/months–more out-of-office meetings, a train delay, an alarm clock disaster–whatever it is, the best of intentions don’t always translate when it comes to being a responsible adult and managing to eat three balanced meals with proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, etc. a day. Thanks to the delightful (and thankfully easy to use) app Rise, I had a depressing track record of my impulse decisions during fashion week.

I call this screenshot, “Baring My Soul/ Bad Decisions: A Series of Plastic Wrapped Sandwiches Consumed During NYFW.” But, really, it speaks for itself.

nyfw food

Like the rest of me, my stomach was all “sign me up for the detox!” And so I did, Part One saw me through a one-day (simple and easy, thank you) LuliTonix cleanse and then I delved deeper.

Luckily I had a few collaborators that made rigorous healthy eating as easy, fun, and delicious (not to mention luxurious) as possible. After all, at BlackBook, “detox” and “pamper” go hand in hand.

Allow these detoxifying meals to inspire your own gut-health-journey. Enjoy this scientific, nutritional journey–or just add these foods to your shopping cart. (P.S. Apololgies in advance for the word count on detox, detoxifying, and detoxification about to come your way)!


Sakara is an organic meal delivery service built to provide high-quality nourishment. The meals prioritize a plant-rich diet, heavy in superfoods, emphasize seasonal ingredients, and contain nothing processed, no additives, no added sugar, and are gluten-free. Needless to say, it’s a popular (and quite glam) way to simplify healthy eating. It arrives at your door on ice in ready-to-go containers, because everyone knows that the hardest part of healthy eating is the effort to do so itself.

Rose Infused Oatmeal With Pear Superfoods: Pear, Lemon, Walnut, Rose Petals, Chia, Maple Syrup, Ginger

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This meal is designed to rev up your morning, but not leave you feeling heavy and dense. The combination of oats + chia with some of the most beautifying and hydrating superfoods, namely: rose petals, ginger, lemon, and pear. Rose petals contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, and keep the skin glowing and hydrated. Ginger and lemon do similarly amazing things, plus they boost the immune system after a long day.

Beetroot Muffins Superfoods: Beets, Flax, Almond, Quinoa, Lemon/Lime, Coconut, Strawberries

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sakara believes that superfood veggies belong in breakfast too. Elle Murphy, one of the health coaches at Sakara calls them “yummy and interesting to eat first thing in the morning,” and notes that they “provide a strong start to the day.” This muffin has the unexpected beetroot that gives it a subtle flavor not to mention its pretty color. What is does for your mind + body is even bettah– in addition to various minerals and vitamins, beets contain betaine and tryptophan, which can balance the brain chemistry and calm the mind. Not a bad start to a busy day ahead! Plus, with protein rich flax, almond, and quinoa, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps Superfood: Wakame, Tahini, Cayenne, Radish, Cucumber, Cilantro, Rice Wine Vinegar,Umeboshi Vinegar, Sesame, Lemon

These lil’ wraps are a powerhouse Sakara lunch. Full of hydrating and energizing veggies, they’re the perfect afternoon boost. Other ingredients include Umeboshi vinegar, which is believed to combat fatigue, aging, and improve digestion. Sakara also uses a little bit of wakame seaweed to help cleanse the blood and provide healthy fatty acids, iodine, and calcium. The flavors and varied colors of this dish work to rebalance and reboot your system.

Kale salad with Garlicky Herb Croutons Superfood: Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower seeds, buckwheat, Chia, Garlic, Oregano, Kale, Olive Oil, Parsley, Basil

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m told this is a Sakara classic; greens, greens, and more greens! Dark leafy greens are so incredibly good for you. Kale provides a healthy vegetable protein as well as chia, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Even the dressing and croutons are made out of greens because they serve you so well. Parsley and basil (and most herbs) are mineral and vitamin rich and work as anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidant cell protection. They also protect your heart with their folic acid and B vitamins.



After two days on a strict Sakara plan, I headed to FeelFood in the village for a big quinoa bowl, and left with enough food to eat for most of the rest of the week. FeelFood’s approach to detoxing is to restore a sense of normalcy to your body. Sure, there are specific foods that have great detoxifying benefits, but ultimately consistency and comfort will be what resets your body. It’s not necessarily about aggressive self-deprivation, but you also don’t want the pendulum of your diet swinging wildly. It’s all about finding balance.

Watermelon Rose Agua Fresca

This potent beverage combines alkaline water (which helps to reduce acidity in the body and balance your pH levels), and watermelon is known to help the body flush out ammonia. It’s a particularly great choice for the morning to start the day off on a detoxifying note.

Squash (or any) soup

There’s a reason we always have soup when we’re sick–soup is warm and comforting! When we’re exhausted we need to pay extra attention to what our bodies need. So cozy up with some soup, hit the couch, spoon up some soup, and relax.

Matcha: Jalapeno Matcha shot and Matcha Cardamom

The kick of jalapeno helps you sweat out toxins and matcha is an extra-super(food) form of the already-super green tea, and contains chlorophyll, which helps remove toxins and metals from the body.

They also have a mini matcha cardamom drink, which I highly recommend.

matcha cardamom

Winter Fire Shot

This is a fiery elixir that the Feelfood experts recommend drinking like a tea. Poured into hot water, it’s will be like having a cup of extra-spiced tea, but very concentrated. The lemon promotes toxin removal by stimulating enzymes that convert toxins into a water soluble solution. The Ginger, cayenne, paprika, and cinnamon provide a spicy kick to get your heart rate up and help you sweat out toxins.

Kale Apple Salad

kaleapplesalad copy

Kale, superfood that it is, detoxes the liver pathways due to its high glutathione content. Apples contain some of the best detoxifying nutrients as well as pectin, which helps remove food additives and metals from the body.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Pampered: The Detox Diaries Part 3

The Joanna Vargas oasis, courtesy of Joanna Vargas

How to truly relax? Schedule so many spa appointments that getting to them becomes incredibly stressful.

Read parts one and two of the DETOX DIARIES here and here.

Here are my picks for post-fashion week (or post-anything) bliss:

Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Facial
When it comes to Joanna Vargas, the question is really which A-lister doesn’t entrust her with the care of their pores? It is known that stress wreaks havoc on our skin and when I got to Vargas’s eponymous spa, I was looking like a model for the fact. When Joanna finished her microcurrent magic on just one side of my face, I felt like a chipmunk forced to spit out some nuts. My cheek was literally sculpted, my cheekbone lifted as though I’d gone under a knife. I’d been to JV before, but never to Joanna’s ‘office’ which is like the Versailles of skin care. Though this isn’t a facial where you’re simultaneously having a foot massage, it is 200% effective and somehow still very relaxing. Of course, none of that even matters when afterward, a look in the mirror reveals a newer, better version of you.

joanna sara

Bliss Spa Heel-Lelujah Pedicure
I don’t want to discuss what I looked like in sandals prior to my arrival at Bliss 57. The cheerful spa is one of my favorite spots in all NYC (who could resist those mini-brownies and blondies in the lounges?) but I’d never been to the nail salon. The Heel-lelujah, was, essentially my first fancy-grown-up pedicure ever and I’ve got to say, in spite of my ticklish squirming, my feet emerged softer than any $20 neighborhood place has ever accomplished. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised–but now that I know the truth about fancy-grown-up pedicures, I fear for my wallet in the future.

bliss pedi

After an NYC summers, however, this is a downright necessary indulgence. Can’t make it to Bliss? One of the main products used is Bliss’s 24-Heaven body balm, which, thanks to it’s exfoliating lactic acid and soothing and protective colloidal oatmeal, provides moisture for 24 hours, and helps to treat itchiness, flakiness and generally restore angry skin.

Jin Soon Breath of Milk and Honey Mani
As Joanna Vargas is to facials, Jin Soon Choi is to nails. So it was not even a question that I’d head over to her UES haven to detox my nails. A manicure and green tea is pretty close to perfection for me any day, but Jin Soon’s understated lavender/grey Auspicious was extra-perfect, and thankfully, looked chic even on my short nails.

jin soon mani jin soon
Courtesy of Jin Soon

Caudalie (at the Plaza!) Slimming Treatment
Eloise is my fictional girl crush and Caudalie is one of my very favorite skincare brands (and I am serious about skincare) so my excitement was evident as I elevator-shoefied the shit out of those double P’s while riding to the 4th floor Vinotherapie spa at the storied hotel. This treatment is 50% vigorous massage, followed by you, in a sushi wrap of luxe scrub while the technician does a (thankfully) less vigorous massage on your scalp. After you’re unwrapped, you take a shower about a foot away in the treatment room and emerge feeling refreshed, detoxified, and possibly slimmer. The rooms provide a dark, kinda sexy counterpoint to the cheerful feeling at Bliss and left me feeling like I had in fact, visited Provence, if only for an hour.


caudalie plaza

The best part though? The upkeep, or, just the start, is available to anyone in the form of a 3-piece kit from Caudalie. I’m not one to embark on regimens but this simple process (2 products + tea) keeps the spa feeling going for twenty-eight days.

The Slimming Regimen from Caudalie–a spa in two bottles and a cup of tea

I needed this. You need this. We all need this.


Hyperbaric Chambers and GTFOing of NYC: The Detox Diaries Part 2

Read part one of Sara’s adventures in detoxing from fashion week right here.

A 90-minute yoga sesh does wonders but it’s no seven hour plane ride. Call me crazy but there’s something semi-delicious about being disconnected in a metal box in the sky (no?). OK–that’s a lie, I spent a combined $54.00 on wifi and wrote at least four articles–and yet still! relaxing. No fashion week traffic, anyway.

Even though by now NYFW and LFW and MFW are passed; editors are in Paris, and I’m still fully immersing myself in the ever-expanding wellness scene, bringing you the best of the best–this time from coast to coast.

Though a barely 72 hour-technically-work-trip to San Francisco is no Cara Delevingne on the beach in Bali–it was just what I needed. I knew it was a prime detox opportunity when the folks at Luna/Clif HQ gave me the following packing advice: “Many wear yoga clothes to work.”


And since San Francisco may well have been first to emphasize health and wellness, off I went, in support of the 14th annual Lunafest, a festival of short films, by, for, and about women. Held at the Palace of the Fine Arts Theater, the film festival was great–I highly recommend hosting your own, btw.

Remind me not to pose next to the Katies of the world, those publicists for Luna by day, pilates instructor/pros by night…

Plus– I was lucky enough to be treated to some everygirl detox treats: more Soulcycle, and Drybar, two things I never say no to–especially in conjunction. P.S. Did you know Drybar has a VIP room?

VIP-Room-Flatiron-1The VIP room at Drybar

db-selfieDrybar #selfie

As does any workout class (anything in life, at all), this opportunity begged the question of what to wear. Since the DETOX is all about comfort without sacrificing style (especially in this era of insanely chic gear) I put together an outfit from Athleta–brand bestie of Luna’s specified to San Francisco.

Back in NYC, Still in Athleta: Workin’ out (and ready for rain) in chaturanga tights, Crunch muscle tank, and this lil slicka’.

Though I was back in NY, in well, a NY minute, I still felt rejuvenated. Last step of Part II: a quick pit stop (we’re talking under an hour here) to the palatial Erno Laszlo Institute in SoHo, where I popped into this hyperbaric chamber called Pure Oxygen by Pure Flow. A favorite of athletes, this little bed/tent/contraption is like a nap pod + (one of those things you never knew you needed but clearly do). 37 minutes in here (basically a cot on the inside) provides triple oxygen delivery, stimulates stem cell creation, and key words here: relieves jet lag.


On my way out, my technician told me I’d sleep like a baby tonight, and no matter how much else I do, sleep is still the key to any DETOX. See you soon for more on skin, nails, food, and exercise!


Now That New York Fashion Week Is Over… The Detox Diaries, Part 1

Fashion week isn’t all the glitz and glamour Instagram would have you believe. After over a week of an exhausting schedule of shows, presentations, and (required) parties, followed by late nights of writing about it all, hoping my sentences were coherent, I realized that only one thing could follow NYFW. And for me, it was not LFW (though, kudos to all the editors across the pond for your stamina). It’s time to detox.

Step 1: SPIN

Detox unofficially began on Thursday night when I finally made it back to SoulCycle. I’d been resorting to awkward tweets about how much I missed spinning, and sweating it out was a wonderful $34 gift-to-self.

Step 2: YOGA (in cute clothes)

I’ve wanted to attend a Wanderlust yoga festival for years (fashion people and wellness are like PB Almond Butter + J) so when Wanderlust 108 in Prospect Park was announced a few months ago, I jumped at the chance to go.

It wasn’t the sunny-yoga-in-the-park I’d hoped for, but my friend and I did our best–even if our best was sitting on Manduka yoga mats (the best in the ‘biz) and eating protein bars. In the spirit of Fashion Week, I intentionally picked chic workout clothes (and we’re not talking Lululemon). Detoxing means a lot of sweating it out–(or at least, it will). And for this occasion, I picked a very chic (IMHO) get-up of mesh-accented Alala gear.

I’m detoxing, I can do what I want.

photo 2


The next step of a detox, naturally, is to cleanse. So that’s what I did today. I liked to imagine the toxins leaving my body as little cartoon bubbles saying things like “this one is made from the rarest Japanese silk” and “this one will retail for $3000,” making room for filling my body instead with chia seeds and kale.

Sure, fashion people tend towards the healthy side, but during FW one’s food choices are determined by two simple factors: time, and proximity. For me this meant large amounts of yummy Sugarfina champagne gummy bears, some very ill-advised Seamless orders, and (thankfully) as much Smartwater from the tents as I could stuff in my bag. My meals were irregular at best and nonexistent at worst. My nutritionist said things like: “We’ll work on this when you return to a normal schedule.”

I’ve never been the girl to hit 7 p.m. and flippantly say, “I forgot to eat today!” and as such my grab-and-go picks are often craving-prompted. So, for me, wanting to cleanse did not mean wanting to starve. I turned to a recent discovery, LuliTonix by Lianna Sugarman who creates the best blends, not juices, and cleanses in this already green juice heavy town.


I’ve done one other straight juice cleanse from a popular juice chain which shall go unnamed. I finished by juice #5 and wound up eating a three-course dinner. I’m happy to say today was not like that! It’s now 9 p.m. as I write  and I have only had liquids today! Unlike the green juices denounced by many nutritionists, LuliTonix is blended and not cold-pressed, allowing for satiating fibers to stay in tact. The email prepping me for the arrival of the cleanse read: “This is NOT a cleanse during which you will feel lethargic…Our blends are designed with amazing ingredients that work synergistically to rebuild and nourish as they cleans. You will have plenty of energy, and will be supplied with everything your body needs to be the badass you are. So sure–CrossFit, Barry’s Bootcamp, Back-to Back Soul Survivor rides. Knock yourself out! Or just rest. That’s good too.”

This is just day one! More to come on detoxing–cleansing your body, (tired feet, muscles, and more), your mind after having no time to think about much besides trend forecasts, and more.


50 Cent Scraps ‘Black Magic’ Album & Threatens to Leak Dr. Dre Single

50 Cent impressed us a few days ago when he stuck up for Chris Brown by directing his obnoxious, yet entertaining tweets at Bill O’Reilly, but last night he got a little serious, for once. Fif, who has been openly beefing with his label Interscope Records, announced that he’s canceling the release of his Black Magic album, after the album’s single “I’m On It” leaked yesterday. He’s so upset, in fact, that he’s now threatening to leak a new Dr. Dre single as revenge!

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Only 50 Cent could ever pull this off, or even attempt to follow through on a stunt of this magnitude. It seems that a few months worth of disagreements with Interscope, capped off with last night’s leak, really caused him snap. Now, to really teach them a lesson, he’s threatening to drop Dr. Dre’s new single “Psycho” at 2pm today. This is the part where we hold our breath and wait.