NYC’s New Destination For Men’s Gems

Whatever your true feelings about man jewelry, Derek Cruz, the bespectacled face behind Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons, is a name worth knowing. The accessories designer has been building his presence in the fashion industry for years, offering unique, somewhat mischievous stickpins, necklaces, and bracelets (among other items) for men. (Not that many a female hasn’t borrowed or bought a Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons piece for herself.) As of tonight, Cruz officially brings his inimitable accessories to a wider audience thanks to his softly-opened new standalone store in the Lower East Side. Called Occulter, the tiny but decidedly sleek and dark space will stock “new and used books (mainly esoteric titles on mysticism and alchemy from Ouroboros Press), limited-edition vinyl, picks from past collections, and exclusive one-offs,” says The Cut.

“Though many of the rare, handcrafted pieces are necessarily pricey, Cruz and his assistant, Christine Samar, have introduced several rose-gold and sterling-silver necklaces and earrings that fall comfortably in the $70 to $200 range,” adds The Cut. Come celebrate the store’s opening tonight with Vietnamese ‘chips and dips’ provided by next door neighbor, An Choi (whose co-owner, Huy Bui, also moonlighted as architect for the new shop), from 6-8p.m. and/or follow the after-math at the Jane.