Queer Lisboa Film Festival Out to Rid the World of the Gay Film Cliché

Are you as tired of hackneyed, stereotype-laden portrayals of gay people on television and in movies as we are? Of course you are, dear reader, because you are an informed consumer who deserves better and knows we all deserve better. Thankfully, the Queer Lisboa Film Festival, now in its sixteenth year, not only thinks and knows we deserve better, but also showcases the films and filmmakers that are doing better and pokes fun at the most tired and ridiculous tropes in this year’s awesome promo video.

In the exploitation-film-evoking fake trailer for Death of the Gay Cliché!, a love triangle unfolds between Fred, the “sauna towel, oiled-up gay man” and Bob, the “leather suit-wearing gay biker,” along with butch East German athletes, sensitive makeup artists and bare-chested cowboys. It’s goofy and fun and will hopefully get people to talk about how we get from portrayals like The New Normal to portrayals that are, well, normal. Oh, and there’s an explosion.  

This year’s program begins September 21 and includes a lot of acclaimed and exciting films, including documentaries on Audre Lorde and Marina Abramovic and narrative films that defy the clichés, including Andrew Haigh’s beautiful Weekend opening the festival and Ira Sachs’s Keep The Lights On, which we really, really liked. Watch the promo—and last year’s, which features a rather funny Reservoir Dogs spoof—below.