Your Daily Dose Of Vintage: Desert Noises, ‘I Won’t See You’

Get off Instagram, don’t design minimalist posters for Wes Anderson movies, and stop talking about decades you didn’t live in, just for a second: it’s time for actual nostalgia. Desert Noises, a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Utah, have released a simply gorgeous music video—filmed in the 1940s.

Assembled from super-8 footage taken by the grandmother of guitarist Patrick Boyer, the video for “I Won’t See You” contains some stunning shots of the mid-century American West, chronicling a road trip through Yosemite on into San Francisco. Bassist Tyler Osmond, who took on editing duties, deserves credit for great pacing and sequencing, but the source material is what shines here.

The song’s not bad, either! The very tone of hazy, sun-drenched, Technicolor memories, right? Okay, you may now return to your steampunk reverie.

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