Links: Damon Lindelof Spoils ‘Inception,’ Linday Lohan Gets Cold Feet

Lost creator Damon Lindelof shared his theory about the ending of Inception (without issuing a spoiler alert!): It was Purgatory, within Purgatory, within Purgatory. [Twitter/DamonLindelof via Vulture] ● Michael Jordan admits he would never have done what LeBron did. Meaning, not win championships. [Huffington Post] ● Lindsay Lohan is having a shit fit over the idea of spending time in jail and is a “nervous, fidgety mess.” In completely unrelated news, she is currently in a sober living facility. [People]

● In more Lohan news, she just tweeted the cutest thing! “The only bookings that i’m familiar with are Disney films, never thought that i’d be ‘booking’ into Jail… eeeks” Awww! We love her again! [LindsayLohan/Twitter] ● Angelina Jolie and her formerly estranged father Jon Voight have officially kissed and made up. He was at the L.A. premiere of Salt last night. Wait, he got to kiss her? Lucky prick. [Huffington Post] ● Weird.Playboy isn’t Playboy anymore. It’s Maxim. [The Smoking Jacket]