Industry Insiders: Carter Reum, Spirit Savvy

What do you do? My brother and I own an alcohol company called VeeV, the first Acai spirit. We launched it 14 months ago in Los Angeles and since then we’ve just been distributing it around the country. Before we launched, we decided that we would donate a dollar from every bottle back to a project called Sustainable Acai Project, so we partnered with a non-alcoholic acai drink company, and we donate a dollar directly back to the farmers to ensure kind of a sustainable and organized farming of acai and make sure it’s “wild harvested” to protect the rainforest.

Where do you go out? My favorite restaurants in this city are probably, hands down, the BLTs. I love all the BLT concepts — prime, steak, fish — and they’re all very different. The one consistent thing is that you’re going to get great food and a fun atmosphere there. It’s very high-end without being stuffy. My other favorite place in the city to go out at night is the Eldridge … if you can make it past the doorman, it’s a hell of an experience inside. There aren’t a whole lot of people in there, but it seems to be good people and fun people — anyone who’s in there seems to have a good time. My favorite place in LA is this place called Crown Bar … they’ve got good cocktails and a very fun and classic environment.

Are you and your brother big drinkers? Not any bigger than the next person. We definitely spent a lot of time in the nightlife stuff in New York, and just going to Columbia we were around it a lot. Now I own the copyright of social alcoholism. And now when you’re drinking by yourself in the morning, and your friend judges you, you can say, “Screw you I’m saving the Brazilian rainforest. What have you done today?”

What’s something that people might not know about you? I’m a certified sushi chef. I figured I might be broke after college if I didn’t end up getting banking job, and I eat sushi twice a day, so I figured my best shot was to learn how to make my own sushi if I ever went hungry. I took classes at the New York Culinary Institute, and I actually have the highest certification of a sushi chef outside of Japan that you can get.

Favorite cocktail? It’s a VeeV cocktail at a new restaurant called Pranna. It’s my favorite because the cocktail is as good as it looks. It’s called the Butterfly Whisperer, and is a beautiful green color and garnished with a floating rose petal. The cocktail has VeeV, Hendrick’s Gin, and kiwi. It’s amazing!!

What are you doing tonight? I’m going to have dinner at either Craft or BLT, then bounce around to a few of my favorite spots like starting for a cocktail at the Randolph then hitting the Eldridge, Goldbar, and Cain Luxe for some action.