Jay-Z Will Supervise ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack—Will There Be A Beyoncé Appearance?

I mean, sure, when I think of the roaring ’20s, my mind immediately conjures up flappers, jazz, and Jay-Z. Thankfully, Baz Luhrmann is always around to put my fever dreams into celluloid, as his big-budget 3D remake of The Great Gatsby will feature a soundtrack supervised by the rapper. 

The film’s trailer, which was first released in May (back when we all thought this thing was coming out this Christmas rather than next summer), featured "No Church In The Wild," Jay’s collaboration with Kanye West (and Frank Ocean) from last summer’s Watch the Throne. We should have known that Brooklyn’s own connoisseur of all things opulent would play a heavier hand in the film itself, as The Sun reported yesterday.

Does this mean we can expect a Beyoncé cameo, perhaps performing her cover of Des’ree’s “Kissing You,” which originated in Luhrmann’s 1998 Romeo + Juliet? Let’s hope so! 

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