Fashion Bloggers Endure Feuds, Felonies

Fashion blogging can be a sketchy business. First there was a brawl between bloggers Daniel Saynt of Fashion Indie and Sarah Conley and Julie Frederickson of Coutorture. Now, a fashion blogger in New Mexico had his computer gear looted in the middle of the night. Strangely, he had been broadcasting webcam images of his designer neighbor Tom Ford building his new home.

The thieves stole $7,000 worth of computer and camera equipment early Monday morning from the home office of blogger George Johnson while he and his wife were sleeping. “I just couldn’t believe it happened while we were here,” Johnson told the Santa Fe new Mexican.

Johnson has maintained a video camera on his property aimed at the neighboring lot where Ford, who grew up in New Mexico, is building a large house. Reported the SFNM, “That image is now frozen at 12:05 a.m. Monday because that’s when the thieves stole the camera, according to an e-mail message from Johnson.”

Johnson expects to replace the Ford webcam, which means all residents should be on chest hair alert.