CULTURE BLAST: New Museum Spring Gala, Ai Weiwei Berlin Exhibition, Another Stolen Painting Recovered

The New Museum Spring Gala 

Swedish singer Lykke Li performs and the socials come out to support the New Museum. See who looked the chicest.

Ai Weiwei Stages Major Exhibition In Berlin

Doing so, despite ban from leaving China…

Yet Another Stolen Painting is Recovered 

This time it was hanging on an autoworkers kitchen wall for years.

Artist Fighting Back: Coming Out in Support of Ukraine

Works posted online aim to combat Russian propaganda campaign.

Boeing Gives The National Air and Space Museum A Pretty Penny 

A sum of the likes that rings to the bell of $30Million


CULTURE BLAST: MoMA’s Renovation, Miley Cyrus Liberal Arts Course, Emerging Transgender Artists

10 Transgender Artist Who Are Changing The Landscape of Contemporary Arts 

First the fashion world (Barneys “Brothers, Sisters Sons and Daughters”)  and now the art world. The transgender community is taking spotlight.

MoMA May Be Facing A Renovation

But it looks like nobody likes it, and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

Another Looted Painting is Being Returned 

This time it involves The Tate and Constable’s Beaching a Boat.

The World’s Most Expensive Artwork

Think the print you purchased from ABC Carpet and Home that’s hanging above your fire couch was a splurge? Check out these pricy canvases.

Change Your Major to Miley Cyrus

A Liberal Arts College in upstate New York is offering courses on “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus” — sorry, twerking lessons not included.

Gaga is Opening Another Pop-Up Gallery 

This time it’s for her extravagant video “G.U.Y.” which was shot at Hearst Castle.

Queens to Get its First Art District in Astoria 

Plans set to boost a creative community and jobs.

CULTURE BLAST: Jemima Kirke Can Paint, Prada Marfa Defacer Found, Marina On Shia

Texas artist admits to defacing the chicest littlest Prada outpost.

Say it isn’t so. Prada Marfa Instagram-takers rejoice, the culprit has allegedly been found. And were giving him exactly what he wanted — publicity!

Student breaks a 19th Century Statue… while taking a selfie. 

Maybe the selfie should reserve mass popularity for the fashion world. When art is involved, you just end up breaking a 19th century Greco-Roman statue.

Polish artist Paweł Althamer creates a blank canvas that’s waiting for your artist touch. 

The last time I was at The New Museum I was scorned upon because I leaned against the wall. Now, come to my surprise, you can draw on the them!

Nymphomaniac star Shia LaBeouf gets reviewed by performance art superstar Marina Abramović

The best of both worlds? In a totally different setting than Disney Channel backlot, Marina weighs in on the “not-famous” actor’s latest antics.

A Look Inside Jemima Kirk’s Art Universe 

Your favorite British rebel on HBO’s “Girls” is an artist of many talents. Not only can Jemima Kirke act like a total fun-drug obsessor on screen, she can also paint. (And it looks like she’s taken some pointers from BFF’s Lena Dunham’s artistic direction — cue the bare breast.)

A Parisian New York family is finally getting back a missing Matisse. 

Looks like fingers are all being pointed at who else, the Nazis.

Gagosian Gallery set to open a pop-up gallery on Delancey Street. 

The Lower East Side just got a little  trendier.

CULTURE BLAST: Gauguin, Art Basel Hong Kong, and SXSW Sells Out

South By South Sellout?

The popular Austin music festival usually reserved for up and comers seemed somewhat diluted with main stream entertainment this year…

Calendar Changes For Art Basel

Art work horses and show ponies alike, make a change in your social calendars! Theories on why 2015’s Art Basel in Hong Kong is pushing to March.

Gaugin At The MoMA

MoMA nearly dismisses paintings as a medium in groundbreaking new Gauguin exhibit.

What’s In A Name?

I make art, but I’m certainly no artist. Why the label “artist” is a lost cause.

CULTURE BLAST: Lady Gaga Drenched In Vomit, Terry Richardson Addresses Allegations, Missing Gramercy Park Art Found

Artpop or Artupchuck? Lady Gaga gets vomited on while performing at SXSW in Austin. But its okay, it was all for the sake of art.

Wondering where your favorite Gramercy Park sculpture ran to? Just down the street — the Alexander Calder sculpture that’s been on view for three years in the private park popped up at art fair.

Everyone has that one friend that is stingy, and her name is Whitney.

Terry Richardson finally speaks up. After multiple allegations the celebrity photographer “addresses the rumors…” which basically turns into a short memoir and a self comparison to Helmut Newton.