Tiny Chinchillas Snuggle In A Slipper

It’s my 16th post of the weekend, which means I don’t remember my own name anymore. Please remind me and then watch these two squee-dorable baby chinchillas snug each other in a slipper.

Because duh, slippers, that is totally where you keep your chinchillas.

These ones are named Boba and Tea. Their squeaks are so cute, it should be illegal.

Well done, BuzzFeed. You win again. 

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Looking at Cute Things Can Help Productivity; We’re Not Convinced

So, you watched the debate last night. You might be feeling a little delicate from playing one of the many debate drinking games in existence. You may just have very little hope for humanity at this point, and the last thing you can think about right now is that big pile of work-related stuff you have to get done, like, now. But all you want to do is look at YouTube videos of baby otters and hedgehogs and click-bait galleries of kittens and feel better about living on this planet. Is that so much to ask? 

Apparently, if your supervisor catches you in a Cute Overload vortex, you may have at least a threadbare excuse. A new Hiroshima University study titled "The Power of Kawaii" (a term from Japanese culture meaning something overly cute or lovable) suggests that looking at cute li’l puppies and bunny rabbits may actually make you more productive in the workplace. In the study, two groups of participants were asked to play a board game—one group after looking at baby animal pictures and the other looking at slightly-less-cute adult animals. The former group finished more quickly and with more accurate results, suggesting that the images led to a spike in concentration. The scientists, who published the study in the journal Plos One, suggested this increase in concentration may be due to the images of cute and vulnerable things triggering the caring, nurturing impulses in the human brain, leading to participants paying more attention. I mean, whatever you need to tell yourself that your perusing images of baby arctic foxes or videos of corgis listening to "Gangnam Style" (believe me, the Internet has tried) is a brilliant career move. 

On that note, here is a man being love-attacked by a litter of golden retriever puppies, so basically, after watching that, you should be able to finish your spreadsheets and head to happy hour a little bit early. Or, you get sucked into a cute-puppy video k-hole. Whichever happens first.