Morning Links: SNL Gets A New Cast Member, ‘Twins’ Gets A Sequel

Saturday Night Live has added a funny and also openly gay woman—a first for the show—to their cast. Kate McKinnon of The Big Gay Sketch Show fame will be welcomed on next weekend’s Sofia Vergara-hosted episode. [NYP]

● Tyler, the Creator wants Lana Del Rey to know that, should she be interested, he is totally "down" to make musical magic together and that he has some "pretty instrumentals," to boot. It is not too late to unplug your Internet. [Vulture]

● Kate Winslet says she feels "like throwing up" every time she hears Celine Dion’s "My Heart Will Go On." The stars, they really are just like us! [MTV]

● Lady Gaga rang in her 26th year with a birthday spin class set to Bruce Springsteen. [Us]

● Joining Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, Eddie Murphy will make three genetically engineered brothers in the totally insane sounding Triplets, the proposed sequel, of course, to DeVito and Schwarzenegger’s Twins. [THR]

● Questlove—who bought his first hoodie at the Gap after watching Tribe Called Quest’s "Can I Kick It" video—does "love" a hoodie, but ­he worries that their symbolic role in the Trayvon Martin protests might be a “distraction … to keep eyes off the ­issue of race relations in America. ” [NYM]

‘A Very Sunny Christmas’: DeVito’s Daring Bridges Generational Comedy Gap

Danny DeVito is a genius or, barring that, at least one of the bravest men in Hollywood. Let me explain. Over the holidays, the g.f. and I made the annual journey to the ancestral family home in Richmond, Va. ‘Twas an intimate gathering, attended by the usual surfeit of warm feelings, high spirits, and all around good cheer. Of course, somewhere along the line I decided I needed to seriously jeopardize all of that. It seems I’m a slave to what Poe called “the imp of the perverse,” that strange, ineffable impulse that compels one to do the most ornery of things. In this instance, I decided it would be a hot idea to gather the whole family around to watch not A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time, but rather the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special, a.k.a. A Very Sunny Christmas.

If you don’t already know the show, well, that’s unfortunate, as it’s truly, often daringly funny. The g.f. and I are very enthusiastic fans and had been looking forward to the holiday special for long enough that I’d become impatient and thus willing to chance it on an older (ages 65-88), rather conservative, and heretofore uninitiated audience—viz., my family. I slapped it in the dvd player (which sees so little use that my father still relies on a set of hand-written instructions to get it up and running) and settled in for what I hoped would be a shared forty minutes of family fun and hilarity. Woops.

It only took a few minutes for the language to kick in. This being a dvd release only, the IASIP gang was liberated from the usual broadcast standards and took every advantage. “Fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck,” they seemed to be saying at five-second intervals. Now, normally this wouldn’t register with me at all, but with the fam in attendance I was suddenly hyper-aware of any and all billingsgate. Not that the story was any less offensive. Watching Charlie Day bite off Snata’s ear was a bit much for them too. No one objected per se, but all seemed very much at a loss. Was this really a tv sitcom? Why were the characters so mean to one another? Was this supposed to be funny?. There was much shifting in chairs, furrowing of brows, and a generally awkward silence broken only occasionally by my now-very-much-toned-down laughter. Nothing makes comedy less enjoyable than the knowledge that someone else in the room is having a reaction completely antithetical to your own.

Twenty-some-odd minutes in, I got to thinking the whole thing was just a classic blunder on my part. Then something happened. I’ll not bother with context, but rather just come out and say that Danny DeVito crawled, buck naked and sweaty, out of a black leather couch. Instantly, the vibe in the room changed. There were smiles and guffaws, and I’m pretty sure some knees were slapped. Even my grandfather (who thinks tattoos are the devil’s badges) was wracked with all-over, breath-depriving belly laughter. Why this change in attitudes all of a moment? Like I said, DeVito is a genius.

DeVito’s career is too well know to warrant a re-cap here, so I’ll just focus on his portrayal of Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny…, with a special emphasis on this season, during which Frank’s gone off the fucking rails. He’s frequently drunk, has an appetite for drugs, and is unapologetically priapic. There’s lots of drooling, ugliness, and now, nudity, all of which is daring, daring stuff for an actor of DeVito’s age. What other 60 + actor would have the stones to really go there the way he does? I’m so thoroughly involved in and seduced by this performance that I’ve more than once wondered if DeVito himself isn’t also going through an off-screen crisis. It’s that kind of good.

So good, in fact, that he made my family enjoy themselves in spite of themselves. Perhaps a fat sweaty naked man crawling out of a couch is the kind of funny that transcends all barriers of age, taste, and discretion. Whatever the case, thank you Mr. DeVito. Thank you so fuck-fuck-fucking much!

Links: Courtney Love + Hugo Chavez, Lindsay Lohan’s Carjacking

● Is Courtney Love angling to be Mrs. Hugo Chavez? The singer was certainly impressed by the charm he turned on at the premiere for Oliver Stone’s documentary about the Venezuelan president. [NYDailyNews] ● The helicopters present at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s wedding disrupted actor Danny DeVito’s quiet Sunday night, and he let everyone in the Twitterverse know. [Twitter] ● Speaking of: It should come as no surprise that there was a “Hollywood nightclub” theme to Khloe and Lamar’s wedding reception. No word on if Lindsay Lohan was there to give it an “authentic” club feel. [People]

● Seth Rogen fulfilled one of his dreams by writing and acting in the season opening episode of The Simpsons, saying about the experience that he “can die a happy man now.” [Stuff] ● New week, new Lindsay Lohan drama. The man who rented to Lohan a series of high-end cars (think Bentley and Rolls Royce) is after the $12K he says she owes. [TMZ] ● Movie legend Tony Curtis reveals in his latest autobiography, which seems like his 10th, that Marilyn Monroe was pregnant with his child but miscarried during the filming of Some Like It Hot. [DailyMail]