An Indie-Rock Last Supper In Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’ Video

Santigold looks lonely, Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth likes to play with fire and Sky Ferreira is chewing gum at the table. Then, someone busts out the sparklers and the champagne right as the drums kick in, and the party shifts in to a much higher gear. This is not the sort of Last Supper da Vinci envisioned, but rather the work of music video director Primo Kahn and Vampire Weekend, who take the classic (probably now a bit cliché) Last Supper tableau and invite some key names of indie rock to the party, including the aforementioned, along with members of The Walkmen and Chromeo for the band’s "Diane Young" video. 

Like the song itself, the "Diane Young" video is bouncy, full of saxophones and makes you want to do that ’80s WHAM! arm-swinging dance move, and this is meant entirely as a compliment. At some point, a saxophone is used as a giant bong, which is probably a thing that is going to cause some related injuries among some rather adventurous high school jazz band members. This is the sort of thing that should be left to the professionals. Enjoy the delightful song and colorful video below. 

Listen to ‘Dance For You,’ a Squealing New Dirty Projectors Song

Next month, art rockers Dirty Projectors are set to release their newest album, Swing Lo, Magellan. Today, they released "Dance For You," a gentle, melodic exercise that’s both playful and yearning, like some cabin meditation from deep in whatever woods they’re standing in on the album’s cover. Take it from singer David Longstreth, who bleats: "There is an answer / I haven’t found it / But I will keep dancing until I do." 

It may convince you to preorder that still-immensely goofy deluxe LP package, which literally comes with a cuneiform tablet. If not, you can just wait until the album comes out on July 20.