A Look Back at the Wonderfully Strange Career of Kyle MacLachlan on His 54th Birthday

Let’s be real: who doesn’t love Kyle Maclachlan? No one? Correct. The bizarre and dashing actor has been gracing both our television and film screens for over 30 years now, and like the fine wine he so enjoys, only gets better with age. As a fresh-faced young weirdo, we saw him emboy the leading roles in two of David Lynch’s most iconic films as Blue Velvet‘s amateur detective Jeffrey Beaumont and Twin Peaks’ Special Agent Dale Cooper—whom you could look at as simply an extension of young Jeffrey. We later saw Kyle in a series of female-driven television hits as an impotent and/or sociopathic husbands that you could not help but love in absrudity. And now he’s back on televison and oh no, we’re not complaining. So, as today is his 54th birthday, let’s take a look back on some his most wonderous and strange roles. Enjoy.

Dune, Paul Atreides


Blue Velvet, Jeffrey Beaumont


Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Dale Cooper


Sex and the City, Trey McDougal


Desperate Housewives, Orson Hodge


Hamlet, Claudis

Portlandia, Mayor

Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

MLB Draft

Google users are feeling real sporty today as they’ve made as last night’s Major League Baseball’s First Year Players Draft the trendiest topic on the site. Indeed sports fans are curious to find out which high schoolers are about to become local millionaire celebrities before suffering debilitating injuries or being traded away a few years down the line. The New York Yankee, for example, drafted 18-year-old Oklahoman Ty Hensley, who has already planned to attend Ole Miss, but he said he’ll happily drop that plan to play ball. Good for him.

Bath Salts

Another hot topic on Google (and everywhere else, it seems) is bath salts. No, not the crappy gift you buy for mom when you forgot her birthday, the drug that turns you into a face-eating killer. People want to know what they are, why they do what they do and, really, where to get them. According to Forbes, the psychoactive stimulant "may find [a user] feeling extremely paranoid and panicky, but he’s unlikely to believe that a giant lizard wearing a tuxedo is about to eat his cat.” And if that doesn’t sound scary enough for you, an entire page of testimonials from bath salts users is enough to convince us that high on life is the way to go.

Kathryn Joosten Dies

Yahoo! users are a few days late on the death of Desperate Housewives actress Kathryn Joosten, who recenty died of lung cancer. Still, they’re searching up a storm about the passing of the the 72-year old actress. In a statement, Joosten’s family said, “The family of Kathryn Joosten, two-time Emmy winner, long-time Governor of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, lung cancer advocate, and so much more, regrets to announce that Kathryn succumbed to her 11-year battle with lung cancer today, June 2, 2012, surrounded by love and humor til the end. Thanks to everyone for their love and support. We are laughing through our tears.”

Cuomo Marijuana

Perhaps to overcome their Joosten-related sadness, Yahoo!ers are really curious about New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s new take on the state’s dealings with weed. Monday the governor announced a plan to cut the penalty for public possession of a small amount of pot, saying “There’s a blatant inconsistency. If you possess marijuana privately, it’s a violation. If you show it in public, it’s a crime.” While carrying will come with less of a penalty, it’ll still be a misdemeanor to actually smoke in public. "I believe the society does want to discourage the use of marijuana in public, on the street,” said Cuomo. “Smoking a joint, I think, is a different level of activity than just being in possession of it."  


Forget everyone else, this morning Twitter is feeling really self-obsessed. The hashtag #RandomFactAboutMe, in which users—wait for it—share a random fact about themselves is trending, making important information like the posts below available to the masses.

Random Fact 5

Random Fact 4

Random Fact 2




‘Desperate Housewives’ Actress Kathryn Joosten Dead at 72

Kathryn Joosten, the Emmy Award-winning actress known best for playing the lovably cranky Karen McCluskey on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, died yesterday of lung cancer in California, TVLine reports. She was 72.

Joosten, whose protrayal of McCluskey netted her two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, passed away just a couple of weeks after her character did in an emotional scene during the Desperate Housewives series finale.

Prior to joining Housewives, Joosten was best known for playing the President’s secretary, Mrs. Landingham, on The West Wing.

May she rest in peace.

Linkage: Survivor Ends, Freddie Comes Back & TV on the Internet

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

Survivor One World

The most Googled phrase around this morning is, unfortunately, “Survivor: One World.” That’s the name of the latest season of is-that-really-still-on reality show Survivor, which aired its season finale last night. The winner of this season was Kim Spradlin, a 29-year-old Texan who took home over a million bucks for figuring out not only how to survive in the wilderness, but how to keep her competitors down. We’re just steps away from living in the Hunger Games, aren’t we?

Desperate Housewives

Monday morning trends really highlight how much Sunday night TV people watch, don’t they? Why, you might ask, is that show about evil, sexy mummies trending? Well, because last night was its series finale. And while there might be more lawsuits and we wouldn’t be surprised at a third coming of Terri Hatcher, here’s hoping that the monster fro Wisteria Lane stays dead and buried, like apparently some characters ended up last night.

Freddie Mercury

Yahoo! users seem to be more interested in music than their compatriots at Google. Long-dead Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is the number-one trending subject on that site, largely because his surviving bandmates have announced that they’ll be touring with an, er, optical illusion—and definitely not a Tupac-like hologram—of Mercury at a performance tonight in London. Still-living Queen member Brian May told the BBC, "It’s a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we’ve been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while. [That technique] is something we’ve looked at ourselves but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week it’s not really quite practical."

Howard Stern

Stern is another projection people are curious about. The self-proclaimed “king of all media” DJ will be taking his face for radio to national TV tonight as he joins the panel of judges on a show called America’s Got Talent that, to our understanding, mostly proves the opposite. “I’m not crazy. I know there’s a huge population out there that thinks I’m going to come on and ruin the show,” Stern told the Times, before implying that his paycheck for bumpkin-bamboozling will be much to large for anything like that to happen.


Thanks to an appearance on Good Morning America, singer and hair product enthusiast Adam Lambert is trending on Twitter, getting his fans—Fanberts?—all hot and bothered. Also trending are the singers name and plain old GMA, hammering home that point that while for some people Twitter is a place to unleash 140-character bon mots and to digitally tickle their smartypants friends, for most it’s a chance to tune into a morning show and swoon over a gay singer.

Lambert Tweet 1

Lambert Tweet 2

Lambert Tweet 3