It’s National Margarita Day! Make A Guacarita

It’s finally National Margarita Day! Yes, we jumped the gun yesterday because we were that excited. And you know what’s great with a margarita—except for everything? Chips and guacamole. They go hand in hand like apples and bananas, like peanut butter and jelly! So when the recipe for a "Guacarita" came across my inbox, I paused. I had myself too many margaritas the night before at Dallas BBQ—yes, they were Texas-sized—so my brain was in pain. I didn’t know whether to barf or run home and make one of these tequila avocado drinks, because a little hair of the dog never hurts.

But I did none of those things. Instead, I enlisted my friend Amy to have me over and make one for me. As she poured all the ingredients into the blender, a lil Cabo Wabo Blanco, a little cilantro, and heaping spoonfuls of avocado, I was in awe as all the ingredients mixed together. Was I actually going to like this thing? After the blender did its biz, I was presented with a salted glass full of sea foam green concoction poured in. And it was smooth and creamy as it slid down my throat. It really cuts time in half when you are drinking and having an appetizer in one gigantic gulp. I drank two.

This thoroughly enjoyable drink and or snack is perfect for a ladies night in. Tonight, if all else is in your life is slowly crumbling around you, grab a blender, put on a costume or party hat and in honor of margaritas everywhere, make a guacarita—you can even dip a chip in it!

"The Guacarita"

2 oz. Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila
½ Skinned Avocado
¼ oz. Agave Nectar
½ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
4 Cilantro leaves

Place all ingredients and ice into a blender. Blend on high for 10 seconds and pour into a margarita glass. Garnish with a short cilantro sprig.

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Tomorrow Is National Margarita Day! NYC’s Cheapest Drinks

Tomorrow is National Margarita Day! And in honor of the holiday, it’s time to not only watch a puppet named Professor Hans Von talk about alcohol, but also to change your Friday night plans, and take time to down that inaugural, semi-obligatory tequila-teeming Mexican cocktail. But where? And for how much? And what flavor? You are in good hands. Check out these places for the most reasonable, delicious, and potent drinks.

San Loco:This Mexican chain sells $6 frozen lime margaritas and $26 pitchers, and $6.50 frozen fruit margaritas (strawberry, cactus pear, pink guava, mango) for $28 pitchers. Open until 5am, so drink and stay a while.

Blockheads: Of course. $4 margaritas. Get the job done. Pick up the pink lemonade Mexican bulldog (a margarita filled with a Corona) for added potency.

Benny’s Burritos: Same story at this West Village spot owned by the Blockheads team. Cheap, slushy margaritas, and very convivial bar scene. Aka you’ll meet someone.

Barrio Chino: This Lower East Side sexy Mexican spot is known for three things: their grapefruit margarita, lime-jalapeno margarita, and a very long wait. Leave work early, and take a seat.

Dallas BBQ:Texas-sized, $7.99 frozen margaritas are at this BBQ chain, and they’re notoriously huge. Even the “regular” is larger than the basket of cornbread. Good luck.

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New York: Top 10 Thanksgiving-Friendly Restaurants

imageBecause we don’t like cooking, our kitchen is the size of a closet, and the thought of leaving the city and risking missing the early-morning sale at Saks is too scary to bear (as are some of our relatives), here’s a list of our picks for the most Thanksgiving-friendly restaurants in New York City (and the specials they’re running for Turkey Day).

10. Freemans, three courses, $75. Number 10 on our list because only half of us find irony in surrounding yourself with taxidermy on Thanksgiving. 9. Ben & Jack’s, three courses, $65. The main course, traditional roast turkey, comes with turkey stuffing, caramelized mashed sweet potatoes, classic mashed potatoes, sautéed string beans, cranberry sauce, and turkey gravy — enough said. 8. Mesa Grill, three courses, $70. With dishes like fresh sage and orange butter turkey and pumpkin flan made with gingersnap wafers, Bobby Flay’s longstanding Southwestern joint would surely prove to be a Smackdown winner. 7. BLT Market, three courses, $95. Because where else could you get a sage-foie gras crouton?

6. Benjamin Steakhouse, three courses, $65. A sure bet with its ten-foot working fireplace, oak wood paneling, oversized mirrors, leather chairs, and traditional eats courtesy of Peter Luger alum Benjamin Prelvukaj. 5. Kittichai, five courses for $55 or four for $45. Infusing dashes of Asian flare into traditional dishes — turkey osso buco braised in massaman curry with Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and traditional trimmings — makes the sleek eatery an innovative delight. 4. Gilt, four courses, $110. Who knows, you might run into Blair Waldorf. 3. Via Dei Mille, five courses, $59. Like Cipriani only newer, cheaper — better. 2. Alloro, four courses, $40. Excellent value from local Italian dynasty Gina and Salvatore Corea; includes turkey meatballs, pumpkim raviolo, prune-stuffed turkey, and pumpkin tiramisu. 1. Cookshop, two courses, $60. Proudly displaying a chalkboard listing not the daily specials, but rather the joint’s “favorite farmers,” was the touch that made this modern cozy spot, with its food that’s fresh-as-can-be, come-out on top.