Daisy Lowe Will Design Clothes, Obviously

Model, former face of Marc Jacobs’ fragrance, daughter to Gavin Rossdale, and girl-who-loves-dancing-in-her-knickers Daisy Lowe, is the latest pretty face to try her hand at design. Joining the ranks of Kate Moss, Elle McPherson, Coco Rocha and countless other cover girls that have gone on to craft their own clothing collections, Lowe’s latest project has her following in her own mom’s footsteps (the former model has her own line of sleepwear).

Lowe will be working with French fashion label Morgan on her 15-piece collection that is slated to include “both apparel and accessories at an economical price point,” says Vogue UK. That means dresses and jewelry as well as footwear and bags that will hit stores in November. Considering the buzz surrounding fellow model-turned-trendsetter Alexa Chung’s collection for Madewell, the celebrity-as-capsule collection designer trend seems to be picking up yet again. Huzzah.

Esprit Looking To Up The Ante; More Bad News At Ungaro

Esprit, the boat-neck, nautical print loving chain retailer is looking to attract a new clientele — specifically that of fashion savvy shoppers more loyal to outlets like H&M or Topshop. The brand “is trying to make an impact with larger, architecturally significant stores and an edgy new advertising and image campaign,” says Women’s Wear Daily. So, what exactly does ‘edgy’ entail? Cameos from Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of French Vogue‘s Carine Roitfeld who is also the face of Jil Sander’s debut fragrance) and model Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe’s scion who has starred in everything from Marc by Marc ads to DKNY).

While the choices aren’t uninformed ones, the ad campaigns themselves aren’t especially ‘edgy.’ “Lowe’s images were shot in a car graveyard outside Los Angeles to reflect the youthful spirit of the clothes. Restoin-Roitfeld was shot with a larger group of models walking through the Californian desert,” says WWD. What dead cars say about young clothes is beyond me. But hey, at least they didn’t go so far as to enlist a controversial young starlet as creative consultant for the brand. Turns out Ungaro’s choice of hiring on Lindsay Lohan has not only pissed off the fashion house’s namesake, it’s resulted in the CEO of the company quitting as well. “Mounir Moufarrige, Ungaro’s president since 2006 and the architect of a strategy that brought tabloid sensation Lindsay Lohan into the French fashion fold, has resigned,” says WWD. After the verbal beating Moufarrige has taken from both critics and the press alike, it’s no surprise. No word on what this will mean for Lohan’s floundering fashion reputation.

Loeffler Randall Gets Childish, Louis Vuitton Takes Daisy Lowe to the Beach

Loeffler Randall is embracing its inner child for resort season. An image of the footwear gems in question arrived in my inbox this morning (pictured here), of which designer Jessie Randall says, “these styles are all about transitioning you from cool weather (the Kay cross-zip bootie and the June lace-up bootie ) to warm weather (the Carlie strappy mignon sandal) to everything in between (the Keira snap platform worn over tights).” Apparently Randall found inspiration in none other than a picture book: “I began by looking at one of my most beloved children’s books called ‘Little Blue and Little Yellow’ by Leo Lionni.'”

Speaking of resorts, Louis Vuitton is launching a “new beach line comprising ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories,” says Women’s Wear Daily. The collection’s wares will hit stores in April and, apparently, model Daisy Lowe has been handpicked to star in the ad campaign (it’s not the first time Marc Jacobs has hired Lowe; she was likewise the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs for SS09). The choice is especially interesting given the fact that Marc Jacobs has supposedly moved on from Madonna and chosen Lara Stone for Louis Vuitton’s SS10 ads. Stone and Lowe’s respective success and relatively curvy bodies in thinspirational industry are seen by some as evidence of fashion moving away from its size-zero fixation. So, the battle continues.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Lights Up LFW

We could dwell on the low lows of NYFW and declare the fashion industry dead and ask who would dream of making available such uninspired wearables! But let’s not. Let’s instead turn our boozy gaze towards Vivienne Westwood and her Red Label collection, which was on display at the Red Bull Fashion Factory. Such campy glitterati as Boy George, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, and two of five members of Girls Aloud already have. But maybe you’re not the type to buy into celebrity endorsements. Fair enough.

LFW Fashion Director Hilary Alexander has a pretty thorough recap for The Telegraph. It’s replete with a mention of how “a giant, papier-mache frog greeted guests and an ancient, gnarled trunk, entwined with foliage, created a kind of Amazonian entranceway.”

But that jungle theme was Westwood’s way of pledging support to Prince Charles’ Rainforest Project. Westwood, who also likes to spend free time reading books with Pam Anderson, was in exceptionally top form. Alexander prefaces, “In one of her freshest and prettiest Red Label collections, Westwood focused on English heritage. She had envisaged a boat-trip down the Thames from Westminster Pier to Hampton Court.” Then she gushes:

Blue and white striped or grey and white spotted tea-dresses were worn with floppy sun-hats; red and white gingham and argyle all made an appearance; and floral ‘prom frocks’ came with little white cardigans tossed over the shoulders – so debutante!

And while the WSJ offers a sharper criticism of Westwood’s collection, it offers similarly glowing praise nonetheless.

There was also additional celebrity cachet on the catwalk, with Pixie Geldof and Daisy Lowe among the models’ ranks. But such abstractions probably aren’t as poignant as first-person Twitter hysterics. Or footage lifted from the runway show itself, below.

Daisy Lowe’s Apartment: I Want To Go To There

When I was a young suburban twat, I used to watch MTV Cribs, dazzled by how many pit bulls Omarion owned and wowed by how a 17-year-old Bow Wow had like 20 Range Rovers. Now that I’m an older city-dwelling wannabe artiste, I’m more interested in the domestic lives of my own ilk. Especially when that ilk consists of pretty girls. That’s why when Zooey Deschanel invites me over, I write stalker-y posts about it. Todd Selby gets it. We’re the same, him and me, we just use different mediums. So when I came across this lovely little tour of model Daisy Lowe’s East Village domicile, I knew she and I were meant to be. She’s practically inviting me in!

For those of you who don’t shamelessly pursue the lives of others online, Lowe is a British model and daughter to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. She’s mostly known as the face of Agent Provocateur, and in the British tabloids as the ex-girlfriend of Mark Ronson. To me, she’s just Daisy. In her raspy-voiced tour of her “halfway house for creative Londoners,” Daisy introduces us to her puppy (who is inadvertently and thankfully keeping her in New York), the matching pair of bacon n’ egg Converse she shares with her ginger-haired boyfriend (which after some light research, I discovered is British rocker Will Blondelle), and her collection of Alex Ross superhero art that keeps her safe at night. She’s the kind of girl that doesn’t need sheets on her mattress, and that’s totally fine by me.

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Sex Sells: Daisy Lowe for Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs’ SS09 ads have surfaced; well, specifically one printed within the pages of Teen Vogue’s February ’09 issue. The flesh-friendly photo features Brit “It” girl (and Gavin Rossdale offspring) Daisy Lowe wrapped in solely a sheet, save for a barely visible undergarment. It’s the handiwork of photographer Juergen Teller, who shoots all the MJ ad campaigns. The simple scene is significant for two disparate reasons.

One, it solidifies the stardom of Lowe, who essentially is joining the ranks of past MJ muses ranging from M.I.A. and Sofia Coppola to Victoria Beckham and Cindy Sherman. In other words, it’s not a bad place to be. And since Lowe was cast alongside Peaches Geldof in Agent Provocateur’s fall 08 ads, the model, who was likewise featured in last week’s New York Times Pulse, has landed a slew of Spring 09 campaigns including DKNY and Pringle of Scotland. And, two: The ad adds fuel to firestorm that is the fashion industry’s recent forgetfulness with regard to selling clothes. I first made note of the latter two weeks ago. Given the fact that the fashion industry is still reeling from the economic meltdown, it looks like sex is a far safer selling point. So, while a recession might mean putting sexy away with regard to dressing oneself, my guess is 2009 will bring an abundance of sexually charged fashion advertising.

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● Thierry Mugler will serve as “creative adviser” on Beyonce’s forthcoming tour. He will oversee everything from set lighting to choreography and, of course, costumes. [British Vogue] ● The much-rumored Louis Vuitton and Madonna collaboration has debuted. The campaign was shot by Madge’s longtime pal Steven Meisel, with a smoky French bistro setting. [WWD] ● Anna Wintour and Vogue will debut a documentary named The September Issue at Sundance; it will be competing for Best Documentary. [THR]

● Have you had your fill of Rachel Zoe? If so, too bad! Her reality show has been picked up by Bravo for a second season. Look for more frock-induced meltdowns sometime in Spring 2009. [LA Times] ● British brand Pringle of Scotland will have a celebutant-packed ad campaign, with hipster models like Pixie Geldof (sister of Peaches), Daisy Lowe, and Lydia Hearst serving as their faces for Spring 2009. The B&W shoots will be shot by Steven Miesel (him again!) and will debut in the March issues of mags. [Elle UK] ● Another day, another Hollywood remake. Fox is said to be rehashing 1984’s Romancing the Stone. Will Kathleen Turner’s character this time around be a repressed blog writer? [The Moving Image]

Exposed Undergarments All the Rage

imageGet ready for an influx of flesh this fall. From exposed bras, to hot pants and transparent tops, fashion seems to be embracing the “less is more” philosophy more and more. While flesh-baring tops have been around for some time, “exposed underwear are an entirely new development,” says Style.com (that is, if you discount stick-thin, style-setters like Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller, who have all sported undies as outerwear). While the trend took root during SS09 Fashion Weeks both in NYC and Europe, it’s spread among socialites and boldface partygoers (not to mention the street).

Style.com points to “party girls Liz Goldwyn, Juliette Lewis, and Daisy Lowe” as evidence of the exposed underpants-atop-tights trend having taken off. And, just last night at the premiere of her new film Filth and Wisdom, Madonna played peek-a-boo with a sheer skirt (fellow premiere attendee Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, saved her asymmetrical transparent top for Diesel’s 30th anniversary party this past Saturday). While an exposed bra is miles easier to pull of than exposed panties, it seems it’s as good a time as ever to take the risk; just remember, tights are an essential.