Pretty in Pink at Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona made a splashy debut at the tents over the weekend showcasing an “air show,” as designer Custo Dalmau called it, which focused on the texture and lightness of his carefree frocks, bathing suit cover-ups and airy suits. It was a poppy debut that played with texture (yarn and chiffon) and shape (bra tops with sarongs skirts). But makeup took center stage to really drive Custo’s concept home. Though giant pop art red lips appeared on several of the wispy dresses, the makeup was ostensibly light, pairing fluffy blowouts with peachy-pink eyeshadow and rosy cheeks. Seeing pink is not cause for alarm during spring fashion shows, but it’s significant that the makeup trend was also apparent on fall runways. Are fashion houses looking out for the penny-pinching consumer trying to stretch their purchases?

For fall, ADAM showcased artsy watercolor stripes on cheeks and eyes, Rocco Barocco had bright pink blush and matching pouts, and Anna Sui brightened up skin with baby and hot pinks. The fact that we’ve seen the color on so many fall runways will prove to bolster it, positioning the palette as a lasting trend (a scary thought considering the association pink has with Barbie, a Victoria’s Secret boudoir, and well, the popstar). Custo proved the color was very wearable, sending Sessilee Lopez down the runway looking flushed and subtly rosy, as bottle-blond Iekeliene Stange seemed ethereal in pink shadow that popped against her pale skin. Though it looks scary in the package (or way too sweet), the color is easy to pull off.

Eyes Subtle: Dior 5 Couleurs Pallette in Tender Chic, which has a soft baby pink color along side mauve, sable, and yellow hues to blend if you are gun shy. Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow in Rose Gold, which has a gradient theme to build upon a pink base. Barbie: MAC Pink Freeze eyeshadow, and MAC shadow in Playful. Both are bright clean pink, and is a specialty line created for, you guessed it–Barbie. Popstar: MAC Technakohl Liner Full of Fuchsia which is a fat-tipped liner that gives a shock of color.

Lips Subtle: Maybelline Lip Gloss in Born With It and Laura Mercier Lip Watercoulours, which has primer along with six shades, and is a fantastic investment. Barbie: MAC Lipglass in Sweetness, which is a light baby pink with just a touch of pearly shimmer, and MAC Lipstick in Real Doll which is more of a Skipper-friendly bubblegum pink Popstar: MAC Lipstick in Rocking Chick and Lipglass in Malibu Barbie–both are highliy pigmented fuchsia colors.

Cheeks Subtle: Laura Mercier Cheek Duo in Whisper, Stila Convertable Color in Peony, simple colors that blend well into the cheek. Barbie: Victoria’s Secret Blush/Highlighter Duo in Runway, which has a baby pink shimmer to it, and MAC‘s Powder Blush. Popstar: Rock & Republic Pressed Blush in Contrived and MAC Powder Blush in Fab, which is a plummy hue that stands out.