Links: Mickey Rourke’s New Face, Dr. Dave Letterman Heals Jennifer Garner

● Pretty soon we’ll have to get used to another face on Mickey Rourke. Plastic surgeon Cristian Pérez Latorre plans on fixing Mickey Rourke’s face come July. [Momento] ● Lindsay Lohan’s ex Harry Morton is embarrassed that he ever dated the “actress” and even bought her an engagement ring. [P6] ● Here’s the first look at Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man II, the sequel is set to explore how Tony Stark deals with revealing his superhero identity. [JustJared]

● Robert Zemeckis is hinting pretty heavily that he wants to revive Who Framed Roger Rabbit now that technology and special effects have caught up. [MTV] ● New couple Josh Lucas and Rachel McAdams are the latest to hop on the bike trend. They were seen riding back from a yoga class in SoHo. [FadedYouth] ● Dave Letterman took care of Jennifer Garner’s scrapped knee with some ointment on The Late Show. [INO]